Koch Studiotone
Koch Studiotone

Studiotone, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Studiotone series.

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All user reviews for the Koch Studiotone

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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nickname009's review

Koch Studiotone
The Koch studiotone is an interesting piece of equpiment. All tube amp with a clean and dirty channel, shared EQs. One of if not the only little combo amps out there that can ACTUALLY go from a fender clean to balls out death metal distortion sounds. REALLY.

2x EL84s in class A
20 Watts
3 Channels:
Passive Bass-Mid-Treble tone controls
Two Voicing switches:
Mid shift (2-way)
Bright (3-way)
Single 12", newly designed VG12-60 Koch speaker
4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs
Speaker on/off switch
Power Soak
The next 4 outputs take the signal from the Studiotone's speaker output:
Direct Line Out
Guitar Amp Clean Input (to drive another amp)
Recording Output (with mic placement voicing switches)
Headphone Out
Effects loop
Accutronics spring reverb
Footswitch input jack (footswitch included!)
Size: 17"W x 9"D x16.5"H (44W x 23D x 42H cm)
Weight: 33lbs (15 kg)


Quite easy to use just like every other amp you got your bass middle and treble knobs, the usual. There's a mid shift voicing switch that GREATLY affects how things sound and you'd have to re-EQ your knobs after switching it so be warned.


I am still, to this day very surprised by the sounds of this thing. The cleans are GREAT. They can get very bright and have that chime that everybody loves in a clean channel and still not break up, unless you want it to depending on how you set the gain and what you set the channel at (clean, od, od+)

The distortion is amazing. I still can't really believe that I'm hearing this when I play through this amp, it just looks like a little combo amp for blues/jazz clean and light rock but the truth is the gain can go ALL the way to death metal territory depending on how you set it and you can go nuts on this thing!! I know this amp has gotten popular for blues and rock but it can do death metal very well. The gain is thick and raunchy and VERY VERY tight. Crank the mids and you get a sweet raunchy, saturated 80s-like EVH tone. Very cool, no need for overdrive pedals to boost this baby. It's definitely got enough on it's own and sounds great on it's own. Did I mention you can get this much gain and still sound great at LOW volume levels? Amazing...


Great amp. One of the only amps that offer a spectacular clean and spectacular dirty channel. The most versatile combo amp I've seen to this date! Sounds GREAT at low volumes too! How is this all possible in one amp? The only set back is of course the price, you gotta convince yourself that it's worth the $$$. I think it is, after playing through it all the time!

iamqman's review

Koch Studiotone
Koch is a company based out of the Netherlands and has been building great quality amps for musicians around the world. They have a good reputation as a simple guitar amps that are full of tone. These are high gain monster and they aren't sweet innocent clean amps. Koch is somewhere in between with their gain style and voicing structure.

This is one of the most impressive amps that I have come across in some time. Just by the look of it you wouldn't think it has all the features is does but once you get a chance to dig in you find out how much this amp can do. This is one fantastic sounding and performing studio amplifier.


Koch Studiotone Amplifier

* two EL84 power tubes
* 20 watts
* Clean, Overdrive & Overdrive Boost channels
* passive Bass, Mid, Treble controls
* mid shift (2-way) and bright (3-way) controls
* new single 12" VG12-60 Koch speaker
* 4, 8 & 10 ohm speaker outputs
* speaker on/off switch
* built in power soak
* line output
* recording output with speaker simulation
* headphone output
* effects loop
* Accutronics spring reverb
* 2-button footswitch
* 17" wide x 9"deep x 16 1/2" high
* 33 pounds


One thing that I really like on this amp is the the id shift controls. This allows you to dial in the right amount of midrage that fits your playing style and guitars. This is very important features because the mids a lot of times can either make or break an amp. You wouldn't be able to jive with an amp that has crazy weird mids or none at all. Since the mids might be the most important frequencies for recording this is a solid option to have in a studio amplifier.

Another great feature is the power soak. This allows you to get a good distortion tone and gets that wattage down to a tolerable level for recording or just being in the same room together. Along it the ability of the line out put for direct recording into the session or even going right into the house PA system. This is a fantastic amp and great for the studio.


At new these amps come in right at around $1750. not a bad price for a high quality studio and recording amp. This amp has is all when needing to record with it. I highly recommend this amp to someone who needs good recording amp that has three channels and a great clean tone. This amp has it all for recording and studio use.

spouks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"If practical, yet it sounds!"

Koch Studiotone
Everything has been said. 20W lamps said Class A (18 20W Class A or Class AB? Okay, who cares). 2 small lights EL84. A 12-inch bowl Koch Jensenienne very, very good also. 15 pounds small, a small footprint, a reverb, EQ common to both channels and a half (one clean with independent volume control, an overdrive with a volume and gain, and overdrive more, which adds gain to second channel at the touch switch on the right of the double footswitch included). Note that the OD + can be adjusted to three positions (Hi-Mid-Low) via a switch on the front. It accompanies another selector that can replace the footswitch when the latter is not connected.

Two modes exist EQ. A classic mode and another in which the treble knob acts a median frequency, allowing the sound of digging for something more modern. We choose the equalizer mode selection via two-position mid shift on the front. Besides, even a small three-position switch: bright. Position + give a more crystalline, close to Fender clean sound. Position - will be voxienne in mind. The middle position is neutral.

To finish the front (the worst part is that even overloaded), an input jack 6.35 and two switches (on / off and standby) and its lights.

Everything exudes quality in this facade.

At the rear, it becomes impressive. A small two-position switch allows you to cut off the signal to gun down the bowl without the beast that has a loadbox.

HP 3 inputs (4, 8, 16 Ohm) are available. Note that the manufacturer does not recommend to combine. In addition, a headphone that deserves to be there, and three line-level outputs: one is unfiltered, the second is used to transplant to the input of another guitar amp, and the third (Recording ) can be connected directly to a table, a recorder or sound card. For this event, you can choose a simulation of a four or HP, and orientation of the microphone. And it works very well, much better than most I've met online outlets. It is used in model and on stage without any problems.

Still used to report back to the amp, ie the input for the footswitch, effects loop series and the IEC plug for power (the power cord is also provided).

If there had been a dedicated equalizer, it was absolute perfection. But as the amp is the most comprehensive by far in its class and even above, I leave a 10 property deserved.


The manual is very clear about using the rear panel. Moreover, it provides examples of equalization that are good bases. Otherwise, it's an amp, it's very easy to use.
To get a good sound is not hard, just turn the beast.

I put 9 because qye seen anything is possible, sometimes a new owner will wonder why it does not sound while the switch muting the bowl is turned on, or stuff like that. That said it is both comprehensive and simple.


I use it to play rock, pop, and sometimes I branch my acoustic guitar. Most often I use my Start over. But I also glue him from time to time my DeArmond M75. The clear sound is to die, regardless of the voicing chosen. As always with EL84, settings require more finesse with double compression forces. The lens can be very clear or darker, but it is very very clean. The OD channel has a small tendency to compress quickly, it is necessary to adjust the gain depending on the amount of play A high volume, the amp gives all its glory, and even appears to breathe + OD channel. That said, its natural compression offers the possibility to play the Queen of the Stone Age, which is good too.

The channel OD / OD + is a little for my taste right, but malleable. At first glance it seems to lack personality. But when we know better, we arrive at the results stunning.

The body is small, the amp lacks a bit of headroom, but it is the case with all 1X12 combos, this is not a weakness.

The reverb is very good, but lacks some transparency last half of the race. That said, the first half is usually sufficient, and a small delay can add air to it all.

Plus I try to amp the more I want to keep it. Not only because it is practical and playable anywhere, but because it still sounds the fire god. Of very very good stuff.
The effects loop is very good.


I for 2 years. In my short list of the time were several amps: AC15 and AC30 Vow (the first, single channel, was excluded from it, but that grain! The second not be moved without steroids), a petite brunette pretty good too, and Tiny Terror Orange Rocker 30 (too complicated in an apartment, but I still want one). I took Koch, a great compromise, and I do not regret one second. For the price is a bargain given the sound and functionality. The brand is still little known, to reenter the coast will never be great, but there are so few people who sell it's gotta be a reason!

sade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" PRO EQUIPMENT"

Koch Studiotone
20 watts
3 12AX7
2 EL84
reverb, 2 channels + boost adjustable gain 3 levels
midrange and treble voicing
fx loop
hp output
HP 12 "60 watt
2-button footswitch


simple ring
clean: very good, nothing to do with a Fender
overdrive: the quasi big sound hard to clean


The Koch are made to play anything but metal (yuck).
Qd good products we are pro and have to play very different music.
Construction of high level and reliable.
I play for 3 years with his big brother Twintone (repeat, over and Stage)
Used mainly with a Start.
Like any tube amp, it "breathes" from 4 / 5 to the Master.


I was looking for a small light amp to rehearse while having a good sound.
Playing since 35 years ... I had and have the opportunity to test thousands of amps.
I hesitated with a Deluxe Reverb, but having already ProReverb, he would have duplicated while being heavier.
Very good amp, no regrets.

ronybris's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Koch Studiotone
I issue just technical advice on the craft. The opinions and favorite music have been widely expressed by my predecessors.
I was very surprised by removing the amp:
The quality of the electronic card is just amazing. Each component is marked on the map and the value is screen printed. Basically if an element Crame, no need to guess its value or reference is marked on the pcb below. In addition, it (operational amplifier) ​​are all used-mounted plug, no need to unsolder to change.

Electrolytic capacitors are the same as those used on old sound that I could repair a few times. They are of the axial mounted flat like hand wired in series. Class.

The lamps are all maintained to prevent vibrations. Brides metal rubber damper more. Everything is secure while allowing good ventilation tubes. It changes the primary piece of foam on my hot rod!

I would trade my 30 ac koch against a new generation. I finally abandoned that idea!


Enough said. That nickel for my part.


That says it all


That amp is a pure joy and really inspires confidence. No need to be very good in electronics to fix it if he had the misfortune to be a problem.

In the age of disposable everything, it's rare enough to know. The price of the machine is more than justified.

@ +

midiese's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Koch Studiotone
Everything has been said before ... except that it is theoretically impossible to get 20 watts in pure Class A with two EL34 ... So the choice: either we say it is 18 watts class A, or they say it's 20 watts but the A / B ... question to Koch, I expect the answer (if, if ... more ... but they say to write in English ...)
That said, who cares, the watts are there (so I do not know how) and they are sturdy! I would say far above a blues junior or AC15
The rear connections of the most complete ... except me, so I rather not have to connect to another amp (the clean channel ...) and instead a 10/20 watt power selector (yes, good, 9 / 18 ... )
Come on, do not push it, I put 10 qd same!


Config simple, easy to make it sound ...
9 because the manual!


Suits my style that is jazz, blues, rock, variety ...
I played it with multiac godin jazz and a few days with an archtop godin montreal, but also equipped with a noiseless Start, Takamine electro with a preamp tube.
Its fabulous and clean neutral (meets guitar, microphone, play ...)
OD + OD and its not so good for my taste


Used for 2 months, good stuff, lightweight (15 kgs with the pedal), amazing ...
Among others, I used a lot chubster 40 ... Studiotone is the sound of a little below (based on equa separated from Rivera, and boosts), but side trips and the public environments Studiotone is more practical (and lighter!)

bluespanta's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Koch Studiotone







nypo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Koch Studiotone
20 watt super
any connectivity possible, including direct output which is rare on an amp scratch!

a very nice reverb, subtle but natural


The manual is outrageous! Three languages, but not French.

the setup is super simple but clean to get a nice crunch sound you have to work a little.

The HP is a marvel, but also very round and slamming a hot blues of Fleetwood Mac!


I play blues, rock and jazz with a Lag Roxanne master and it goes easy. Led Zep, Yes, Knopfler, Clapton.

I have already had a Marshall JCM900, a Roland Bolt 60, an H & K that the May 60 edition was the best.
The sound is so pure that I sold my Boss ME50 pedal that sounds out of tune with its fully digital!
All the nuances of fingering and pick strokes are met. Move the right hand of 3 cm and everything changes.

I already have the idea of ​​buying a Fender Tele, in its clean it will be deadly!


This amp is a real massacre, pure sound quality, when tested in the store, I found it better than the Mesa F30.

no regrets.
paid 1000 euro nine in Nantes.

I recommend it to anyone who wants a real amp that respects your Thurs

Berzin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Koch Studiotone
The Koch Studiotone is an all-tube amp 20 watts Class A dveloppant. The prampli has two 12AX7 and 12AX7lm (low Microphonics). The power amp has two EL34. There are three channels: clear (volume), overdrive (volume and grain) and overdrive more (three position switch for the level of distortion). There is also a three-band equalizer common to all three channels. It also possde two switches to raise mdiums, rduire or increase the treble. Finally, one can potentiomtre rgler the rverb, a button for selecting the channel, and a standby switch on. The rear face is the most accounts. We meet an effects loop, headphone jack (with a switch to turn off the hp), three output hp (4, 8 and 16 ohms), two outputs, one with emulator hp and two switches (voicing) to configure the formulation. The first selects the microphone position (right or diagonally) which changes the treble, the other the number of hp (1 times 4 times 12 or 12) playing on the compression. Finally, we find the decision for the commander pdalier channel selection. The hp is a Jensen 60 VG12 Obviously conceding 60 watts. Trs weight is correct, just 15 kilos and finish outstanding. All that's missing a button to hide one of the lamps and switch to ten watts, (how the Boogie Lonestar special) but hey, we always want more ...


Operation is simple and intuitive enough not DPIT of many possibilities. However, to understand the use of rear facing outlets, read the manual which is pretty complte, but not in French. Too bad! To get a bad sound, you must get up early, even low volume. The potentiomtres are legible and progressive. on the other hand, when you go from light distortion to the sound with pedals means a crack in the hp. Think down the volume on the guitar. This may be my main regret. We can connect another amplifier to the output without formulation for a richer sound.


The sound is the highlight of this amp. Clearly, we get a sound fabulous, probably the best I've heard. It looks like is between Fender and Vox. It's hot compress trs dense, while slamming just right. By adjusting the treble via small switches (voicing), we can get his brilliant trs trs jazzy or otherwise (I understand that Jimmy Bruno and Al di Meola use Koch). A rgal. In overdrive, as nivau gain is obtained is close to the channel sounds clear but lgrement boosts or trs bluesy crunch sounds with a beautiful sustain (it looks like the clear sound with a tube screamer ). Playing on the voicing, the sound is colored Manir trs effective. Finally, the overdrive provides more sound pretty close between crunch and ditto. If you put the gain level bottom, and go up the treble by voicing are produced sonoritsmtal 70-80 beginners. In the latter case, there is a little breath (more than my Fender Cyber ​​Deluxe). I use this amp with a Start Plus, a Variax, a Les Paul Standard and Roxanne. It is perfect for blues, jazz or rock. For the most violent music, there are probably better, but same happens when. Using the emulator hp output, I think that was a trslgre dgradation sound. But this is correct and trs for better with a microphone in front of the membrane will require investment.


I possde for two weeks. It is by far the best amp I had (Fender Cyber ​​Deluxe (slightly cold), Vox AC30 (too heavy, no distortion), Crate V1512 (few connections, a single channel), Marshall JCM900 (too JCM900 ). It is both portable, practical (a cable and presto! it is transplanted into the sound system), easy to use, versatile, as the sound ... I think the quality price ratio excellent, just under a thousand euros, I do not see what that can compete (That said, if Koch wants to sell three hundred euros, I have nothing against ...). To have such a beautiful sound and connections also complte, go home Mesa / Boogie, Diezel and Bogner, but the price is tripled or more.

Update. In concert, when playing in saturation, the sound is excellent with a guitar like strat because it gives the body. But with a guitar in his dj rich (like LP) must be more carefully rgler the amp because the sound gets a little too busy. The solution: rduire a little gain and the bass. It also requires that I test with hp and more ...