Ibanez UE-300
Jumikael 02/17/2011

Ibanez UE-300 : Jumikael's user review

«  A very pleasant surprise! »

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Muli-purpose analog, consisting of PC-9, CS-9, TS-9.
A very significant effects loop.
Works with its own power supply, 220v.


Very easy to use.


Good effects are very good. I am completely in love:
Nickel is already the overdrive, normal is a classic, and I, who refused to believe that TS sounded better than most other overdrive ... In short, it is to have an effect, and it costs nothing.
The compressor and chorus are pretty good too. Few controls for the chorus but it sounds. I already had a Cosmichorus Dr. Scientist, above the level of opportunities certainly, but hey, if you want a classic chorus, this one will do well.
The compressor, good well, sometimes it's useful, and it has a real musicality.

I really appreciate being able to cut all the effects with the master, including effects loop. A real plus:)


I got it for 60 euros. I think even for a little more it's worth it. When we think of each pedal crank taken separately is worth more than that ...
In fact, this is the best multi-effect I had (and I had the 3 / 4 of the pod, the digitech, zoom). At the same time it is not comparable but ... If you fantasize about multiple digital, think this one will be cheaper and you will keep longer.

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