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Nylon String Guitars user reviews

  • Yamaha CG182SF

    Yamaha CG182SF - "Trés bonne Guitare de série"


    Je cherchais une guitare nylon pas spécialement flamenco, mais une guitare qui sonne moderne tout en gardant les dimensions des guitare classiques (notamment le manche). Après en avoir essayé quelques unes mon choix s'est porté sur ce modèle: les aig…

  • Yamaha C70

    Yamaha C70 - "great cheap guitar"


    It's a strong guitar, very durable (I'm still playing with it even though I'm now very experienced). UTILIZATION I used it for absolutely everything, even rock (though you need softer strings for bends and a little twist to reach the +12 frets). N…

  • Yamaha CS40

    Yamaha CS40 - "Not a bad guitar"


    The Yamaha CS40 classical guitar is a slightly downsized version of their traditional nylon strings, great for beginning players or people who just need something smaller to play on. It features the following: Top Spruce Back & Sides Meranti Nec…

  • Alhambra Guitars 7P

    Alhambra Guitars 7P - "great for classical music"


    The Alhambra Guitar Classiq 7p is a nylon string, guitar was made in Japan and I believe that it has 24 frets. It doesn't have a pick up and is not an acoustic-electric guitar - because of this it has no setting controls. UTILIZATION I love the …

  • Takamine Jasmine

    Takamine Jasmine - "Fantastic deal for the price."


    Made in Korea Spruce top Mahogany back & sides Mahogany neck Satin finish Contemporary styling Chrome covered tuning machines Rosewood fretboard Rosewood bridge Covered by a Limited Lifetime warranty UTILIZATION I cannot believe how in…

  • Cordoba C3M

    Cordoba C3M - "Cordoba C3M"


    Cordoba is known for building acoustic instruments mainly guitars in all different shapes, sizes, price ranges and woods. My local music shop just got this in as I was there hanging out. Of course I check out a new guitar! It is a 3/4 scale 6 stri…

  • Stagg C530 3/4 Graphic

    Stagg C530 3/4 Graphic - "Stagg C530"


    This is a classical or nylon string guitar built by Stagg. Stagg makes very cheap instruments. I wanted a nylon string guitar to teach a friend a who things and I thought, what the hay, we'll give the Stagg a shot. I bought this online for $65, ad…

  • Alhambra Guitars 4P

    Alhambra Guitars 4P - mooseherman's review


    This is the real deal, folks. This guitar has complex and well-crafted design, with a solid cedar top, rosewood back and sides, an ebony fretboard, a mahogany neck and gold plated tuning heads. There are about 18 frets, but all the frets past 12 are …

  • Alhambra Guitars 7P

    Alhambra Guitars 7P - "Alhambra 7P"


    I'm really a beginner in guitar playing. My dad was a wonderful guitarist and he taught me some before he passed away. I lean more towards country and folk music but perhaps may expand my repertoire as I learn. I paid just under $1500 for my…

  • Pro-Natura Silver Solid Top Classical Guitar

    Pro-Natura Silver Solid Top Classical Guitar - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by I love Queen/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Made in Europe Spruce top (I guess) 18 frets I bought to a luthier at a very low price Perfect finish. The guitar looks beautiful. UTILIZATION Quite pleasant neck ev…