Millennia STT-1 Origin
Millennia STT-1 Origin

STT-1 Origin, Channel Strip from Millennia.

VicMacKey 03/16/2008

Millennia STT-1 Origin : VicMacKey's user review


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Technology used: Analog transistors Class A (SS) and / or lamps.
Functions: Pr-amp, EQ, Compressor, Desseur.
Connections: In faade: between instrument, Rear: XLR microphone input, line input XLR / jack, XLR line output, 2 x XLR / jack.
It is a 2U rackmount MODEL, plutt long and heavy.
Everything is on the site of Millennia.


The configuration is fairly simple. The modules are separate from each other, we can choose to use it or not. Then you can choose from SS or lamps.
Many paramtres accessible, especially to the legalization (Settings, boost / cut ...) and compression (attack, release, ratio, threshold ...) to get the best of the CONTRL sound.
This gives a more than excellent, the source is "embellished" by prampli. The compressor is good and does plutt "pump" not too my taste. The desseur can not be used at the same time as the compressor, but it did not because I did not gn the usefulness of desseur.
The manual is clear and sufficient (in English for me)


I mainly used the strip to record my bass, and frankly I've never had a better sound with this prampli. No wonder when you know that Anthony Jackson also uses it with his contrabass ...
The prampli respects the timbre of the instrument and provides an enjoyable heat trs. Basically you get the sound of the bass, but much better! The low breathing remains prcise, but is warmer, the grain is trs trs good (my ears).
The compressor is plutt good (to me), I've never used the REALLY desseur, as almost always j'uilisais the compressor.
By using this prampli SS is REALLY excellent, trs trs lamps is good, but strange sounds better to my ears in SS. I therefore used mainly in this mode.


I've had just under two years.
What I like most is the sound of the SS prampli in Class A.
What I like least, nothing except that I do not sound ingnieur Aguri to make the most of the quality of the machine.
Acqurir before I could play in a TL Audio 5051 V2, a MindPrint Envoice MKII, and an Avalon VT737 sp.
The noise level is much more natural than the Avalon (for my part I prfre), which is above the trs trs 5051 and Envoice whether SS Class A or lamps.
The report qualitprix is ​​what it is. It's expensive but it's a great quality equipment trs.
With exprience, but I would do this choice is primarily a appreil ingnieurs for sound, for my part I am a bass player and I do not prtention the best use its possibilities.
The STT-1 is the Rolls Royce of strips!