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Tokai Love Rock
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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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vidroczky's review"Chines Tokai Love Rock, good, but not extremely good"

Tokai Love Rock
MY Tokai Love Rock had not been produced from mahogany, and has no maple cap I think, just a flame maple veneer, which looks great, but has no effect of the sound. Hoever, it's pickups are decent, enough output for feedback WITHOUT ANY SEAGUELL effect, and without being noisy. I love it. :-) The machine heads are without any brand, but do what they were ment to be. The neck/body are maybe maple, and nato the fingerboard is definetelly rosewood. The finish is quite good, and the craftmanship is good enought too. (fret levelling, and fret ends... etc)
In overall, I like it for the price, except that I can see clearly how many parts were the body made from :-(
Check this video, and my others on youtube :-) Thank you for your attention, hope I was able to help you


Axlslash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good compromise."

Tokai Love Rock
MIJ, easel classic LP sleeve round enough but very nice, 22 frets, the pickups are Alnico II Pro Slash 4 settings ...

This is an LS95.


The handle is surprising, I was afraid to end up with a log (from the world of strats ...).

I rediscovered my bends and vibrated, it's crazy. It is really good, it is very fluid, the key is very beautiful inlays too. Access to acute correct LP what many do not like ... We made it.

One branch, it sounds ... That will rather say the amp.


Sounds very rock, was the spirit of the guitar crying in the treble, it's great. She is very good in blues, it's either clean or overdrive.

Played on a tweed, a pod HD and class 5 is that of happiness.


It's been two months since I use it, I love it. She is doing well everywhere. Do not look obviously Fender sounds ...

What interests everyone, this is what it is compared to Gibson.

I situate between a studio and a std towards a traditionnal. The finish is done well, a little too bright can be, but the quality is there, it is clear. With a few small changes (truss rod cover, hiding microphones buttons (no knobs!)), We arrive at a beautiful guitar and sounds really good.
Tokai brand interests me even more is a really good guitar. If you have a budget a little tight, and you're ready to not having Gibson on the head, do not hesitate. Obviously, this is different, it can not be identical, but it is very close, and it sounds terribly well.

For the price, this is fabulous.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Still like them very much and use 'em for live gigs"

Tokai Love Rock
Standard Les Paul copy


'60 LS120 with a slim neck type, LS60 with a '59 neck profile


very loud acoustically Which transfers to a Good dynamic electric sound


Sorry for my short answer en français, I wrote a verbose purpose of comparison with my 1984 Tokai LS60 Two similar models in the Tokai forum:

And Another 1981 about my Tokai LS120 testing SEVERAL bridge humbuckers:

daniel70's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tokai Love Rock
It is a beautiful translucent blue LS70F Tokai.
Frabriquée in Japan in 2001.
Beautifully made, excellent violin ... see, but the overall opinion.
For the rest it is identical to that described by Wazir.


Everything is nice, even sound.
But a change of pickups should not hurt him
if you want a different kind of sound.
I have not compared to a Les Paul Epiphone but one ... and it has nothing
to see!
The Epiphone does not support compraison dutout.


I use mainly the bridge pickup in clear or with a little crunch to the blues.
As it is terrible Jazz (neck pickup).
I also use both pickups together when I need a less aggressive
what can deliver the bridge pickup alone.
The sounds are good enough they can be set (with 4 buttons) but I'm starting to consider changing the pickups for a more vintage.

Update (May 2007):
Since I treated myself to a Vox AC30 I rediscover this guitar.
Frankly, I no longer wish to change the pickups, I have the sounds I want.
I had the opportunity to try other guitars (ibanez, epiphone, washburn, Vigier)
I have not found better for qe I look (I just vigier expert
complementing but not replacing) is in the spirit Les Paul.
But those who do not like the original pickups can always change them.


I use it for 5 years.
And what I like most is to have a "Gibson" without paying the price
(In fact I think they do not care at Gibson a little of the world with prices they charge).
Initially I wanted an Epiphone but after having tried both I have not had difficulty in my mind!
Quality / price ratio excellent.
But with experience, I would turn to be a Lag Roxanne standard which is however more expensive.
Since two or three months the frets get loose on the low side of the handle. Fortunately it is under warranty and the store will have it repaired.
However, I treated. So I think it's a manufacturing defect (especially as my other guitars have never had this problem when they are older).
Update (May 2007):
The store has refretter the handle 3 years ago and since then it is a treat. No problem. I bought it in california where they were nice. Since I moved south and took her to two different makers. They've both said that the guitar had a great lute and a resonance vacuum incredible. This speaks volumes about the quality of the instrument ...
With experience, I would do this choice, I'd like to aileurs m'acher SG75 one of these days, or even a SG155.
Value / price ratio at the time. Today, I do not know. Surely, if ordered directly in Japan.

Dashounai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tokai Love Rock
TOKAI LS65 HoneyBurst color model as pictured above
Made in Japan
22 frets, pickups PAF VINTAGE 3-position selector
Micro switch, 2 tone pots, 2 volume knobs
Channel 60's type
In short, a real Les Paul Standard Gibson without the top of the handle


The handle is terrible! The action is very close to the frets! No curled found. Access to acute extreme but not good I never use it: D
The shape is really respected in relation to the Gibson Epiphone unlike (which are really not the weight ...) and the guitar is not so heavy as that. When sitting, it is not the top compared to my SG!
Gets easily your sound good?

Devine: D


The sound is clear that both disto! I can judge this thanks to the receiver of the store, much better than mine or his way out (Marshall MG15DFX do not buy ever) but the bottom of a 75 watt transistor RANDALL jettait ca! But it must be admitted: the sound is very good, but not as good as a Gibson. But it is easy to fix: paste him two seymour Duncan 59 '! And get the Gibson's small: D And is not messing the sound is still a very nasty cause.


I have this guitar yesterday. What I like most about it is its impeccable violin, its handle confusing ... While I like her!
Before buying it I tried the following models: Gibson Les Paul Standard, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson SG Standard, Gibson SG Special, PRS Santana SE PRS Tremonti SE, Classic Lag Roxane and many more ...
The Tokai buries the Gibson Les Paul Studio, Lag Roxane Standard, PRS Santana SE PRS Tremonti SE.

The Gibson Les Paul Standard is the same with better microphones, and SG have the same character so I can not compare.

I consider the unbeatable value for money ... In addition ca can invest in new pickups!

If I would do the same choice? What a question!

ouaza's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tokai Love Rock
Copy of Gibson Les Paul frabriquée in Japan. There are different models but basically There's two levels: those manufactured in Japan (the premium) and those manufactured in Korea (I think it's Korea, the low-end). The one I'm talking about is the high end!
FYI I have had several opportunities to play on standart lespaul and when I bought it I tried it for 3 hours non-stop, alternating with a standart lespaul to see the differences!

Simply put this guitar includes all the features of a real Les Paul: 22 round boxes glued, rather large, round button rosewood and mahogany, varnish -> handle lespaul what!
The body is 2 pieces of mahogany and curly maple tables massive! Beautiful !!!!! It's crazy!
The bridge is tune o matic, as the true.
3 position selector, 2 volumes, 2 tones, you know the song!

The only difference are the pickups! This is not a gibson malheusement but hey you can not have everything and then it will change!


Again it is impressive all there! Compared to the lespaul differences are really small!!
Though I alternate between the two when I tried it hard to see the difference when the guitars are connected! All there really is crazy

Of course in using it involves all the disadvantages of a Les Paul: weight access to acute ...


In terms of sound through an amp, we can see the difference with the Les Paul but I think it's only due to micro!!
The bass sounds almost like a bang, it's amazing, it's hot desire, a little fat just right, it has a typical grain gibson. Play with the volume becomes a real treat!! On its CRUCH it down to its clear and good sound is saturated marshall crunch down on a beautiful clear to limit the attack on the mediator !!!!!!
Whether it is for blues or rock is happiness!

In terms of it's less acute: it is the one we see a difference lespaul! The sound is a little more aggressive with a gibson and it's a shame. It may be appropriate for very big fan of his but I am not satisfied! Finally again we can change and it's still far from the standart price of a Les Paul!
Basically if there were any gibson pickups on it (well mostly for the treble) I put 10/10


Well frankly for about € 1000 is crazy !!!!!! For a year I do not always leave it!

I urge that wants to buy a Les Paul: ca 17,000 francs is expensive especially since it takes a lot more for a beautiful finish!

By the way to meet daniel70: me personally, I have absolutely no problem fret! It will soon be 2 years that I have and really it does not move!

I would definitely do it again this election !!!!!!