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  • Art & Lutherie Ami Nylon Cedar

    Art & Lutherie Ami Nylon Cedar - patrice.goyaud's review


    Canadian Manufacturing, "colo" (made from rosewood of the fingerboard, all woods are Canadian) The body type is nylon classic parlor is to say trs Troit: 33cm max and fine wicker covers (8cm), making the instrument extremely mainable and transporta…

  • Alhambra Guitars 11P CW

    Alhambra Guitars 11P CW - patrice.goyaud's review


    The Alhambra 11P is the top of the range classic Alhambra, it is constructed by craftsmen after Valencia, Spain, and top-line forces, the buyer has the privilege to build customized, and that's what I ' did. Initially the model 7P owner, it…

  • Castelluccia G4

    Castelluccia G4 - patrice.goyaud's review


    Classical guitar, study design, the G4 is rather positioned Giambatista input range study Castellucia JB, and yet it is already "better than well": All solid wood, spruce European table, Indian Rosewood back & sides for, ebony fingerboard, maple ne…

  • Hohner HC06

    Hohner HC06 - x-Metal-hammeR-x's review


    Channel 19 boxes Good finish Varnish a bit fragile Guitar case full UTILIZATION Channel a bit wide but pleasant Accs difficult to acute Lgre SOUNDS Exllente sound whatsoever with the original strings Savarez or my red card (I recomm…

  • Esteve 1GR01

    Esteve 1GR01 - Sgt.Pepper's's review


    Gutar factory hand in Spain, MODEL 2003. 19 Frets with twelve non-cash. Solid Cedar Table Funds and mahogany wicker covers Rosewood No rglages (this is normal, there's no micro ^ ^) UTILIZATION The handle is trs agable wide. (Ben is a …

  • Alhambra Guitars 3C

    Alhambra Guitars 3C - Jarrod39's review


    J'aprcie well the color of the wood used, it is true that the colors of the rosette is a little dated! UTILIZATION For me who pianniste large hands me the stick Parrat well suited. As t said prcdement the mcanique is solid and plays its rle! …

  • Cuenca 10

    Cuenca 10 - brice88's review


    Guitar handmade in Spain. 18 frets + a 19 ° cut through the rosette. The previous opinion describes the woods and then as I do not know much I'll let you read. Against by my guitar amp does not like that of the previous opinion. UTILIZATION I…

  • Hopf Classic1

    Hopf Classic1 - cremona's review


    -Guitar Manufactures in Germany -19 Frets -Chevalet Holes to increase the volume of the instrument -auncun rglage is a classical guitar Classic -Manche, width at nut: 51mm USE -Most Classical guitars have a neck width 52mm.Cette guitar …

  • Ramirez R2 modèle conservatoire

    Ramirez R2 modèle conservatoire - polo75's review


    Classical guitar made in Spain by Ramirez 19 frets. too bad there have not cutaway to ease the acute CHAC UTILIZATION The handle is enjoyable trs Trs guitar sound balance ... what Ramirez great art a perfect finish with sound SOUNDS …

  • Alhambra Guitars 4P

    Alhambra Guitars 4P - pataploumf's review


    Well I do not return on its CHARACTERISTICS, they Describes t. UTILIZATION Channel super enjoyable, very easy sound great for this price. I tried really a score in store and that the bluff me. Sr Although it is not a guitar maker, but for 5000 …