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All user reviews for the Vox VT15

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 10 reviews )
 4 reviews40 %
 4 reviews40 %
 2 reviews20 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Audiofanzine FR12/03/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Vox VT15
(Originally written by laulalau/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Hybrid amp (12AX7 tube)

- 15 watts

- Guitar input, 1/8" headphone output

- Power break function (even on the 15-watt model!)

- Footswitch connector (footswitch not included)

- 22 amp modelings (Boutique CL, Deluxe tweed, Super 4x10, AC15TB, AC30HH, Express Train, AC50CP2, UK25th, US90s, UK modern, Boutique metal, Modded CL, AC15, AC30TB, Boutique OD, AC30BM, UK80s, Cali metal, UK90s, Metal Bull). For each amp model you can choose between manual setting, a factory preset (amp and effects already selected with default settings) and the sound of a famous song.

So you get a total of 66 different sounds...

- You can save eight presets to access them quickly.

- 12 effects: Delay, tape echo, chorus, comp, octaver, flanger, phaser, rotary, tremolo, pitch, reverb and noise reduction.

- 22 lb.

- 8" speaker


- I found the previous Vox ADVT series easy to use but it's a totally different story with this new range ^^... These new series provide six times more possibilities than the previous one. It's great but it makes settings a bit more difficult. Nevertheless everything gets easier after some time.

- Usually you get the sound you're looking for (although it also depends on the guitar you use...) but you have to spend some time with the amp.

The user's manual clarifies a lot of things. Generally speaking Vox makes clear user's manuals.


- I think this amp is good for any music style if you use the adequate guitar. Except for extremely hard music, this amp makes wonders! So it's perfect for me (I'm very versatile: Dire Straits, Guns n Roses, Fall Out Boy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Queen, etc.)

- I use it with a Fender Strat Mex Classic Player 60... and it sounds great. I will soon have a Les Paul Slash and I'm eager to test the amp with it!

I start with the pros regarding sound:

- The AC30BM model (Brian May) surprised me a lot... The AC30TB simulation of my previous amp (Vox AD30VT) was disappointing because I wanted a Brian May sound... And with this the VT15, I'm fully satisfied! Thank you Vox

The presets that simulate the sounds of famous songs are rather authentic.

- The octaver effect sounds nice

- The fact that now the 15-watt model also sports a power attenuation function is a very wise decision. (I bought the Vox AD30VT for the power attenuation because I play in my bedroom)

- The reverb is independent of all other effects.

- It's not important but the knobs have a vintage white finish, which I find nicer than the black plastic knobs of the previous series ^^.


- I loved the modern UK model of my Vox AD30VT and the new one on the Vox VT15 is not exactly the same...

- It's not easy to use the compressor without the chorus effect...

- No wah effect... It's a bit disappointing because I didn't notice it when I bought the amp (but I would have bought it anyway)

- The low frequency response is not good (which can be expected considering the amp has only a 8" speaker)

- The Enter Sandman simulation has not enough gain and reminds me of the AC15... (perhaps because I play a Strat... but I don't think it's normal).

- Every time you select a new amp model there is an increase in level... unpleasant volume changes.


I've been using it for over one week. I like the new features (new effects, new amp models...) but I needed some time to manage the settings.

I previously owned a Vox AD30VT and I was very satisfied with it. As soon as I heard about the new series I sold my AD30VT to buy the VT15. I feel confident in Vox products and I have never been disappointed.

- Excellent value for money. I was surprised to see that the prices were the same as for the previous series. Vox seemed to decrease the price of the previous series instead of increasing the price of the new one. I like that!

- I would buy it again (even though I don't have that much experience with this particular product to answer this question)... Perhaps I would buy the 30-watt version which has a better low-end, but considering its price, this amp is nearly a gift. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. It's a very good deal!

MIRZA75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money"

Vox VT15
I have not seen better cheap little amp with good sound.
I took 15 watts instead of 30 because it is more compact.

Very correct finish for prix.Il really has an air of VOX
All this at an unbeatable price.


It estpas an upscale but it is much better than a lot of small transistor amp starting with Fender.


Effects troubleshoot well but for me, this is the amp simulation is good.
I wanted a clean sound, reverb and tremolo. I served.


3 years, light sufficient for a rehearsal in front of a battery

DDR_77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What will I do without him?"

Vox VT15
Type: Electric Guitar
Body Combo
Power: 15 Watts
Preamp: Transistor
Power Amp: Lamp and transistors
Number of Speakers: 1
Hp Size: 8 inches
Number of entries: 1
Channels: 2
Equalizer: 3 bands
Amp modeling: 11
Digital Effects: 11
Reverb: yes
Effects loop: yes
Headphone output: yes


With all the choices of possible models, the first steps were a bit laborious and, once you get used to it, there are a few sounds that go.

The footswitch is against required when we need different settings within the same song.


Advantages of modeling, there is the sound you want! Very clean ultra saturated, without having to invest in a large package of effects pedals. I played with a Cort X1 (two double coils) and it does it well. I still had a little trouble getting clean sounds (it quickly saturated). I also tried with Applause AE126 (electro-acoustic): The amp is not intended to, but it fits.


I now have around two years. I use it everyday at home, mostly with headphones, but it has a setting for the output of the HP avoiding (too) get angry with your neighbors. Especially behind its 15 W announced it sends strong! Tried beef drummers with friends, I could not put it fully!

Memory banks are essential to avoid spending time to adjust, but 8 is just a little ;-)

Anyway, very happy with my little amp. The value (about 150 €) is quite correct and I will take it as amp "home." Remains whether it is also made for the stage.

stratoscott's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amazing"

Vox VT15
No need to revisit the characteristics.


So many possibilities and instructions required, indeed it is quite clear. You still have to spend time on the settings to get what one seeks.
Sorry for the name of emulations, surely a matter of TM.


THE sound palette suits me because I spend Pink-Floyd to Metallica, from pop to heavy metal.
Fatal flaw: the difference in volume between some simulations.
Amazing realism, but of course not to compare with a true all tube (less versatile)


I use it for 6 months, and my home club.
I transplanted in the sound or "free" but the sounds change (so be careful with the way in equalizing the sound system)
Versatility is a plus in my case.
Too bad the HP is so small and it lacks an external speaker output.
I wait a bit to pay me the VT40 +

kurty54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Avoid"

Vox VT15
See other opinions


use relatively simple if you stay in the basic presets. but there are still lots of buttons and lots of gadgets ...


And there ben ... must not have any illusions ... It is digital and it stinks. I used it for 3 years and I have come to believe that my guitar was shit. I rediscovered when I went on a tube amp!

Sound levels vary a LOT of a preset to another, the sounds are not all beautiful and far away to complete it is almost impossible to get a clear sound without turning the master volume knob and rear and bottom the gain to a minimum, therefore, impossible to switch from one sound to another without stopping 5min to set all the buttons at the risk of an eardrum fart!


I advise against it, it was my second amp and a bad choice. I was seduced by the argument of the lamp inside and the ability to do lots of different sounds, and ultimately it's more a gimmick than anything else.

Young people who start or those who are attracted by the business case for Vox, do not go for it, save your money and made you happy with an amp that has character, not one that tries to emulate amps.

Otherwise if you want to disgust the guitar go for it, this amp is perfect!

Bretteus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" for those who want the versatility"

Vox VT15
15w amp with a light pre-amplifier to provide high-quality effects

Amp simulation: Boutique CL, Black 2x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, AC30, '70s UK, UK 80S, UK modern, NuMetal, US Higain, Boutique OD

Effects: Auto wah, comp, comp + phaser, comp + chorus, chorus + delay, chorus + reverb, flanger + reverb, tremolo + reverb, rotary + reverb, delay, reverb


2 preset, bybass


The simulations are sympathetic to explore and offers a good range of possibility.
The fault there is with the preset. We must, when registering, though they are checked at the same level of volume (to adjust the gain and volume) to avoid the glaring differences.


Rather focuses vintage grunge, but still very effective in today.

For metal, there is the NuMetal that are really worth.

The effects it offers are very good when it was a distortion of its own.


Nothing to say. A good amp to try if possible to have so convinced.
Very good if it is in a room or another small room, but on stage, it is best to take on a PA system with microphone

Kokoho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Angry!"

Vox VT15






Vox amp as we had not only used to
This amp is simply a gadget toy fair!
Furthermore, when we support the preset button is little appreciable change in pitch! I really thought I had my amp EXPLODE!
Finally, and where I'm most angry is the fact that he now starts to make me false contact is more sound. At first I thought it was the fault of my jack but after trying it in a store he chewed very well so it was the fault of the amp!
I am disgusted and I would not recommend!

bcarmen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox VT15
Combo hybrid simulation + 12AX7
1 guitar input, 1 multi-effects, HP 8 ', an attenuator on the rear of moving from 15W to 0.2W, 3 modes: preset (66), memorials (8) or manual
weight and super convenient size proportionally to the volume issued
all looks pretty solid (check)


use that looks a little complex at first, but ultimately proves fairly easy to use, it is still a guitar amp ... only the effect section deserves a look Reading through the manual ... and again.
Practice, no pedals, no cables everywhere you turn and it starts!
As with all materials "electronic" factory presets are a bit caricatured, but that we know before lighting, it's always the same! So we must rectify this but it gets easier sounds "that do" whatever the guitar used, or strat lespaul.


all the families of these sounds are on this little amp, Fenderiens clean, crunch voxiens, Marshallian and saturations, the sounds are not all perfect, but a good half of them are quite usable, it's been a lot of sounds to get under the tooth is partly thanks to user presets to get a bank of 8 very different sounds to cover all cases with great accuracy
I am surprised by the ability of small Collection of radio HP 8 'which looks like a speaker radio! but as it is a closed cabinet, so it gets a little low
effects are well proportioned to their office, sufficient.
good accuracy in the midrange as the vox ...
small clarification on distos sounds: it's true that some families of sounds like the Hi gain Californians are ... very synthetic, but the side marshall can find nice combinations in the reworking


Well, I read a little critical advice on this amp (on other sites) and I find unjust, let's be serious: a power and this amp with these features "all in one" simulation and effects, does is obviously not intended for professional stage or studio, it is clearly done to beef or workouts with friends in his room, and why it is perfect, of course distos that are worse than those of a stack marshall or mesa boogie .... and happily! why would it cost only € 150 if!
then those who want the real big sound, spending from 2000 to 3000 euros for the amp and bought a van to transport it and those who need a good little amp for a vacation can afford this little Vox VT15 Side on which they can play for hours!

Fullerton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox VT15
Everything has been said in other reviews: modeling amp with a bank effect.
EQ, reverb separate effect, volume, gain and master
Headphone jack - great for the night train.
Power attenuator on the back of the large
The receiver includes a lamp that remains to me a marketing coup.


To use that I made, the setup is pretty simple: I use mostly manual mode - selection of the receiver, setting gain / volume / EQ / reverb ... and that's it.

I use very few effects, but I have found that the settings could be easier. Unless you use them all the time and know by heart, we must constantly return to the user manual to see what order with the following effect knobs that we choose. Again, I do not use them nearly so for this, it is perhaps better to rely on the advice of those who use them.

8 for use as I did.


I play with a Duesenberg Starplayer tv.
Clearly this amp is not suitable to give the maximum of this skyscraper, but it's not a surprise. I bought it for amp work and fulfilling its purpose.

About the sounds:
- In clean sounds, I get very good things. I'm really surprised. With the Dues', my favorite are the simulation and 4x10 Super AC15TV. For me, the big plus of this amp!
- The distos are unmanageable for me ... obtained each time an exit from its slurry ... I tried many settings and I got to do nothing that really appealed to me.

I would love to try the VT30 by curiosity to see if a larger HP (10 inch on the VT30 cons 8 here) would not improve things a little.

I put 5 because it is mixed, big disappointment on distos.


I use it for 2 months. This amp did what I bought it (work, ability to play the night with me).

I know we can not ask everything from an amp of this price. This gives already a lot (clean sound, can play with headphones, the sound can still push hard enough), but fishing still too much for my taste on distos. I'm sure there must be a lot better in the same price range. So if distos are a priority for you, try to compare with anything else.

Value for great price.

I do not know if I would do this choice, but it would take to make me change that I present an amp as cheap as I am satisfied as much as this one in its clean.

7 / 10
Vince Brooks09/13/2009

Vince Brooks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox VT15
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...) and what is the power delivered? What connections and what are the settings, the effects? ... Here, I refer you to the previous opinion, everything was clearly explained. The small weight is all the same, it's reassuring, it's tough.


The configuration is it simple? Yes, it's virtually "plug and play" is selected with the potentiometer suitable type of amp you want to use, it puts all the EQ knobs at noon (old), it selects the type of preset (green, orange, red), playing with gain and master volume, and it is there. No brainer at all. Flaw pain in the ass all the same: when changing type of amplifier, while the overall volume has not moved, the volume climbs wickedly (and especially when selecting amplifiers known for their large saturation) when 'is played at low volume. Must then readjusted the volume and master to arrive at the desired volume. Gets it easy to sound good? More or less easily, partly because of concern that I have just mentioned. Otherwise, it appropriates the machine very quickly and is relatively easy to "sculpt" a sound. I do so very intuitive. The manual is clear and sufficient? ... No man, sellers had not to them (ie my ..!). That said, I do not really need.


Right for your style of music? I play a little bit of everything (pop-rock, blues, hard rock, some metal) and it allows me to more or less wanted to get closer sounds. To me, its greatest weakness is its lack of "soft" and HP all riquiqui strong limiting low frequencies. I would say for blues purists, the amp is not ideal because it is not flexible enough and lacks any nuances in the gradation of saturation. With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? I play it mainly with an Ibanez RG Prestige 2620 and from time to time with my Strat USD. What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat" ,....)? I have not spent much time in finding sounds, and I can not remember the settings. What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? I find that overall the sounds are good, with a "very good" for the sounds of "calif" metal ". That said, there are a lot of amp emulations that I never use, because I find the sounds very "rough, slimy, plastic." Very quickly, I am limited to 2-3 types of amplifiers suitable for the use I make, I memorized the sounds and the rest, basta! Regarding the effects, we are dealing those are the most common, with some nice combinations. If I compare the time of the Vox to my Memory Man, the chorus to my Boss CE-2, or the Voodoo Lab Tremolo to my, obviously, I want to say that the effects of Vox are almost gadgets, but I think they can still have fun and get, if one sounds amazing, at least one correct sound. Here are some videos made with the Vox and Ibanez RG 2620


How long have you use it? For almost five weeks. I use only flat, for rehearsals, I use a Hot Rod Deluxe with effects pedals. What is so special that you like most and least? What I love is all -in-one and easy to use. I have already mentioned the shortcomings of the Vox, which for me are not prohibitive given its low price. Have you tried many other models before buying it? No, I did not even want to compare to its competitors (Roland Cube brol Line6 Spider or thing). Before, I played a Peavey Blazer 158 and I was obliged to connect all my pedals in order to have fun. How would you rate the quality / price? Very good (199 euros). With experience, you do again this choice? Well ... no, I'll move on, but I am very happy with my purchase! Edict of 18/07/09: After spending a little more time trying to refine some of the tones, I come to be quite disappointed with the performance of the Vox. I was seduced by the saturation at first, but now I find them very messy, "razzle-l'oeil." Unable to get such a soft and subtle saturation approaching (I insist: "approaching") that of "Brothers in arms" (I know, not all the same stuff): I ' get it while its a yucky riquiqui and when I try to adjust the level of gain, no way to do so in the shade. So, for me, this little amp is a lot of bluff: a lot of possible settings, but very few sounds correct. Be wary of the little lamp downright sensible bring warmth to the sound, it's more marketing than anything else: my old 15 watt Peavey did not and it sounded much better! Finally, I found this little Vox satisfactory for those who want a reasonably priced small amp capable of offering a range of tones (emulation of integrated amps and effects). That's the convenient all-in-one. If, like me, you play a tube amp and you like the sound "vintage", you may be a little disappointed! Use as a amp work ...

Edit February 13

It will really take me for a crazy, but it does not matter: I would like to qualify my last point.
In fact, this little amp has some flaws, but for its price, it is rather a good buy.
I found a "parade" saturated with the sounds of the amp that does not suit me: I plug my front Blackstar HT Dual and there I get an acceptable sound by playing only the "channel" clean the amp.
Since I do not use either the effects of the amp, the blow I think now I would have done better to buy a small amp transistors and simple to use with some good pedals but hey, it's always handy to have the all-in-one without being ch ... with cables, pedals and power supplies.
Anecdote: I used it yesterday for a concert "intimate" type "unplugged" with djembe etc.. and I was surprised at the power of this little amp can still play at a sufficient volume (gently) to cover a djembe and easy to "concert" in a large room ... The only concern is that the sound is strong in the high frequencies.