Alhambra Guitars 2C

2C, Nylon String Guitar from Alhambra Guitars.

roman66 06/04/2006

Alhambra Guitars 2C : roman66's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
Made in Spain, Valencia prs, here are the classical guitar spcificits ... English ...
Solid German Spruce or Red Cedar
Laminated Mahogany
Indian Rosewood
Nickel Plated

Option left and electrification. I put notes sr good on price.


The handle is enjoyable, fairly flat, the body is relatively little grazing and is comfortable playing.
The sound is more than adequate for this price, short, IDAL for beginners or even a little more.


be a sometimes my style of music although since I bought a sound in the same brand, J3 gauchre amplifies and cut away. I did some concerts with the C2 and its okay to be little prs with a directional microphone.
The sound is powerful and hot, so much that I have to sing without amplification stronger that the accustomed if I want to be heard. In short, even in the low end, trs Alhambra is still strong!
I therefore recommend as a backup guitar or beginners.


I use it for six years and the handle seems to have moved a little in spite of all my care ....
When I tried to purchase a range Admira, for me there was no picture, although some prrrent Admira.
Excellent price quality ratio, no doubt, like all instruments Alhambra elsewhere.
As I said above, with the exprience I prfre use other hardware, but I got this guitar sound I wanted.
To be honest, I do not know what gives a recording studio, I will try and communicate.