Marshall JVM205C
Marshall JVM205C

JVM205C, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JVM2 series.

JiPee 10/23/2008

Marshall JVM205C : JiPee's user review

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CHARACTERISTICS site Marshall ( )


I find the amp rgler easy, we get easily the sound you're looking for every knob has a direct action on the sound really was not going around in a vacuum, the range of r adjuster leaves a large margin of freedom.
The manual's usefulness to understand how to configure the pdalier but nothing more because everything is very simple.
I wish that this amp is prciser use reasonable volume, but you will not resist a long time before getting a bit + the volume to feel the roar of two speakers, and l. .. what sound!


For sound, what to say! trs is subjective but for me, it's perfect, I rgale. Of the hottest blues to hard rock's most cutting edges. The clean sound is not lagging behind either, and why not a well mtal, casual, a little less convincing as I believe it.
What is certain is that I do not regret taking the 2X12 combo because the sound is terribly pais, we feel the mdium - mdium low rumbling. grr grr!


I recently what I like most is to regain its easy to marshall and this same rglage all volumes.
I prfre a mesa rect o verb that I had the opportunity to play from time to time with a friend in 4X12 combo and a mesa ... but rather it must be said that a mtalleux him. lol!

To try it, this is terrible 2X12 combo to enter the high end only 1400 euros!