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  • Peavey KB3

    Peavey KB3 - "Channel 1 & 2 have much lower volume that Channel 3?"


    I am testing out a new Peavey KB3 60W speaker/amp. i noticed that Inputs CH1 and CH2 have a much softer volume than when I use CH3? CH3 really cranks and has power to it with the MIC and guitar/keyboards; however when I plug in the keys or guitar i…

  • Laney KB50

    Laney KB50 - "Excellent sound 12 inch speaker"


    Great sound, great build quality from a British built amp,Heavy not like the modern stuff, lovely sound from the 12" speaker,dual inputs,I have used the kb50 for the past year only for use but the sound quality from the speaker is really great, I hav…

  • Roland KC-550

    Roland KC-550 - "Sounds Like Just Home!"


    It doesn't get any better (at least not yet). The sound generated is as clean as you could imagine a sound being; no distortion and hardly any EQ really even needed to be done (depending on what you're playing). I'm running my Roland Fantom X8 throug…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - "KILLAH !"


    I bought my KB 100 for $60.00 ( U.S) and it was the best $60.00 I ever spent . Great for Key's , Acoustic Guitar , Pedal Steel Guitar and Bass , if ever there was a Swiss Army Amp , this is it . Like all Peavey amps it's built like a tank , I love th…

  • Meteoro Wector Keyboard Amplifier 50

    Meteoro Wector Keyboard Amplifier 50 - "Your personal keyboard PA"


    One of the most difficult things for keyboardists is to find the best amplifier for their instruments. Some are compact and easy to transport, but they also lack sound power. Others have a very huge and powerful sound, but they're also way too much h…

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - "Indestructible amp!!"


    150W solid-state amp with three inputs. UTILIZATION 3 independent channels, including one with mic input. The latter is of no use, except as a temporary solution when you don't have a mixer around! The manual...What manual? There's no need for one…

  • Peavey KB60

    Peavey KB60 - "A very versatile solid-state amp"


    Solid-state amp made in U.S.A (in the '90s, I think) See previous reviews for details about connections. UTILIZATION Simple: Turn the pots, the EQ controls are precise. OVERALL OPINION I use it live occasionally and more frequently at home, wi…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - "GREAT all around amp!!!"


    This Peavey KB100 amp is by far the most talented, all around amp I own, and I own a lot of amps (lol). Fantastic for my keyboards as well as Bass and guitars. It doesn't matter what my guests bring over to play, because they can always plug into th…

  • Roland KC-110

    Roland KC-110 - "A true Swiss-army knife...It's awesome!"


    Very light amp but beefy in terms of performance. They say it's 2x15 W, but I don't buy it! Exceptional performance STEREO! ! It must be noted because it's indispensable for the Leslie effect. Mix of 4 inputs, 1X mic (XLR/Jack) input, the sm58 so…

  • Hartke KM60

    Hartke KM60 - "Has a 7 band graphic EQ and Mic input"


    The Hartke KM60 is a keyboard amplifier that I had the chance to use when I was working with a local group and doing some small performances with them. This amplifier was one that they already had, so I did not have to bring my own. It does not get …