Millennia HV-3D
Millennia HV-3D

HV-3D, Solid-State Pre-amp from Millennia.

boogie-raf 03/11/2011

Millennia HV-3D : boogie-raf's user review

«  Preamps transparent and fair »

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Transistor technology, XLR connectors, the knobs are notched steps of 1.5 dB. this is the kind of option that is in mastering the high-end devices, here is standard. great build quality. not much space inside: there are 8 in two preamp unit, no external power required. Three different circuits allow three gain stages extremely transparent. phantom power per channel, no phase inversion.


Everything is very simple. on, off, winning.


Its an incredible transparency. ideal for acoustic music. I use it a lot on acoustic guitars, drums and percussion with guidance rather Jazz, World, where the shades are the utmost importance and where it is not too brown. But he also gives very good on the Rock, the Toms have an incredible presence and bass massive.
In fact he does everything well.


I use it for 4 years. and I compared it to other models: API 512, Wunder Audio, Vintech 1272, ...
it is the truest and most transparent. tremendous opportunity to gain and flexibility. the price is very affordable preamp!

What I like least: it is not my favorite for rock: electric guitars too faithful are often aggressive, cymbals too. I prefer the softer preamp. the voices are sometimes a little too natural. it is a pity that there is no phase inversion.

The price / quality ratio is hard to beat. in the very high end, there are not many preamps to 500 € / room. when one does not console, it's been a very good foundation. it is also convenient for outside recordings.

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