Alvaro 25
Alvaro 25

25, Nylon String Guitar from Alvaro in the Student series.

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metallina 09/06/2005

Alvaro 25 : metallina's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made (I assume) in Spain.
Classical guitar so body-neck junction was the 12th case (inconvenient). String action a little high, but it manages quite easily I think.
Beautiful wood, especially for the neck and back, pretty rose, good quality finish.


The handle is very nice although a little wide. Access to acute is defined as the guitar quite difficult but not impossible.
Very light, usual form for a classical guitar, quality of wood used.
Its perfectly fine for a guitar of this price, then it depends on the guitar ;-). But the strings give a beautiful sound.


It is therefore a classical guitar with which we can not play anything, but she knows very well to what is asked!
In terms of sound, as sound, there is a preset, the rest depends on the game


It has been nearly two and a half years that I have. She agreed to my a while, but I'm looking more toward electric typed sleeve, which I find enjoyable.
The aprticularité I like least and therefore difficult to handle and play with the string action is very high, the game is not easy.
The value for money is good, I paid € 215 new.
With the experience I would do the same no choice, but for reasons of preference, not on the classical guitar Qualter this more than correct.