Millennia HV-3D
Millennia HV-3D

HV-3D, Solid-State Pre-amp from Millennia.

rroland 11/14/2004

Millennia HV-3D : rroland's user review


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Preamp existing two, four or eight channels. Transistors. Gain in steps of 1.5 dB.


Simple, there is nothing complicated


Arf, there is top notch. His breathing, no noise, blast, nothing ... just a device that renders the best shades for your microphone (if it has). In my opinion, this course quej'ai better so far, but hey, I keep a look ... But finding better than prémpli will not be easy. Is not suitable too vote because too unflattering, too "fair". Ideal for classical music or any music where the nuances are important. I love to overhead, and the electric bass as well. Even without EQ, there are bass guitars that have the potato. Top top top. Is the price, but if you divide by 4 or 8, this is not much room. In addition, optionally, you can climb the 130 volts to use DPA microphones that require it. I do not get 10/10, but 9 / 10 seems too little ... will: 9, 5 and that's OK


I discovered this model during a test. I have not made.