Millennia TCL-2 Twincom
Millennia TCL-2 Twincom

TCL-2 Twincom, Studio compressor from Millennia.

blackle 12/31/2013

Millennia TCL-2 Twincom : blackle's user review

«  For subtle cuts .. »

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Double compressor, blithely mixing and optical circuits pure Class A circuits, namely tubes.
The bike has no port for inserting an external equalizer in the detection loop (no side chain), no more than any intelligence automating settings relative to the signal, so it must just manual settings to find the sound you want.

The inputs and outputs are performed on male and female XLR, in both cases, in symmetry. Also note the presence of a terminal to disconnect the audio chassis ground, and thus cut short the ground loops and other sounding treats of the same ilk.


The machine therefore includes two truly independent compressors, each with its set of settings and indispensable key junction detection circuits when working on a stereo signal. Each side so we found there a setting threshold, attack, release and ratio, and of course a gain adjustment after processing chain .. use is more simple ..

Three colored keys provide channel switching on the compressor, the rocker between the VU display output level and gain reduction, and finally the choice of the so-called active circuitry, namely pure class A. It's simple, particularly effective, and indeed the antipode of a dbx 160SL for example.


Here what counts is the absolute neutrality and the most faithful fulfillment of timbres, which leads to remarkable fidelity. Used on different content, TCL2 to 10 dB reduction, it is difficult to realize that the dynamics is reduced. on the other hand spent 10 dB attenuation, I always had a little trouble finding a driver and release that satisfies me on percussive sounds and dynamic setting ..

Obviously the "artistic" use is not the stomping ground of the bike, and you may be disappointed if you try to make pancakes in a voice very colorful mix a bit loaded, because the contribution present, able to extract sound of a whole, is not far from it, the quality of the compressor ..
Here what counts is its neutrality in any highlighting of this or that part of the spectrum.


If you like a treatment say .. nervous about audio, with a little more extreme settings, history can truly attack a signal, which is still the primary purpose of this type of bike, go your way .. That said audio performance in a bike are eminently sound excellence ..