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Millennia user reviews

  • Millennia TD-1

    Millennia TD-1 - moosers's review


    The Millennia TD-1 is an analog, single single microphone preamplifier and channel strip in the form of a portable box. The unit is tube based and made up of all analog parts. The strip has both XLR and 1/4" inputs and both a high and low pass filt…

  • Millennia M-2B

    Millennia M-2B - moosers's review


    The Millennia M-2B is a dual channel vacuum tube based microphone preamplifier. The unit is quite large and will take up two spaces in a traditional rack. It is made up of all analog components, and I'm not sure exactly the types of connections it …

  • Millennia STT-1 Origin

    Millennia STT-1 Origin - moosers's review


    The Millennia STT-1 Origin is an in depth channel strip that is billed as a "recording system."  The unit contains a four band EQ, compressor, and de-esser.  This is an analog piece of gear that has both XLR and 1/4 inch connections as well as a vari…

  • Millennia HV-3C

    Millennia HV-3C - moosers's review


    The Millennia HV-3C is a solid state, dual channel mic pre-amp.  It is quite basic in its characteristics, but is an analog unit that is rack mountable and will only take up a single rack space. UTILIZATION Using the Millennia HV-3C couldn't be any…

Translated user reviews
  • Millennia HV-35

    Millennia HV-35 - " a must have"


    size 500, di front USE very simple SOUND QUALITY clear, horse gain NOTICE GLOBAL Grand Hall for 1 year, I turn to each session of stud I love it with a coffee in Di, transients are sharp as can be, or behind a ribbon that require …

  • Millennia HV-35

    Millennia HV-35 - " must have"


    size 500 DI model front UTILIZATION very simple SOUND QUALITY a potato hell, I love DI for bass transients are sharp and clear in its desire. ideal also behind a ribbon mic need a big win, zero breath short, a pearl in my setup OVERALL OP…

  • Millennia TCL-2 Twincom

    Millennia TCL-2 Twincom - " For subtle cuts .."


    Double compressor, blithely mixing and optical circuits pure Class A circuits, namely tubes. The bike has no port for inserting an external equalizer in the detection loop (no side chain), no more than any intelligence automating settings relative …

  • Millennia HV-3D

    Millennia HV-3D - " Preamps transparent and fair" has images


    Transistor technology, XLR connectors, the knobs are notched steps of 1.5 dB. this is the kind of option that is in mastering the high-end devices, here is standard. great build quality. not much space inside: there are 8 in two preamp unit, no exter…

  • Millennia TCL-2 Twincom

    Millennia TCL-2 Twincom - " Very good!"


    The TCL-2 is an opto compressor / limiter dual channel Class A discrete circuitry with J-FET transistor circuit and a selectable triode tube with a simple button. Both circuits are entirely transformerless, high voltage and minimalist design, meaning…

  • Millennia STT-1 Origin

    Millennia STT-1 Origin - VicMacKey's review


    Technology used: Analog transistors Class A (SS) and / or lamps. Functions: Pr-amp, EQ, Compressor, Desseur. Connections: In faade: between instrument, Rear: XLR microphone input, line input XLR / jack, XLR line output, 2 x XLR / jack. It is a …