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Zvex Other Guitar Effects user reviews

  • Zvex Machine

    Zvex Machine - moosers's review


    Zvex’s The Machine is a unique and disgusting distortion pedal intended for electric guitar. It’s not a cheap pedal as the description of it from it’s makers would have you believe as they literally say that it doesn’t sound good. Of course it’s al…

  • Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky

    Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky - "It'll do weird, but it shines at subtlety."


    The Instant Lo-Fi Junky is a brand new product from Zvex. It was designed to mimic the neat tones achieved by the Lo-Fi Loop Junky, an analog loop pedal also made by the company. Players loved the sound that they got from the Loop Junky, and wanted s…

  • Zvex Machine

    Zvex Machine - "Like a chainsaw to your sound"


    In typical ZVEX fashion you get a simple analog box that creates wild sounds. 1/4" input and output, 9v dc jack and three knobs. Input level, output level, and limit which changes how your sound is destroyed UTILIZATION This is about as simpl…

  • Zvex Machine

    Zvex Machine - "Bizarre noise maker"


    Zvex is usually known for their more bizarre sounding pedals, but this one really takes the cake. This isn't your daddy's fuzz, and it isn't your son's distortion pedal. This is a unique and crazy noise generator that is meant to create some bizarr…

Translated user reviews
  • Zvex Machine

    Zvex Machine - lofi junky loops's review


    it is placed behind a pedal fuzz ... behind a fuzz factory is fabulous no midi ... just one audio input, an audio sleeping .. format mono germanium technology .. .. you can plug it in or use a 9v battery 9v (rectangular) UTILIZATION config ver…

  • Zvex Machine

    Zvex Machine - poufinou's review


    Zack Vex is THE specialist in the effects bizarrodes. Pedals and this is probably the most weird of the arsenal Zvex. Primary concern: Defines the. The Machine is a dual-tripler frequencies. What is it? I do not know! But it says that Zack. In fact…

  • Zvex Machine

    Zvex Machine - Adri02's review


    Well ... Here is one of the greatest monsters of the Fast Fashion Zvex. Properly explain what it is not simple, and indeed of the crateur Zvex it even says in his dmo: "No matter if you do not know what it is , plutt Listen to what a deal! " So we…