Ibanez UE-300
fuzzstone 11/12/2010

Ibanez UE-300 : fuzzstone's user review

«  Is in the old pots ..... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Well, as discussed below, 3 effects pedal indestructible legendary among Ibanez. compressor, overdrive and chorus. Either the CP9, the TS9 and CS9, just this ...
all in a metal box made to withstand a nuclear attack.
Little more than a footswitch Master General commissioning and integrated effects loop between the TS9 and CS9.
is obviously not "plug-in" on a PC, no midi output is not digital or a lamp, it's just good old analog effects.
Quality workmanship, I would say perfect, because such a life without a hitch, the new digital multi foo loupiote magic should take a leaf ....


The config is very simple, you turn the knyobs and the sound changes, you support the corresponding footswitch has the effect and the effect is on, you support the master, the effects are office, you rappuis above, the effects stop.
The manual is brief but clear.
As for editing sounds, well .. nothing t'édite seen this thing before the date of POD and other ToneLab.


Effects are great for that as I was born in the 60's, is refractory to multiple digital effect processor has dual effects and futuristic technology emulating 15,000 amps and less impact, and sound research Typed old school.
I find it ideal for rich sound from a small amp lamp, a practice he gives a second channel to my Fender or my valve junior champion.
used recess with my guitars, sounds Searched (blues rock, hard 70's) are easily obtained, and for good reason .... the effects come directly from that time ... or not far ...


I use this one for 1 month, but I play on this model for 10 years in the 80's, sold connement (we all make crap) in the mid 90s, I just redeem a AFien (thank you!) and that is happiness ...
since I had sold, I used a car effects and multi effects also never found the simplicity and quality of the immediate case.
of course, there's better, fuller, more "distortion", more versatile, more everything .... but no, not as strong and faithful that the EU 300.
This bracket should be included in the pantheon of effects between the Vox Wha ... and the Big Muff for others j'm'en cares, I use them ... or more.

In overall opinion I put 10. but for me only because it has certainly not appropriate for everyone, but who want a little sound of the golden 70's finally good price, the UE300 is unavoidable. Indeed the price of the reissue of the TS9 (130 € approximately) € 150/250 put in this thing seem almost cheap ... look at the price of a TS9 or CS9 original to see ...