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Marshall JVM2 user reviews

  • Marshall JVM210H

    Marshall JVM210H - "Perhaps too ambitious"


    The Marshall JVM210H is a feature packed amp. The amp is a 100 watt, el34 based design featuring 2 channels with individual Eq sections as well as separate reverb controls. The master section sports presence, resonance, and two separate master volume…

  • Marshall JVM210H

    Marshall JVM210H - "Not bad, there's better though"


    The Marshall JVM 210H is a scaled down version of their hundred watt four channel firebreather JVM. It forgoes the expansive and complex featureset of the 410 and pares it down to a standard dual channel head. Each channel contains 3 modes for differ…

  • Marshall JVM210H

    Marshall JVM210H - "one of the best, buy it"


    The back of the Marshal JVM Series has a MIDI jack so if you have an external controller you can change amp channels with it. You have all sorts of jacks to plug in different ohm rated speaker cabs. So you can power just about anything you have. Min…

  • Marshall JVM215C

    Marshall JVM215C - "Go with the 2x12"


    This is the same amp as the JVM 210C but with just one speaker instead of two. You get the same features and tone but just in a more compact cabinet and smaller tone. To me this amp is better than the four channel. The four channel is a bit of an…

  • Marshall JVM205H

    Marshall JVM205H - "Cool amp!"


    This is the same amp as the JVM 210h but just with half the power rating. This one will have two less power tubes and comes in at a rating of 50 watts. To me this amp is better than the four channel. The four channel is a bit of an overfill for m…

  • Marshall JVM210H

    Marshall JVM210H - "A nice step up from the DSL series."


    The only difference in this amp and the combo is that this is just the head amp. It has all the same features but just minus the speakers and cabinet and also the power is doubled up to 100 watts in this amp. It will have a bit more headroom in the o…

  • Marshall JVM205C

    Marshall JVM205C - "Better than the four channel."


    To me this amp is better than the four channel. The four channel is a bit of an overfill for me since there is a lot of replication in the channels. The two channels is the way to go with this series. Still though the amps sounds cold out of the box …

  • Marshall JVM215C

    Marshall JVM215C - " uh no ..."


    Amps made in UK 5 lamps: 5xECC83 preamp and power 2xEL34 HP Celestion G12b 2 channels with volume control, gain, bass, middle, treble x2, reverb x2, x2 master, presence and resonance are common, Each channel has 3 modes controllable foot 2 …

  • Marshall JVM215C

    Marshall JVM215C - " After a few mods, great amp"


    Well, everything has been said below, no need to add more. UTILIZATION Very easy to use. The manual is clear and well explains the position lamps preamp. Easily a good sound is obtained. The equa not super accurate either: it is not the mes…

  • Marshall JVM215C

    Marshall JVM215C - " A nice tool"


    See other opinions, the site of the brand. Very complete and easy to use. A note on the serial loop, a switch that allows you to compare the processed sound with the original. Special mention to the pedal comes who knows almost everything (channe…