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  • Hohner HW200

    Hohner HW200 - "Hohner HW 200"


    I was thinkin of gettin into guitar, so i went to Scotts Music and bought this guitar because it was nice looking and not to big. I payed $150 Canadian for this guitar. Its very light, the frets are easy to play on. Tunes very easily, doesnt go outa…

  • Takamine Jasmine

    Takamine Jasmine - "Takamine Jasmine"


    I purchased this guitar from a local store for 150$. It is possibly the best guitar in its price range. It has great tone. It plays nice, the thing i like the most about it is its neck and fretboard. the e string is a tad weak i have no compla…

  • Fender FC-20 Classic

    Fender FC-20 Classic - "Peavey Classic"


    Parker Music in Houston, TX Paid $300 All tube amplifier with spring reverb with relatively low power and 12" speaker No standby switch and no protective cover or retainers on tubes. Overall very good with teh exception of no protective cover or …

  • Takamine Jasmine

    Takamine Jasmine - "Takamine Jasmine"


    I can't remember exactly what I paid for it...it was somewhere around $350 at Hoffman's Music in Spokane, WA about a year and a half ago. I especially like the clear, bright tone. I'm not a great guitar player...I play mostly so I can accompany mys…

Translated user reviews
  • Esteve 1 GR 07

    Esteve 1 GR 07 - " Very specific guitar"


    Made in Spain This is a guitar that I bought on the internet saw that there is no store that sells well made guitar in my country except the eternal yamaha C40. Solid cedar. Rosewood backs and sides Rosewood fingerboard. UTILIZATION Ver…

  • Hondo H 310

    Hondo H 310 - " Good intermediate guitar"


    Korean guitar manufacturing. No idea of ​​the wood used UTILIZATION Channel pleasant, relatively easy to handle. Neither too broad nor too thin, just perfect. The game on the nylon strings is very fluid, slightly less in contrast to the serio…

  • Yamaha CGX171CCA

    Yamaha CGX171CCA - " very nice guitar"


    beautiful production! nothing to say beautiful violin! UTILIZATION A right of a exemplaire.touche ease ebony handle well that slides alone a real treat to play on it! SOUNDS next sound I love amplified. not connected it is true that it does n…

  • Framus Rio 5/14

    Framus Rio 5/14 - " I love"


    made in germany 69 classical guitar rounded shape back UTILIZATION nice handle, lack of access to acute but SOUNDS perfect for warming up, exercise, and walks OVERALL OPINION for two years, quite magical guitar …

  • Hanika BasisCut Thomann Edition

    Hanika BasisCut Thomann Edition - "Class!"


    Guitar made in Germany. See specifications in this site ... Details on electronics - Shadows SH4020-C system: - Monophonic or stereophonic reproduction - Microphone System Nanoflex-6 (single capture for each string) - Electronically adjus…

  • Allan Scott CA-10

    Allan Scott CA-10 - gwenmollo's review


    Made in? UTILIZATION Nice handle. SOUNDS Troubleshoots, but the sound is not great ... OVERALL OPINION Guitar Cheap, cheap, to play on the beach, no more .... …