Yamaha THR10
Yamaha THR10

THR10, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Yamaha in the THR series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha THR10

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 1 user review13 %
 2 reviews25 %
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Editorial review
  • 02/29/12Yamaha THR10 Travel Amp Review

    Yamaha THR10 Travel Amp Review - Small But Powerful

    Yamaha's new amplifier range now includes a brand new product: the THR10. It looks like a standard compact amp head. But in fact, this product holds some surprises...

Users reviews
tuyau des savoies03/25/2014

tuyau des savoies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THR 10 modded V1 V2"

Yamaha THR10
Transistor Modeling
2x5W or 10 W
7 amp presets or type of instruments, including acoustic and 1 for 1 Low
2 buttons choice of effects (reverb or other effects like flanger, tremolo or other ...)
5 Opportunities for storing its
1 USB port for upgrades, can store about 5 memories available compressor or other effects, besides the dedicated software allows you to further refine the set up, especially the Reverb / Delaye area / flanger etc ....)
2 separate bedrooms with independent volume control via the Aux input
Phone 1 input / headphone


if you are motivated yes, but anyway he released on his


many types, carefree
I upgraded the thing in V2, and it works very hard ....
Note, I have already fallen for a lot of very expensive equipment, and lamps, I know them well ... Besides, I still have 2 in stock, in addition to THR 10 little surprising.

(A JCM 900 100W lamp and a 18W combo Hughes & Kettner combo with switchable lamps crazy, most cab or very bad boxes.)
So this little THR sends the foot, the one that makes you want to send the kit fingers ....


A great little amp for home. I found nothing better.

ricoute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha THR10
Purely transistor modeling with VCM digital
a jack or other instrument guitar headphone output + 6.35 + usb

2x5W or 10 w total

volume / master bass / mid / treble delay / reverb effects and output volume with guitar +


configuration with a lot of possibilities, from classic guitar amp, no problem with almost the same opportunities

manual rather succinct but clear

this is the problem:
initially attracted not nest o presets, after they find outrageous, I have a pedalboard pod is a bit the same thing .... not to the same scale!

The software "thr editor" promises a lot, and are no more presets present unless calibrated positions with camera settings.
Point presets with extra amplifiers to those present thr 10 ds is very unfortunate, I inttérrogé YAm support, it is not expected a priori and see when programming even if the permit if necessary! !

It has extra features such as compressor and noise gate and cabinets / speakers actually more settings on the device

After you reach finer adjustments in delay / reverb (like a real pedal (yes) all by itself worth the thr10 took!)

If the sounds are good especially saturated saturation british hig gain quifuzzent with harmonics, the lead is a little less good ... I think the sounds are good quality but limited by the design of the devices, and coming from 'tube amp, I have been pretty frustrated, wealth and subtleties of sound missing (it is not on a hp 12 ") but ds is not the same base price (compared with amp € 800/1000 full lamps)

Big gap that ..... 5 memories very limited if we presets via thr editor, we are obliged to keep the library on the PC, just to Constrain any integrated device!!


PAr compared to my experience full light, no I can not find my account, even if the results do not sound déméritent but not acute enough following positions sometimes shortened (which does not catch in the mid forcing) I do not know if c is related to the bandwidth of the amplifier even hp ....

It blows a lot much with the compressor, noise gate and arrange cut if the length of notes ...

I think we can with patience, found relatively good sound balance tweaking the settings with the Thr editor.

Dynamic issue and the fact that the sounds are not very rich, I find the clarity and dynamics very average, it wakes up the position 10h.

Sounds are rather brilliant crystal with a strat can be yes, definitely not fat (even with the pauls) because we did not have enough low spectrum or in the size or hp in the overall rendering!

I played a strat aves cp 60's and the epi pauls specials, it seemed to marry the strat, SOSN thinner, less returns and less density in

As stated above, the lead sounds I was not too convinced
the clean crunch and high gain / modern are my favorite


I bought it to play up in the evening, without making too much noise, he seduced me at first, then it's true that it was the opposite impression, to the point of not having the desire to keep it next to my degree requirement, although it does not demerit in its category

This is a very comprehensive, it lacks a power cab / external speaker, I tried to put a baffle mesa e nsortie headphone, but I had made a little random, and when even noted a limitation of bandwidth (actually it might not be suitable to do this this headphone!)

The ratio R / P / Q that I really hesitate to buy it, and I always find it expensive, except him to whom I sold Faity and has a good deal, but this is another debate.

Honestly Product to € 200/220 is a good price (300 € you can have 2 ... bugera v5 full lamps) this morning I saw the tiny THR5 (sold € 200!) Not really positioning too high!!

I will not make that choice, because I sold it and it did not fit my requirements which I admit are great!

Used this may be a good choice for someone who is not too demanding question his (ie except from the full lamp) or a beginner and / or traveling because it runs on batteries pure good advantage this point!

The samples through the net and that the manufacturer's website are very good, but made with a Yamaha sg guitars that are> 2500 €
Do not expect to compete with these excellent guitars, but nevertheless show that Thr10 may have up graded its return and work well with these models!

Zug_metal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The tool indispensablepour work at home!"

Yamaha THR10
For specifications I let you look. The only problem I quibble but this is not the purpose of the amp, it would output a CAB!


You just have to remember that we have five different modeled amps that do not react at all in the same way to gain and master. The top is the kind of overall volume of the guitar practice to keep the big sound at low volume!

This amp is great we want to touch the buttons all the time!


What I was looking for is the sound JCM800 (boosted slightly preferred) at home at low volumes. Well the thr is the only one who gave me I would play almost with satisfaction that channel! Airbourne in a coup in to playing with an sg over the song and can be taken to joel o keefe!

The clear top, the lead (45 jtm) perfect for ac / dc old school. The Modern is a bit difficult to manage because a lot of gain but enough to lower it and ESPECIALLY to increase the treble almost completely. There you will have a great sound if it looks old to correct a bit messy and choked (except at high volume: D).

Just crunch (ac30) I like the least but that's because I do not like the sound vox. What I do I use a clear sound!


I have a killer for a week this is THE amp for playing at home with or without headphones this little toaster will make you believe that you play on a real tube amp. So of course it does not replace a real amp but there one begins is not head back from work you turn there is agreement (super accurate almost as much as my PolyTune!) Hop heavy rock sound the way! At night with headphones that sounds as hell. Before I had a pedal digitech multi effects, the high end the 1000 rp. I do not exploitais tenth opportunities finally I like the raw sound of an amp (the limit reverb and a tube screamer.) And indeed I have it and it sounds! You amazed even lower than it can get out for such a small size! It was even tested with a low to repeat it is feasible to say!

Anyway I'll stop there and I'm going back to train!

4db9sa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super machine!"

Yamaha THR10
Everything has been said, in summary: modeling / simulation solid-state (clean, crunch, lead, Brit Hi, Modern, Bass, Aco, Flat), guitar input, auxiliary, USB (mac, windows, linux but not sniff .. .) headphone. Adjustments gain, master, bass, mid, treeble, effects (chorus or flanger or phaser or tremolo), reverb / delay (delay and reverb-or delay spring or hall), guitar (overall volume), auxiliary volume.
He issued two times 8 watts in stereo expanded. There opportunity to memorize five sounds (all controls except the overall volume or auxiliary). No effects loop (but it is not his calling).
I put 9/10 story nitpick for linux (mac is a unix ca must be worn at lower cost).


Not need the manual, except to know the additional possibilities via USB conection


The I must say I was very surprised: the sounds are great, it's not a tube amp but not only the clear (including the flat position, ie the sound < <direct> >) And the crunch is very good but, more rare, saturated sounds (rather Hi Brit for modern rhythm and for < <single notes> >) Do not sound at all transistors. Very good sound effects with just one side a little to my taste trops pronounced for the spring reverb. Four points I was really more:
It very efficient equalization (that's what made me to preferre the THR10 THR5)
-Impressive bass response for such a small amp. The machine possesses an event of SYTEME clearly optimizes.
The volume-general: one can work with the big sound tapping a (very) low volume ;-)
-Guard the identity of guitars


I bought a month ago prices penguin. For now zero worries. I play on usuelement tube amps (Mesa, ENGL in particular) is the first time I get to work on a saturated sounds solid state amp! ~ 300E is not given but I do not regret my purchase at all!

Bigtown's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not so great as ca"

Yamaha THR10
and features are good. not much to complain


actual configuration is simple but a bit too for my taste especially for effects.
Whatsoever on head but not too many subtleties of his party in cons.


exactly what is sounds that do not suit me.
Here are the points which I do not like it.
The clean channel: on the G string (and a bit if) the sound is not clear. it seems that ca kidding as if the HP had died. but I assure you this is not the case.
ACO channel: it did not look like an acoustic guitar even with my guitar Godin equipped the famous micro LRBAGS. In comparison with the models of my digitech genesis 3 (which is old now) is the day is night.
corrector treeble is not great. ca corrects what? Mr. yamaha!
When connecting an MP3 player that is active and the "expander" in stereo, it is getting loud. and on the lower still with the MP3 player (a little less with the guitar) it's not great. Yet one can see a bass reflex event through the grid of HP. optimization of this event or the quality of HP is not optimal (BOSE ask how he was doing). (another thing: I've been paying attention to honing HP)

Then the last point is the management of effects. almost impossible to settle slightly: it's either there or it is too. Yet there is racing on knob.

For the rest of the sounds: it is very well


good I also check the battery life rechargeable brand ENELOOP.
It's 7:00 am.

My conclusion: even when it's not bad but it is not worth the 284 Euros I paid. For the same price you can get better.
I would say that is ca 200 euros max because the competition is severe (fender mustang, ...).
then it has probably put a modeler but in some details (listed above) it does not do justice.

I'm a little update software could improve all this.

Why I took this model: for the game on batteries, the look, the sounds but not all.

Baloran's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Brilliant!"

Yamaha THR10
Power perfectly suited to use "homesque", enough settings to not be frustrated while keeping a maximum time for the game, it gives the impression that Yamaha has really listened to potential users to design his THR10.


I did not already connected to the computer, and I have not read the manual. As I said above, I can settle enough for me, I turn, I play ...
Detail that counts, I also like the sound through headphones. This is worse than HP, but quite accurate.


I love all the sounds with a pleasant discovery for the ACO ', an acoustic mode really perfect with my little SR Origin or my Baja Telecaster. I also like the "Hi Brit" is a sound that previously cost me expensive pedals and combination, which I find here nearly as I expect in a round button. Annoying: D
The "modern" might be more difficult to roar default, I think back, but playing on the gain, the pickups, the tone, you get there as well.
All modes are useful, different, balanced, this is not a demonstration, it's just efficient.


I use it for a few months. I used before a Blackheart 5W with Cab 2xV30, more occasionally an attenuator, all very good but a bit bulky and really easy to make it sound less than the Yamaha ... I have had many dedicated pedals, a Vox Tonelab, Boss ME70 etc. ... one always with this problem of reproducibility and recording in my "home studio", a source of dissatisfaction.

This is a great surprise, pleasure, a tool that immediately gives the urge to play, certainly not the ultimate amp for a good guitarist, but tip top for me ;)

PS1: I have fun every time my visitors are looking for the cab. They believe that the THR10 it's just the amp. It sounds much bigger than its real size ;)

PS2: I have not tried to save, if possible I annoterai my comment later ...

Hotfirecaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Neat little ampl"

Yamaha THR10
For features I will not dwell, because there are all on the web. Against it is compact, lightweight, I love the look that is actually quite similar to a small amp head :-). The connection is not satisfactory because we really need more. The effects are, as the two reverbs with a reverb HALL dried to me! The one can say that the spatial stereo is really great because I was REALLY hard to believe that such sound could come from such a small critter. It&#39;s really nice is to have an integrated tuner, and it is easy to use, well built and because it also indicates sharps and flats, so for those like me who love opens too cool! I use it on batteries and industry and it&#39;s all good, for now he stays home, and it is clear that it is rather its destination ... And last thing is very cool the 5 memories to store your own sounds!


Not need the manual, for against the cool thing is possible when connected via USB to edit the sounds on his computer in order to polish up the sounds. But I have not used ... Otherwise it&#39;s simple and the buttons are REAL influence on the sounds!! I am completely in the target for this Yamaha amp, because this is my 3rd amp. I have a big lamp of 30 watts, a small vox 5W all-tube which colors the sound (I love but it is not going anywhere). The THR 10 however it combines great qualities and also some small defects, in fact mostly a ... Big.


So sound issue, in fact before buying I was not super hot because it mattered to me it was mostly the clean channel, the other I thought that I will not need it ... Error!
Frankly, the sounds are really great!! They are all very different, but I found myself able to have sounds very fifties, and twangy, like very bluesy overdrive, to the super saturated with the patient sustains and feedback as we like!!
Where the promise is kept, is that we REALLY SUPER SOUNDS low volume!! But really great!!

Least for small:
- 5 memory is a bit tight when you see the possibilities of this amp.
- If you use the delay, it is impossible to simultaneously use the reverb ...
- The auxiliary input for an iPod is cool but the sound that comes out is better than average, then use the MP3 ... Except for camping and more ...
- The effects are cool on the other hand can not really adjust the knob is turned ... Fortunately there is a tap tempo that saves everything, but good despite this small downside effects are so much fun! Modeling I never have believed and come to love ... :-)

So then I tested with both the power supply sector and batteries, but if you attack too much with the guitar at an excessively high volume makes it a syncope!! The THR10 Goes off! As a motorcycle, from 18 000 rounds the breaker starts to not break the engine! Unbearable!! And I repeat that I bought the amp nine ....

The most:
BIG PLUS: nit surprised me most because SHE OBSERVED THE SOUND OF EACH OF MY GUITARS Electric! Tested with my Gretsch, Airline, Danelectro, and Les Paul!! All sound differently!! Yeehaa! In short, while I was under no illusions, and if so the personality of my guitars is preserved.

Following the attack that is given to his game, and the volume you get out of his guitar (volume playing the guitar) and many sounds are different! Therefore little crunch is playing with the same setting clear and then attack and out of overdrive! like on my real tube amps.

Sounds, frankly they are top!! Quality at low volume and even a little harder it is to the ball, except when the beast finally made his discomfort systematically too high volume ... GRRRR!! But the good beast is used for all styles of music and all that stuff in one box! Yamaha thank you!

The headphone jack in the apartment is top, the portability.

Being able to connect his iPod and his guitar at the same time to play the song that goes, mixing (separately) the volumes of the two entries!


I have since yesterday, it really is the big favorite, ideal for my use, knowing that once I&#39;m going to use it in recording balance both a track "dry" and another with effects, which should allow me to still hack on my mix, on the other hand I do not know if it&#39;s two tracks are displayed on LOGIC PRO ... Cubase yes (version valid for 30 days is attached).
For now I have not tested it with my acoustic instruments, but I intend mainly to my electric ...
Frankly this is a top product (EXCEPT FOR THESE .... syncope enthusiasm that break ... And I believe no warning of our friends at Yamaha on this one BIG FAILURE!).
Anyway I&#39;m super happy with my purchase! And the little beast I&#39;ll take it anywhere!!
Good in the end I put an 8/10 because I find this sudden break his intolerable ... It&#39;s a shame, because it is expected ok for home use, but wants to push the beast when he falls in VAPS ...

philtheheat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Try it now!"

Yamaha THR10
Modlisation amp.
Rather than a amp this is a working tool for the home or apartment.

Adapt both the electric guitar, acoustic, that bass.

connection to the instrument jack, USB and auxiliary source type to connect via a mini Ipod jack.


I have not read the manual.
Frankly not need.

I MODEL THR10, the most complete.
The rglages are similar those of a receiver and ultra efficient lamps.


The sounds are falling.
Warning, do not use this boiboite in RPET. It is clear that power is not to go and that is the strong point.

This gives a mind-blowing sound volume so low that we can play until 2am without interfering with the neighbors.
That said, pushing, you can also make noise, it is more.

The sounds are just incredible bonnements.
I did not test hundreds of Contents of modlisation stuff because I'm still enough of.
I have a POD 2 which I find pretty good, especially to make recordings but to play, blah ca compltement never convinced me.

With THR10, we get two shots knobs sound killer, the Fender's clear, at the Mesa Shred. The effects of type chorus, flanger and phaser are other formidable even to the reverb / delay.

Now, if you have a computer, you plug the beast over and you go into another world.
Dj you can act Manir fine on all effects and rgler and if you got SETTING THE base does not suit you, and of course the mmoriser your computer.

But the big, big plus is that your peripherals THR10 becomes the input / output of your PC, clear your sound card. And your exact is bluffing.
It's simple you feel to play with the guys on the disk. The mix is ​​done in two strokes knobs and arrive in 30sec s'imiscer in the mix of the song of a fawn surprising.
It can be used to record Obviously, no need to use Cubase AI that comes free with, I used Audacity personal as before.

This little box is the ultimate working tool for those who like me do not want to take the head with the software zic. Here a simple USB connection, an mp3 of your choice and roll my chicken. Need nothing but your guitar and your fingers:)

I jou with strats and an acoustic guitar and it's the ball!
The quality of sound is stunning, and a noise level of the felt that goes to carrment strong but still Grable. Without comparison to rendering even a small amplifier (I have a Fender Frontman 25R), which quickly sent trs sound too Submitted in the low to be usable in the apartment.


I use it for a short week.
I do not have much down time but I am baba.
While 300 is a short, 200 for THR5, smaller I did not test APRS that I saw the HP are smaller so the sound has to be Different.
But 300 was a box that allows you to:
- Playing at home while having fun
- Save with excellent quality and ergonomics
- Connect an iPod or other over it and play like we are silent

I will give a post when I have test on other guitars.