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  • Washburn C80S

    Washburn C80S - "Washburn C 80s"


    I owned a Honer accustic since about '78 and wanted to make the move to classical music. I purchased this guitar at wholenote.com since I like the site, it has a slew of information on it, and the price was comprable to any other I saw. I never owned…

  • Alhambra Guitars 4P

    Alhambra Guitars 4P - "Alhambra 4P"


    Aquired from www.staffordguitar.com for approx £350 A lovely full sounding guitar that has improved considerably tonally since i purchased it in 2003. Its a little scruffy cosmetically. Well built, solid ebony finger board, laminated rosewood back…

  • Fender FC-20 Classic

    Fender FC-20 Classic - "Tom Anderson Classic"


    I bought a Tom Anderson Classic in June of 2001 . This was purchased at Pontiac Music and Sound in Keego Harbor, Michigan. I paid just over $2000 for it. I bought this guitar because I heard good things about them plus I was familiar with them. …

  • Yamaha CG201S

    Yamaha CG201S - "Yamaha 201S"


    Purchased from www.thomann.de £315 Solid wood top, back and sides. Very well made, beautiful to look at. For the price the sound should be more substancial and comparable to spanish student guitars such as Alhambra, Admira ect... It has been very…

  • Almansa 403 Cedar

    Almansa 403 Cedar - "Almansa 403"


    I started playing classical guitar on an old Yamaha G-60a and after a couple years I decided I needed an instrument that would compliment my playing. I was looking for good quality, but I'm a bit of a cheap-arse, so I decided to go looking for a bar…

  • Takamine G2 G116

    Takamine G2 G116 - "Takamine G - 116"


    I bought It in musimundo Buenos Aires, Argentina for $100 This was my very first guitar. I just got it when I started to learn, and it's very good for it. Since I've bought it I have been playing with a lot of other classical guitars but I must s…

  • Yamaha C70

    Yamaha C70 - "Yamaha C-70"


    This unit I bought was because there where not many guitar options to buy from. I live in Honduras, maybe I have seen only 10 guitar models in sale. So this one was the one I think was the best for me, and my budget. I paid 1800 Lempiras, which is…

  • Fender FC-20 Classic

    Fender FC-20 Classic - "Fender Classic"


    I personaly like the style of the bass. Also that its quality. Made in the USA. Not imported. Thats what i like about the fender basses and guitars None The quality is great and so is its construction is awsome the woods used are hard woods an…

  • Takamine Jasmine

    Takamine Jasmine - "Takamine Jasmine"


    I bought this for my first guitar, from Flood Music in Sioux Falls SD. I paid a little over $100. It was reccommended to me by the owner of the store. This is a very lightweight guitar with very light sound. It has really good sound quality for how …

  • Almansa 457

    Almansa 457 - "Almansa 457"


    I aquired this unit online from Classical Guitar Shop.com. It was accompanied by a TKL case at a cost of, get this, $1,025.00. Everything. The sides and back are an excellent grade of solid Indian Rosewood, grainy and very aesthetically pleasing.…