Marshall JVM210H
Marshall JVM210H

JVM210H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JVM2 series.

yoTrakkz 10/17/2011

Marshall JVM210H : yoTrakkz's user review

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The back of the Marshal JVM Series has a MIDI jack so if you have an external controller you can change amp channels with it. You have all sorts of jacks to plug in different ohm rated speaker cabs. So you can power just about anything you have. Mine works great on a 4 x12.


Staring with Channel 1 you have a nice clean sound that works for smooth ballads & country songs. Not Roland Jazz amp clean but I did not want that. The next 2 channels add a little more gain each mode 2 adds a little crunch so it works for blues & soft songs needing an edge. Mode 3 is a little more of the same just a little crunchier. This works well for rock songs.
Channel 2 picks up where channel 1 left off a little more rock sounding like ACDC & Zeppelin. Mode 2 is where hard rock lives Motley Crue, Priest sort of stuff. Mode 3 is the hottest setting & metal players will be pleased here. I tend to use the channel 1 mode 3 & channel 2 mode 1 areas for most for what I play ACDC & 80s rock type covers.


The EQs are separate for each channel & react nicely to changes I dialed in a great tone right away. I put each of them a little over 5 & adjusted to taste. The presence control works for shaping the high end & the presence control does the same for the low end. The all react nicely & if you play with the knobs a little you will get what you need.


I have a blast taking this from clean songs to rocking hard. It works great for playing in my bedroom, a little louder for practice & a little more for gigs. 100 Watts should be plenty for any situation I encounter.