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Koch Studiotone user reviews

  • Koch Studiotone

    Koch Studiotone - nickname009's review


    The Koch studiotone is an interesting piece of equpiment. All tube amp with a clean and dirty channel, shared EQs. One of if not the only little combo amps out there that can ACTUALLY go from a fender clean to balls out death metal distortion sounds.…

  • Koch Studiotone

    Koch Studiotone - iamqman's review


    Koch is a company based out of the Netherlands and has been building great quality amps for musicians around the world. They have a good reputation as a simple guitar amps that are full of tone. These are high gain monster and they aren't sweet innoc…

  • Koch Studiotone XL

    Koch Studiotone XL - " A pure delight !!"


    The characteristics are the same as the Studiotone but here we are talking about a 40 watt and a slightly larger size. Roughly three canals with a shared EQ. DI output for external recording live with different voicing (not tested yet in my case). On…

  • Koch Studiotone II Head

    Koch Studiotone II Head - " Great little punchy head well"


    Everything has been said, but in brief: Guitar amp head lamps: 3 x 12AX7 + 2 x EL 84 Power: 18 to 20 Watt 3 channels: Clean, Overdrive and Overdrive Boost Tone Controls: Bass, Middle and Treble Vocing 2 switches: Mid shift (2 positions) and…

  • Koch Studiotone II Head

    Koch Studiotone II Head - " A good head trs, versatile and not too CHRE."


    Amp head lamps (2 x EL84, 2 x 12AX7 & 1 x 12AX7LM), other users have already well complter all this, but I'll make the effort to add some Front, I'll Epargne the bass eq, middle high .. A switch-clean, drive, drive more, with a sparation (LMH f…

  • Koch Studiotone

    Koch Studiotone - "If practical, yet it sounds!"


    Everything has been said. 20W lamps said Class A (18 20W Class A or Class AB? Okay, who cares). 2 small lights EL84. A 12-inch bowl Koch Jensenienne very, very good also. 15 pounds small, a small footprint, a reverb, EQ common to both channels and a …

  • Koch Studiotone

    Koch Studiotone - " PRO EQUIPMENT"


    20 watts 3 12AX7 2 EL84 reverb, 2 channels + boost adjustable gain 3 levels midrange and treble voicing fx loop hp output HP 12 "60 watt 2-button footswitch UTILIZATION simple ring clean: very good, nothing to do with a Fender …

  • Koch Studiotone

    Koch Studiotone - ronybris's review


    I issue just technical advice on the craft. The opinions and favorite music have been widely expressed by my predecessors. I was very surprised by removing the amp: The quality of the electronic card is just amazing. Each component is marked on t…

  • Koch Studiotone II Head

    Koch Studiotone II Head - bbn's review


    Cf Gromeul UTILIZATION Configuration, although comprehensive, is super clear and very practical, both for the studio, the rehearsal or live. We obtain easily the sound is playing a little research on the equals and the mid and bright switches.…

  • Koch Studiotone II Head

    Koch Studiotone II Head - fredian's review


    Well, in this area, no need to add, Gromeul has already said it all! In any case, the deposit amp (I had before buying a Peavy classic 30, and frankly, I see no difference in power between the two). With the volume at 3 in the clean repeating, I g…