matmatg21 09/22/2012

Yamaha C70 : matmatg21's user review

« great cheap guitar »

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It's a strong guitar, very durable (I'm still playing with it even though I'm now very experienced).


I used it for absolutely everything, even rock (though you need softer strings for bends and a little twist to reach the +12 frets). Now I play percussive acoustic guitar and it does fine, the body isn't giant, which is another plus.


The sound was absolutely amazing when i first bought it, really loud and durable. After a year however a buzz appeared, which lasted up to 6 months and was really annoying but then the great sound returned. The woods are fine and very strong. You may do different sounds with different parts of the guitar.


Great guitar, especially as a first one. It'll gradually become a second guitar but the sound, the price, and the durability are great. Careful though for a little hitch in the finitions.