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  • Alhambra Guitars 1 P

    Alhambra Guitars 1 P - MrIceStorm's review


    In which country was it made? - Alicante (Espana) in 1982 How many frets? - 19 UTILIZATION The handle is it nice? - Yes SOUNDS Are they suitable for your style of music? - Yes Very good sound in several guitar teachers, for …

  • Takeharu G-180

    Takeharu G-180 - " classical guitar that has aged well"


    Classical guitar Japanese sub-brand Suzuki UTILIZATION nice handle, no cutaway at the time SOUNDS It was used extensively. well for classical and bossa. OVERALL OPINION my 1st guitar (after a rental model) 38 years ago. these model seri…

  • Gallato 7P

    Gallato 7P - Traumatic's reviewhas images


    The brand is manufacturing Gallato Spanish and distributed by Valley Blues in Toulouse that mounts the mechanical, the nut and the strings! one remains in the classic Spanish tradition at the box and stick, there are 18 boxes, no microphone! I mu…

  • Admira Paloma

    Admira Paloma - " Nice little guitar"


    Made in the land of paella Set neck and wide enough 19 frets without markings nylon strings Rosewood or Ebony, I do not know UTILIZATION Bassist by training, the handle is flat and wide, attention to small hands. Classical form, easy access un…

  • Admira 1910 Sombra

    Admira 1910 Sombra - " His deep and banging, nice finish!" has images


    Spanish manufacturing. The woods are noble and exotic. Table (band): solid spruce The Elisse: mucally and African mahogany (giving an intense deep black) Neck: African Mahogany Key: mongoy (is black) Bridge: mongoy (is black) Motorsports AND …

  • Delson Granada

    Delson Granada - " Delson Granada" has images


    The handle is a very big challenge for small hands, but once you can take it in hand I think the other stick you have in your hand will not be a problème.Toutefois it is very nice! At UTILIZATION use nothing wrong with a good guitar with great so…

  • Pro-Natura Silver Solid Top Classical Guitar

    Pro-Natura Silver Solid Top Classical Guitar - " Very good value for money"


    As has already been said, this guitar invoice European, specifically German (GEWA). It has the usual number of frets for a classical guitar. UTILIZATION The finish is very satisfactory, the choice of wood makes sense, both for the sound aesthet…

  • Conde Hermanos EF 4

    Conde Hermanos EF 4 - melou2003's reviewhas images


    Made in Spain by a leading brand of flamenco guitar luthiers this is: Aros y fondo: de madera of Cyprus Tapa: Pino Abeto alemán Scale: from Ébano. Mango of Cedro. In short a true flamenco to study UTILIZATION The handle is + pleasant, cl…

  • Ritmo Classical Guitar

    Ritmo Classical Guitar - " Ale ale! bamboleilo! no I'm kidding ..."


    Wood UTILIZATION manual SOUNDS type guitar OVERALL OPINION A guitar that I'm 5 years and is in my family for 25 years, "found in ditch "... I think it was the expression of the time to say" fallen off the truck. " It makes me proud to se…

  • Yamaha CG171SF

    Yamaha CG171SF - " The joy of playing on nylon"


    Channel standard, but the hoop is remarkable accuracy for this price range UTILIZATION SOUNDS Super easy to play is the only weak point, the bottom and sides in plating sounds a bit (low). But the price is also a good performance. With a li…