Ibanez UE-300
kik@infomaniak.ch 08/20/2008

Ibanez UE-300 : kik@infomaniak.ch's user review


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Already mentioned above, but important: the device has an external effects loop between the tube screamer and the chorus. Which is not bad to insert a delay, a volume pedal, etc ... So as to review the previous article on the order of effects! It may very well attack the chorus before the compressor / saturation, although it don not any interest in truth.


Three pedals in series there's no simple ... bypass with a general (also acts on the outer loop).


Compressor: no complaints! tube screamer: good but lacks a bit of saturation (I assume that the compressor was placed upstream to add the missed dose during the solos ...). Can be improved by changing the drive 500k pot with a 1M, which I did successfully! Chorus: a little "too much" for my taste in mono, for against, makes all its splendor in stereo! There is still a bit much but I always preferred the Ibanez Boss chorus.


Most: versatility (connectors)

the least: the sound of the chorus (a BBD delay instead would have been much better!)

In short, if you can find secondhand around the € 100 (price at which I had), do not hesitate to buy it! Otherwise, a config with three separate effects Ibanez themselves or others may be a better option for those that require little effect.