Millennia HV-35
Millennia HV-35

HV-35, Solid-State Pre-amp from Millennia.

kortmanx 10/28/2014

Millennia HV-35 : kortmanx's user review

«  a must have »

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Value For Money : Excellent
size 500, di front


very simple


clear, horse gain


Grand Hall for 1 year, I turn to each session of stud
I love it with a coffee in Di, transients are sharp as can be, or behind a ribbon that require a lot of gain, zero breath short, a pearl in my setup.
I next quad DSU 710 (typed) Portico 5012 (same characteristic as the HV 35 but in stereo, without Di) neve 1073 (typed)
suddenly a lot of color available, so it has its place quite justified

recess choice if I will ever need
excellent price-quality ratio