Millennia TCL-2 Twincom
Millennia TCL-2 Twincom

TCL-2 Twincom, Studio compressor from Millennia.

TubeKiller 09/06/2010

Millennia TCL-2 Twincom : TubeKiller's user review

«  Very good! »

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The TCL-2 is an opto compressor / limiter dual channel Class A discrete circuitry with J-FET transistor circuit and a selectable triode tube with a simple button. Both circuits are entirely transformerless, high voltage and minimalist design, meaning that there is only one active stage in the circuit, thus ensuring the utmost integrity and realism with respect the original signal without adding coloration due to the processors.
Connectors: XLR


The config is very simple, no need for manual, if you know you use a compressor ... the only difficulty then is to choose: tube or transistor? mmm ... I hesitate just a button to push too hard!
I think it's great, 2 machines in one, it allows to leave the cable permanently, no matter what we go through this compressor, if the source is good, it will sound forever!
Very intuitive, look no notches on the knobs, then you touch the pro is in his ear that it was happening it was a little confused at first, and then we can not even look over, we close our eyes and compress!


Sound quality: nothing wrong ... it's heavy, Rican, transparent on one side (looks like ssl), slightly warmer side triode (there I suggest you change your lamps to Chinese tastes ... if you want a more punchy, the Russian and Yugoslav more roundness), although the result is always in very satisfactory.
Side adjustments, to note a fast attack time, convenient to have a "wall" on drums ...
There now, it is my ass Culture Vulture, and it sounds just wonderful that I go ...


A good year ...
Compressors? lol, yes I've tried a bunch!
I've seen in quite a mastering studio, it is very common in the states ...
What I like least? uh I dunno ...
most? it is a true dual compressor, with two different sound, easily customizable (for lamps) and worse power transistors to switch lamps in a click, it's still Royal ...
Value for money? Bein me I had bought 2500 E OCCAZ 'last year, I am very happy, now I saw that it had fallen ... arrrgh!