Koch Studiotone
Koch Studiotone

Studiotone, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Studiotone series.

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ronybris 03/07/2009

Koch Studiotone : ronybris's user review


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I issue just technical advice on the craft. The opinions and favorite music have been widely expressed by my predecessors.
I was very surprised by removing the amp:
The quality of the electronic card is just amazing. Each component is marked on the map and the value is screen printed. Basically if an element Crame, no need to guess its value or reference is marked on the pcb below. In addition, it (operational amplifier) ​​are all used-mounted plug, no need to unsolder to change.

Electrolytic capacitors are the same as those used on old sound that I could repair a few times. They are of the axial mounted flat like hand wired in series. Class.

The lamps are all maintained to prevent vibrations. Brides metal rubber damper more. Everything is secure while allowing good ventilation tubes. It changes the primary piece of foam on my hot rod!

I would trade my 30 ac koch against a new generation. I finally abandoned that idea!


Enough said. That nickel for my part.


That says it all


That amp is a pure joy and really inspires confidence. No need to be very good in electronics to fix it if he had the misfortune to be a problem.

In the age of disposable everything, it's rare enough to know. The price of the machine is more than justified.

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