Behringer Ultratone KT108
Behringer Ultratone KT108

Ultratone KT108, Keyboard Amplifier from Behringer in the UltraTone series.

AlexandreC 01/05/2013

Behringer Ultratone KT108 : AlexandreC's user review


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Transistor amplifier 15W keyboard.
Two line-level inputs + 1 stereo input jack (CD)
1 headphone
HP 20W 8 "
Filters serious, medium, sharp.
No effect


It is used as a keyboard amp: there is no difficulty.
The sound is surprisingly good for the price and size of the object.


I bought it without conviction because I had an audio output other than the headphones on my home studio. He is therefore monitor spite. I told myself that I saw the price does not risk much and it is still used. I éh well without problem for my money! Of course we will not compare it to monitor speakers but the sound is still very good. It is very comfortable in the bass: I amused myself with my own subs down to a more serious infrasound and it vibrates my walls! It still seems less comfortable in the treble which could amount more out but the filter is okay. The speaker tends to vibrate if the
grows too serious in but it is already beyond the reasonable (unless it vibrates the walls ...). I have not had the opportunity to push it back because it is generous to its 15W and my apartment is not great but I think we should be able to play in front of a hundred people with no problem.

If I had known I would have bought it sooner.