Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck

Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 2 reviews20 %
 2 reviews20 %
Value For Money : Poor
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horsforfait's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good Les Paul every angle"

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
Two Gibson humbuckers, a type 60 handle, a breathable paint the wood with a fine polish that patina over the years. To summarize, a real Gibson with a soul!


I love the Type 60 round, fine, flat.
The guitar is heavy attention to fragile shoulders.
I play a Marshall Class 5 head and a Marshall 4x12 cabinet.


While the spirit of the Les Paul in this sound. It is hairy, fat, powerful, muscular.
Blues, rock, crunch, its clear .... she can do anything.


Purchased new from Woodbrass and sold off at that time (2007), I do not regret my choice. Besides, I still have it. The natural skating this finish is beautiful.
A real Gibson Les Paul with this character so appreciated by many musicians.

rafilou57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A true vintage finish standard"

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
Made in America
22 frets
Tune o matic gibson chrome
60 slim tapper neck
2 zebra pickups Burstbucker Pro Alnico V
2 volumes 2 tones
3-position selector
Faded tobacco finish bust
Table AA maple and mahogany coprs
Binding of copra and handle aged cream
comes with a hard case gibson United States

The remains of a quality finish with slight defects GIBSON anyway (the ESP are much better finish anyway). It's still not very serious on the part of Gibson frets to the first price that wear their guitars at a phenomenal rate and often tune the guitar while ltd € 400 to have high end frets earvana !
And chrome tailpiece and bridge was tarnished in the space of seven years ... In short it is not very serious for a guitar at this price! I will therefore put 8 because of these two problems! But all have the same GIBSON defects fintion 50 years since then ...

For cons for future buyers, I want to say that before going to see the guitar on the spot, I was not really excited to finish seeing the faded pictures on the net. No hidden microphone and satin .... yuck. It's old and ugly! I thought, I'll put him on a pair of micro cache and make it a polish home shines! And above all it is a true standard!
But arrived and discovered the guitar, it is sublime! She has a real vintage look vintage! And finally it is pretty enough to be admired! The glaze is shiny and dull in some places due to the guitar but the finish looks a little retro on a gibson, frankly, I think it suits her. You would think out a treasure that remained for 40 years in the attic!
Before judging, must see with his own eyes!
For my part, I will finally leave home full!
Be careful though the varnish very fragile and easily show that leaves scratches and marks on the back table of the guitar! To take great care!


The neck is excellent, pluto round dish but I love (the same as my sg).
This handle allows a very fast paced and easy solos.
It is true that the agreements and rhythmic, the handle 50 rounder and thicker and better, but to walk on the scraper handle is magical!

Weight level, well the beast weighs its weight! And you know you have a real quality guitar and man hands! Mine is in September 2005 and must be in 4.5kg, so your back does not like! But it is a les paul so important weight! What the news does more than 3kg because the body is chambered since 2008 and they seem to sound a little different.

Access to acute is actually quite simple even if access is not worth a sg. Fortunately, the handle 60 allows easier access and quick.

I put a 9 because access to acute not worth a good sg or an ibanez! Otherwise is is very simple to use.


I play on a Marshall JCM900 and is not to say, the guitar sounds of hell!
The sound is that of the les paul standard greasy and powerful at a time.
The two burstbuckers do their job and you can get a variety of different sound:
- The bridge pickup can sound very powerful and slamming distortion and clean, perfect for solos and heavy rhythmic
- The two pickups together can sound melodious and arpeggios in this
- The neck pickup has a very thick and bold, very bluesy and jazz, but also perfect for rhythm and solos stifled (listen to the guitar's gun slash of pink sweet child of mine and you will understand! Is the same sound )

In comparison with my sg which has the 490R and 498T, the Burstbucker are fatter and thicker, but much less precise and modern.
It's like comparing the sound to slash angus youg! This is exactly the difference in sound between the two guitars.

I use it for rock, blues, hard rock and even metal with a pedal digitech metal master, and frankly it sounds!
This guitar is made to send on stage and fart solos not possible! Put it on the chin as it were the other, but need to know to play well!

For over 50 years that all the guitarists on the planet is the tear! It deserves a 10/10!


I bought a few weeks ago only € 1000!
Otherwise the guitar was in serious need of an adjustment handle tailpiece bridge, cleaning, and also a change because the nut low E string vacuum curly!
But once all this done and a few dollars spent, the guitar is a gem! It sounds like a hell of true standard strings are nearly on the handle frieze without it (like my sg for that matter)
She has a real personality that I love vintage finally! They really thought about the 1959 reissue Les Paul with his flamed table.
I tried the custom that I did not like too big for his neck (rounded 59) and the studio that I did not like either for its handle even bigger (round 50) and his real lack of personality (the guitar is too muffled and the sound does not come out!).
For my purchase, I hesitated a esp eclipse II tobacco bust fintion level which was wonderful and a terrible sound!
But my choice is leaning my gibson for this myth, and especially because the Japanese lack of personality!
Gibson guitars are frankly something .... One gets the impression they are alive when you play with! SI SI! Just try to empty that they speak and to hear that they vibrate in harmony everywhere! It is a sensation that was not with the other brands of vintage Fender guitars exception or custom!
If you like me to find the € 1000, I think you will not regret your choice at this price because we have a REAL GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD!
Unfortunately it has not long been produced and it is rare to get used. She'll be climbing the next few years because it is a rating limited edition ...
I always wanted to have one and voila! It's a dream come true! And must for a guitarist to own one one day!
It deserves a 10/10.

moi_34's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It transmits the emotions .."

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
See all
No extra visual finish (faded?).
But achieving very precise alignments and (most importantly!).


Handle very well.
I find this guitar light, well balanced and comfortable.
Access to sharp as I do not care.


The Gibson guitars are alive.
A clean and melodious music.
Notes crystalline, deep, rich, singing, or dull, dull, sad, with your fingertips (or pick).
The sensitivity of the fingers account.
With a very good amp, it was the pleasant sensation of having an extension of his body.
Everything is kept clean and music: pick coarse or fine, mild attacks, caresses, heavy attacks, simple rubbing of the fingers, palm mute, snapping strings, harmonics. It's nice.
For the amp, a Vox or a good head lamp without pedal, no reverb, and we do not touch.
If you like the style and the thousands of Fender pedals and settings, it's not a guitar you'll love. You will be disappointed the first time.
This is a guitar to be discovered by reworking the feel of rope, repeat lines, work the attacks, blockages, the flights, the pizzicato, etc. ..
You can discover many things impossible to do with many other guitars.
Obviously: jazz, rock, bossa, reggae, funk, samba, picking, etc. ..
In crunch sounds, the dynamic works wonders
In fully saturated sounds, that's fine, but many other guitars are as well or better.
In heavily retouched sounds, this type of guitar is not necessary.
For the Metal, we need more accurate and micro metal.


I had long ago, that I missed, I took for 3 months.
Value for money? It's silly.
We love and we can or not, or you love it and we take it.
I love and I could to 1000 euros.
I played the Fender, the Cort, Epiphone's, the little Yamaha, Ibanez, etc. ..

joudelagratte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A Gibson for not too expensive!"

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
Scratches made in United States + tailpiece and bridge Gibson classic, and a 4 potensiomtres slecteur all reliable and efficient. Channel no end or wholesale, résumé: 22 frets and is between the sleeves and those of Ibanez tlcasters ... A good compromise I think. I put a 9 because the rosewood fingerboard might look a little more "class". Otherwise the frets are well finished, very thin and I have not noticed any default as I have also read p (E string that would hang the frets / cel I have on my Epiphone Les paul custom purchase. on the other hand ...)


Channel trs enjoyable. CHAC is satisfactory to no more acute. (This is not a stratum, let alone a scratch of mtaleux ...) The interface is that of a Les Paul, with its default (ergonomics and balance once on your lap ) Other assumed to default: Weight 63 kg but I do and I get to play 2 or 3 hours without suffering too much riff back. Mine is 4.6 Kg (to indicate I have my strat pes United States: 3.9 Kg and my little tlcaster Baja: 3.6 Kg) ca gives you the tempo. What is a LES PAUL!
The handle, as I said, is excellent: you can play everything (If you know!) In any case the limit is the guitarist ... Rock, Blues, Jazz pots with the same effective and Hard because of the heavy microphones send Burstbuckers while keeping a real personality: modern, powerful, but hot enough.


It's the highlight: The sound Unquestionably Gibson. Even with the small default deficits higher, which add a finishing trs "average" (especially for a Gibson)
It gets off with the neck pickup is remarkable to find sounds that are sufficient enough pais themselves or even "flute" as those of my Fender. The sound is more acute "sour" when it is played without distortion, but without being dplaisant. In the opposite case, with distortion or overdrive is great for sending a chorus that contrasts: love!
The two microphones can be set to rev sounds pretty clear: Personally, I use it for rhythm Funcke. It does rev well. BRIEF If you like the sound the instrument Gibson dcevra do not ... For cons, I prcise I PROCD rglage a lightweight sleeve + strings for lower order cel that is more comfortable. Since (4 years) it holds the road and without dsaccorder (Drawing light) I had a little doubt on the original Gibson mcaniques, but not any problem of this cot. (Even if I find them super nice ...)
Finally I RPET a bit, but even when the finish is a bit scratched lgre to sign a Gibson ... Not at the list price at any rate (more than 2200 ) A foutage of mouth between paranthse, much like the cars in fact! Be able to discuss the price ... I put 8 / 10 because I want to remain objective and proper gum bad my eyes ...


The fair price: I found the bill (April 2007): New I prcise his tui TRS good quality I'd pay prcisemment 1391 (In Woodbrass)
For Gibson c'tait trs correct, even if the list price is crap as I said above. It's a finish that, be default of high class possde varnish that leaves many "breathe" the woods and cell means. The body is in two parts, in fact, but it is, I think its not about the rdibitoire remains excellent.

The report quality price (for 1400 I'm talking about) is good trs. And then you can pter the grave by playing a Les Paul like Jimmy Page Mark Knofler or two of my grateux prfrs. Seriousness, in occas 1000 or 1100, according to the state, you will make a good shot. Compare this with a new Les Paul Studio, however (I do not know enough) or possibly other brands. I waited 50 ballets to pay me a Les Paul, while I enjoy and take with my foot. I would do probably this choice (or another Les Paul more luxurious if finances permit) I put a 9 / 10 for sound and the handle. Zic all good.

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
<strong>Objective approach:</strong>

The detail of this guitar is available on the internet for the lazy and those still struggling with the Internet, it is a guitar:

- With two body parts with a mahogany table in 2 parts maple AA
- Made in the USA ... maybe.
- With two Alnico V humbuckers
- A dial tone and volume by microwave
- A handle carved in one piece bonded, certified a rosewood fingerboard
- List price: more than EUR 2&#39;000 .00
- New Price paid: EUR 1&#39;086 .00

<img border="0" alt="" />
<strong>Subjective approach:</strong>

The guitar is very pretty, very rounded and smooth in its forms. The faded finish adds a little something nice for. The instrument seems fragile, would not only because of the part that links the head to the handle, unbalanced, or inclination of the stick rather marked. I would have the balls to hook her strong ties. I also note that the junction neck / body is not organic.

Big BOUUUUUH ... for woodwork are moderate and reflect what one might find on a good guitar mij Korean or mid-range (beautiful greenish tinge to the wood table, which emerged as particularly lighting, but not too photo). The coating is affixed in a hurry, we relayed especially near the cut to his hand or we discover a wooden squarely pitted (badly sanded if you prefer), the nets are finished in a hurry (Tramble in laying along the handle), I found the chip in some gaps on the guitar, it frieze at the handle from the 11th fret. For more than 2,000 euros, that&#39;s not very serious. !

Last point which surprised me. I had always heard that Gibson&#39;s body had a room, I tried to date or Custom Zakk Wylde signature and it is indeed a big surprise that the body is in two parts. Please note, this does not diminish the sound capabilities of the instrument.

<strong>[3]</strong> no splits and timber means for the price.


Ergonomics is gibsonnienne. I am very surprised to cash the weight of the beast, even on long gigs, but the weight remains unsuitable for a frail teenager. The handle in D, profile 60&#39;s is well lets take charge and allows a fast game, frets are well polished on the edge but the finishing work is irregular (nes see previous chapter on the "crimping"). However, we quickly found his bearings for a multitude of styles. Access to treble is poor in comparison with what is on the market. The lack of split is unfortunate.

It is very easy to get good sound with this instrument.

<strong>[6]</strong> efficient sound ergonomics of yesterday and asked for certain concessions.


The scope of this guitar is interesting. When empty, there is a sharp singing, a medium and a serious inflated resonant with a very good sustain overall, this is confirmed by plugging the device into an amp.

The sound of the Alnico V is unique and changes the sound of 498T and other character more vintage mics I&#39;ve tried.

With a nice clean, like a guitar being used in books rock, pop and blues. To a gain on 7 / 8, she is efficient and well documented. Beyond that point, I find the sound too forced and less pleasant. Note also that the sound is very "mushy" in hot position, which may be a characteristic sought by some. Sounds with the tone knob on bright are beautiful, all intermediate positions bring something. Nothing is thrown away.

It will be a good tool for fans of fusion and crossover styles who want to have several sounds in one instrument. It is also very nice for use in a pop record with its clean sound clear. I also found interesting uses for jazz and blues.

<strong>[9]</strong> very interesting from a sound


I use it for three weeks. I planned to sell it for more than what I had purchased, and eventually I&#39;ll keep a while. I like his sound and his side "Swiss army knife of sound." By-cons, its list price is ridiculously high and nothing justifies it. If I look at it, the price / quality ratio is very bad and it is not advisable. Note that the ergonomics are questionable and that the beautiful seems fragile to travel with professional use in cargo compartments of aircraft.

If you find it for 1,000 euros and a few that I paid is a fair price for an instrument that will provide good sound performance.

<strong>[2]</strong> price / performance ratio in net disadvantage, the market offers more advisable for this award. For those who want a Les Paul and want quality, you can turn to manufacturers such as Tokai, Jet, Dean (with his Evo premium) or Xavier Petit and get away with reporting perf / price more convincing.

<strong>Added 03/04/2009: deleted due to the moderation of AF. But it-is something special about this guitar that makes me fall in footnote two.</strong>

strom18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
- Made in the US,
- 22 frets
- 2 humbuckers Gibson Burstbuckers
- Bridge / tailpiece Gibson Tune-o-Matic
- 2 Volume, 2 Tone
- Channel 60'S Slimtaper Gibson


- Channel is enjoyable trs. Thinner than the handle 50 'but there is good even when "buche" ^ ^
Compared to my JS1000 Satriani you can feel the handle in his hands. Compared to the Ibanez neck I prfre far the gibson neck are super comfortable

- For the ACCS at its highs and is a Les Paul so it's not the top. But once accustomed to it takes almost taste.

- A guitar well equilibrated heavy but certainly lighter than a real Les Paul Standard that I could test it. Inconvnient or benefit? I would benefit because it is a tad lighter and keeps the same sustain.

- Yes you get a great sound very easy. Just plug it into a good amp and sound right away. Unlike some guitar requires a lot of effect to have its own sound, with this LP is the sound on.
A guitar with a lot of characters.


- It must be my style: blues / rock / hard / and I type in the same mtal and sounds great. A scraper that can be used for any style.

- I mainly play on a Peavey ValveKing 112 and I use occasionally zoom g7

- This gives her a trs fat, heavy drooling as much j'apprcie


I have this guitar since nol 2007, a great guitar that I recommend
I would do without this choice hsite

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
See other posts.


Profile Channel 60's rocked!
Weight down, she followed a diet, I think there must have cavits and saw the empty sound ... it's even a certainty.
What to say about the varnish, very very thin layer, the wood breathe and I think it directly affects the sonority.
Drawback, fragile, but good with any guitar is made ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... eh? Gentlemen enculs that break their hardware to play it, no respect for the instrument and its history and the worst is that it is thanks to this instrument they have arrived in the then it's like hitting her mother ...
Well I ADOPTED, t is not the subject and I m'nerve alone!
Ha well if I put my hand into the mouth of Johnny halliday, not only because it breaks but it also can not play short ...................... ............. These people are unworthy of the guitar!


Branch in a mesa fifty two and a Marshall JMP-1 modifibr /> boss effects and baffles marshall V30.
Cherry Sunburst finish Hritage nothing like the pictures found on the sites of sale or even gibson, it is not the same .... we are in shades of guitars from Slash or Jimmy Page. I can not put a photo on my profile "file too large" but maybe later.


Acquired since December 2007.
Before I got "gibson"
-the 1997 paul studio
-sg spcial
Ben frankly, nothing to do with the studio!
Dj burstbukers are the microphones that take you so far in the sound ....
In his clear, it's beautiful, before buying, I thought to splitter mics as I do on all my guitars, "and yet I know not even if possible 4 or 2 drivers? ...
"In short, it is useless! The bridge pickup is great teeth, severe and very warm vintage sound does not bleed and possde a very high definition and then I come across a skyscraper o position "medium" is intrressante than others. HA yeah, I am the imprssionn !!!
Qualitprix? pfff then l is the top, bought new for 1400 euros .... no comment!
Saturation, it really is, pardon the exprssion, A MONSTER!
Damn the potato, gibson grain, precision, in short everything is nothing missing.

Comparison with microphones 490/498 standarts there has on others;
- So "Burstbucker pro". It has a more biting, less round, more modern and vintage paradoxically more time.
It intends to attack the mdiator, you will be in serious slam attack more heat, in short it is HUGE! Notes sing.
I tend acute lower tonality 7/10 for "my" sound, but otherwise it's a lot of output level despite mV annoncs is bleuffant!
Dchire it all! His / sthtique! I'm on a cloud with my les paul, she can not disappoint me is impossible.
I do not know if it's still manufactures and imports, after several of vendors is the latest models, mine "finish and handle profile" was the only one available in stock in France when I have purchased and its rating was already more than nine Leve average price, is to say, it seems that even the arrterait because it makes too much shade the "standard" and "classics" so it's a great guitar and less chre.
Well I'll arrter lodges because I could write a novel.
For any questions, do not hesitate,.
Go a default, they could have put the mechanical oil baths ........
If one day I fall asleep Gibson, lol I would put on my floyd signed model ................... good I know ... but we have the right to dream.

alexisbob's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
- Made in US,
- 22 frets
- 2 humbuckers Gibson Burstbuckers
- Bridge / tailpiece Gibson Tune-o-Matic
- 2 Volumes, 2 Tones
- Channel 60'S Slimtaper Gibson


The handle is asser end (60) but we feel that there is some shit on hand all the same.
The access to acute Les Paul is not great, but if done OBN.
Ergonomics is the same bones you fit in the ratings ^ ^, the weight of the guitar is elevated asser s'absenir small size ...
This gives a good sound that the guitar industry!


She should totally (Blues / rock), I played on a marshall MG100DFX j'obtient of his greasy heavy Brief>> What Les Paul.
But sound preferred and micro rhythm is a very heavy and imposing, I hated the position is not


I've had a week is what I love most c the sound of that scrapes by what I like least is not be assimilated to play with it is not very ergonomic I do not like strap locks as the original really ridiculous!
I pay 1650 euro pigalle so I find the money properly raaport
experience with the choices I would remake itself without hesitation.

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
Objective approach:

The data sheet of this guitar is available on the internet for fainants and those galrent with the internet, it is:

On a guitar with a body in two pieces of mahogany with a maple table 2 AA spices
Factory in Magrheb, assembles in Bolivia and Contrle in Turkey
features two double alnico V windings
a slecteur of tonality and volume by micro
a carved handle 1 pice al certi a rosewood fingerboard
Price: more than 2,000.00 euros
Pay new price: EUR 1'086.00

Subjective approach:
The guitar is very nice, very rounded and harmonious in its forms. The faded finish adds a little something sympathetic. The instrument seems fragile, would not only because of the part that connects the head to the handle, not offsets, or inclination of the stick fairly brand. I would have the balls to graft it a strong tie. I also notice that the sleeve junction / body is not organic.

Wholesale BOUUUUUH ... for woodwork that are average and represent what we might find on a good Corenne mij guitar or medium range (verdtres beautiful reflections for wood table, which emerge Particular larly according to the lighting, but not trops pictured). Lacquering is appos slapdash, it is reparque particulirement prs of dcoupe for hand or a wooden one discovers downright piqu (poorly sanded if you prf ground), nets are finished hastily, I have found the chip in some gaps of the guitar, a frieze at the handle ds 11me fret. THE BODY IS MADE OF TWO PIECES MAHOGANY BONDED. For more than 2,000 euros, not trssrieux. !dropoff Window

[3] no wood splits and means for the price.


Ergonomics is gibsonnienne. I am surprised very much cash the weight of the beast, even on long concerts, but the weight remains inadapt frle for a teenager. The handle D, Profile 60's lets him take control and allows a fast game, the frets are well polished and quickly found his repres for a multitude of styles. The access to agus is bad compared to what is happening on the market. The lack of split is unfortunate.

It is very easy to get a good sound with this instrument.

[6] Sonoriquement effective ergonomics of yesterday and ask for certain concessions.


The scope of this guitar is interesting. When empty, there is a agu singing a mdium inflated and rsonnant grave with a very good overall sustain, this is confirmed by plugging the device into an amplifier.

The sound of alnico V is unique and change the sound of the 498T pickups and other more vintage character I could try.

Acquires a nice clean, like a guitar be used in rock records, pop and blues. Until a gain on 7/8, she is effective and well Business detail. Pass this limit, I find the sound and pushed trops moin pleasant. Note also that the sound is very "mushy" hot position, which may be a characteristic of some research. The sonorits with potentiomtre of Tone on light are very beautiful, all intermediaries positions bring something. Nothing is cast.

She will make a good tool for fans of fusion and crossover styles that want to have more sounds in a same instrument. It is also very pleasant to use in a pop record thanks to its crystal clear sound clean. I also found intressante for jazz and blues uses.

[9] intressante very sonically


I use it for three weeks. I PRVU to sell it for more than what I had bought and eventually I'll keep it for a while. I like its sounds and its ct "Swiss army knife of sound." By-against, its catalog price is ridiculously lev and nothing justifies it. If I am using the latter, the report qualitprix is ​​very bad and it is not advisor. Note that the ergonomics are questionable and that seems pretty fragile for professional use with trips in airplane cargo holds.

If you find it for 1,000 euros and a few that I pay it is a honest price for an instrument that will ensure good audio performance.

[2] Price / Performance net dfaveur, the market offers more advisable for this price. In addition, for each buy guitar, you encourage the US economy, and thus indirectly the war in the world. For those who want a Les Paul and wish the quality you can turn to manufacturers such as Tokai, Jet, Dean (with its premium Evo) or Xavier Petit and get away with reports perf / most compelling price.
Note [5] is the average home

Reworked notice to: - 12.04.2007, 15.04.2007

kunfi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck
Les Paul Standard Faded Tobacco Burst.
MODEL 2005 Slim Taper neck 60.
To see dtail (


This is the point that most m'intresse.
J'tais plutt habitu play on a guitar neck end and not too heavy. (Whatever)
My LP is in the 4.5 kg and it is not monstrous it can be done quickly. Dj I tried strats that weighed as much to see more ...
Slim Taper the handle 60 is fairly flat, but no one feels when excs and even though the Contents hands. This round, particulirement satin finish is a rgal.
(It's not like glue Gibson Traditional varnishes and is super fast)
Some dispute this satin finish, which is vintage and antique and classic finish him prfreront a brilliant, has the gots not be discussed.
Access in Aiges is much less catastrophic as people say. It is certainly a little practice your checks to dernires boxes, nothing is perfect.
On mine, the action is super low RULES, and plays alone. But as I'm manic, I think I'll rgler still a bit lower!
Yeah, that's not the most ergonomic scraper in the world, but frankly I find Drout ease of play. The problem is that current fashion is to guitars lgre arch, where it seems to have no hands and suddenly I feel we have forgotten This qu'tait a real guitar.
On mcaniques (Green Keys), the even urban legends. I must be lucky, mine are prcises and take really good agreement, even after hours of bends and abuse! So, I who had to change for Groover, I'm done all the NCESS sr. If I do then it will just Whereas for Aesthetics.

Tuie a sober black and replaced the old brown and pink which ignores the indoor (some are nostalgic).


It just does not fit my style of music but I knew it, so no surprise. I counted the ds dpart change the pickups for a more rock, more incisive and especially more prcis.
A blank, have seen the violin dj keeps its promises thanks in particular to the virtues of mahogany. The guitar really sustain.
I have an amp so-so home, but I had the opportunity to play in the good stuff, and the sound is big and fat. I got super prcis not, but it's also what makes the charm of his Gibson. To my ears, the lack of acute Burstbucker Pro, and are too plump and Gavs serious. Difficult to obtain sounds slamming. Type blues too, has does not suit me exactly. But beware, this is not because they do not suit my style of play, it will not make people happy so far.


I use it for a few weeks, but I tried other dj Les Paul right left for a while before buying mine.
What I like most, I think it's the handle 60 that I DEFINITIONS rconsili with Les Paul. Neither too large nor too little, a good compromise. I never hung on the beams as Studios. But there again, it's about got everyone to find the handle depending on its hands ...
I bavais long on the legends, both for the Aesthetics for the sound.
Against the report by qualitprix scandal is clearly too expensive for what it is.
But do dplaise dtracteurs to eBay, you can still do good business.
I had mine around 1400, it is like new and has less than a year (only a few micro scratches almost invisible).

So yes I think I would do this choice because I really wanted a Les Paul, but I never would have bought new.
I do not put all 10, because even if it's a great instrument, the instrument is not perfect. It has the default, but much less than they say. His biggest default is the price! But in seeking a bargain, an instrument of this quality that price I would do without the hsiter choice.

I am considering a change of pickups, but I can not have me on DCID couple Entire give me satisfaction.
I am almost tempted not EMG active, but I am afraid to rev quickly get tired of this config, which I think ultimately Stril fairly and without personal. I am looking for a sound ranging from rock to mtal, but with more versatility and warmth. With whistling harmonics, but without aggression.
DiMarzio can be in, if I go a head of the cot BKP, micro English all handmade and dchire.