Ibanez UE-300
mgoussu 09/03/2009

Ibanez UE-300 : mgoussu's user review


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3 effects:
Compressor, tube screamer, chorus.
Analog only.
Editable? Three effects, three knobs for the compressor: attack time, compression threshold, level.
For the tube screamer, 3 knobs: gain, Tone Volume, the chorus, the depth and speed.
It is a pdalier: Each has an effect pedals, said pedals plus a master, to bypass all in one kick (not rackmount)
Connections: between a jack, an output because the chorus is stro stro, plus a loop to add an effect.
The power supply is internal, just plug in the sector.


The config is simple, has both 3 pedals in one, it really is a multi effects compared to current gas plants? Editing is simple, too, are explored by turning knobs and sailing. So we can save sounds by writing the values ​​of the knobs on paper! C roots, but not aimed at fans with full effect.
I have no manual. No need.


It took me a while before we know rgler the compressor. I did not understand what was served. Once we understand the basics of compression, it s'avre simple, effective.

The chorus is beautiful trs. It's impressive, period. And I have not had the opportunity to taste in Stereo! I tried it in stereo, it's really beautiful.

The tube screamer. It may be garish ts (as the name suggests) is I often Tone ("tone") at its lowest. But it really brings a dynamic saturation, which n'crase not sound. That's rock, mtal, abstain. EDIT: I tried with other guitars, in fact it is a good tube screamer. With humbuckers, the sound is obtained crucnh trs enjoyable.

Wholesale rather than multi effects I would say that it is a perfect pedals to find two or three sounds (with a clear chorus, saturated with a screamer and a compress for casseroles). And a ring. Trs's good analogue, with a nice size.

The more I play it the more I like.


I have nearly a decade, bought used. I love the chorus, and the ability to bypass or not the three pedals at once.
I like the tube screamer least, although it is also a question of era as when I bought it I did not use strictly as a! [edit, i love again, like what]
Quality report huge price because I bought a mouth of bread (it just DCON I had to change a power jack).

I bought a ue400, history of having the phaser is going well and you can change the order of effects.