Koch Studiotone
Koch Studiotone

Studiotone, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Studiotone series.

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iamqman 07/17/2011

Koch Studiotone : iamqman's user review


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Koch is a company based out of the Netherlands and has been building great quality amps for musicians around the world. They have a good reputation as a simple guitar amps that are full of tone. These are high gain monster and they aren't sweet innocent clean amps. Koch is somewhere in between with their gain style and voicing structure.

This is one of the most impressive amps that I have come across in some time. Just by the look of it you wouldn't think it has all the features is does but once you get a chance to dig in you find out how much this amp can do. This is one fantastic sounding and performing studio amplifier.


Koch Studiotone Amplifier

* two EL84 power tubes
* 20 watts
* Clean, Overdrive & Overdrive Boost channels
* passive Bass, Mid, Treble controls
* mid shift (2-way) and bright (3-way) controls
* new single 12" VG12-60 Koch speaker
* 4, 8 & 10 ohm speaker outputs
* speaker on/off switch
* built in power soak
* line output
* recording output with speaker simulation
* headphone output
* effects loop
* Accutronics spring reverb
* 2-button footswitch
* 17" wide x 9"deep x 16 1/2" high
* 33 pounds


One thing that I really like on this amp is the the id shift controls. This allows you to dial in the right amount of midrage that fits your playing style and guitars. This is very important features because the mids a lot of times can either make or break an amp. You wouldn't be able to jive with an amp that has crazy weird mids or none at all. Since the mids might be the most important frequencies for recording this is a solid option to have in a studio amplifier.

Another great feature is the power soak. This allows you to get a good distortion tone and gets that wattage down to a tolerable level for recording or just being in the same room together. Along it the ability of the line out put for direct recording into the session or even going right into the house PA system. This is a fantastic amp and great for the studio.


At new these amps come in right at around $1750. not a bad price for a high quality studio and recording amp. This amp has is all when needing to record with it. I highly recommend this amp to someone who needs good recording amp that has three channels and a great clean tone. This amp has it all for recording and studio use.