MGR/Manuel Yip 01/31/2003

Yamaha C70 : MGR/Manuel Yip's user review

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This unit I bought was because there where not many guitar options to buy from. I live in Honduras, maybe I have seen only 10 guitar models in sale. So this one was the one I think was the best for me, and my budget. I paid 1800 Lempiras, which is like $105 usd. I would never have bought this, I just did because I was a newbie, and it said "Yamaha" in it.

The looks is very regular. Natural finish. The playability is ok, any newbie could learn easily with this guitar. Sound is not the best, it sounds good, but not loud enough. It is a nylon string. 6 strings. 3/4 scale size guitar. The width of the neck at the nut is around 1 14/16.

I don't like its sound. Its sound is too low. It would not get to every corner on a average person room size.

The quality is ok. It's definitely not the best wood, specially for a $105 guitar bought in Honduras, they probably bought it for $40 or less and resold it at $105 because there are not many shops selling guitars here. The guitar is too light compared to my other friend's guitars.

I would never buy a yamaha again due to this experience. Specially the c-40 and c-70. I tried both, they are around the same guitar and same price. Though, I do recommend it for newbies with low budget, because of its price and playability. But if you can afford 1 good guitar, I rather that, than 2 lame guitars.

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