Koch Studiotone
Koch Studiotone

Studiotone, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Studiotone series.

midiese 02/10/2007

Koch Studiotone : midiese's user review


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Everything has been said before ... except that it is theoretically impossible to get 20 watts in pure Class A with two EL34 ... So the choice: either we say it is 18 watts class A, or they say it's 20 watts but the A / B ... question to Koch, I expect the answer (if, if ... more ... but they say to write in English ...)
That said, who cares, the watts are there (so I do not know how) and they are sturdy! I would say far above a blues junior or AC15
The rear connections of the most complete ... except me, so I rather not have to connect to another amp (the clean channel ...) and instead a 10/20 watt power selector (yes, good, 9 / 18 ... )
Come on, do not push it, I put 10 qd same!


Config simple, easy to make it sound ...
9 because the manual!


Suits my style that is jazz, blues, rock, variety ...
I played it with multiac godin jazz and a few days with an archtop godin montreal, but also equipped with a noiseless Start, Takamine electro with a preamp tube.
Its fabulous and clean neutral (meets guitar, microphone, play ...)
OD + OD and its not so good for my taste


Used for 2 months, good stuff, lightweight (15 kgs with the pedal), amazing ...
Among others, I used a lot chubster 40 ... Studiotone is the sound of a little below (based on equa separated from Rivera, and boosts), but side trips and the public environments Studiotone is more practical (and lighter!)