Koch Studiotone II Head
Koch Studiotone II Head

Studiotone II Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Koch in the Studiotone series.

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bbn 03/20/2008

Koch Studiotone II Head : bbn's user review


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Cf Gromeul


Configuration, although comprehensive, is super clear and very practical, both for the studio, the rehearsal or live.

We obtain easily the sound is playing a little research on the equals and the mid and bright switches.

The doc is quite enough ..

The huge + super returns to full connectivity and especially at the exit Recording Out emulated is really high quality (comparisons in support). C'es true happiness for the home-studio owners in search of his true without make any bruit.Merci Koch


This amp is really incroyable.J 've tried the same day and quite intensely lot of amps (Mesa Maverick, Orange Rocker, AC15, AC30, Brunetti, Fender HotRod (horrible), Gibson ..) and plugging this little tete I had never heard with my local dealer was really impressed.

I play a lot of different styles (Rock, hardcore, jazz, blues, pop ..) with lots of very different guitars (PRS, Start, Ibanez AS200 Artist and vintage ..) and I can bring out the character of each guitar very stressed with this ampli.En big it is great with all my guitars, all of which are well adapted EQUAL and switches.

The clean sounds are clear and powerful, much better than the Fender so-called mid-range as the Hotrod in which you got even more clear sound if you exceed the volume 2 .. There is not the side slamming affecting many amplis.C is brilliant and controlé.De addition, the top of its 20 watts, we can push the light has a very respectable level and more than enough to rehearse and live (or club scene ..)
Crunches are a hot and tasty .. régal.Un his blues-rock of great quality ..
The distortion is super exploitable for my taste, both modern and warm, and with the PRS is very accurate wholesale lourd.C is same for me totally usable in Hardcore mode and yet I can not enjoy distos amps apart Rectifiers ..


It will probably not be very serious to around 10 but after trying and played on many amps for over 10 years I can tell you that the quality: price (new 900E) is excellent.
It is a very versatile head with the practical aspects