Almansa 457
Almansa 457

457, Nylon String Guitar from Almansa.

peo81 04/02/2006

Almansa 457 : peo81's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in my home town of Almansa in Spain, 18 frets, neck enjoyable, traditional varnish type finish very late so fragile, the guitar is completely solid wood (rosewood back and sides), mahogany neck with reinforced button bne, the mcaniques are quality. I opt for the cedar soundboard has a warmer sound but less than the table prcis picea. My background is bniste and marquetry, and I just assure you that most of the manufacturing scale. 9 / 10 to finish on my guitar which has tiny little default, I quibble I sai ...


Channel enjoyable string height just fine even if mine has the strings at the Nut rather low. I bought is new on the advice of a salesperson that I was not at his word, so I started research by myself and it is in April that it had not lying this model is REALLY good value qualitprix. In this price range a c, find the best classical guitar. 9 / 10 for the cot head string height a little low.


What I immediately liked this guitar when I reu's attack and loudness, it was new and I spent years on a classic 1200 yamaha francs of 'era, so the transition does not immediate, it took me to the appropriate. Here I only 7 months now, the guitar begins to do this, the sound is enriched (solid wood requires) and it becomes easier to play, the sound is deep, homogne, the bass is clear and very beautiful, it betrays all the motions you want to move, it is versatile. Ngatif point, the accuracy, the fair is not just all over the handle and it's a shame parfoi Gnant when you have a very good ear. 8 / 10 for accuracy.


I will do so in a positive and résumé ngatifs:

the most:
Sound-rich homogne.
-Very good offense, powerful and very well rpond.
-Enjoyable to play.
-Quality manufacturing.
-Solid wood, noble and quality.
-Rather neat finish (varnish end, attention delicate!)
Round-renforcbr />-The Aesthetics (but what a guitar has chosen? Personally not)


this guitar me happy despite the small default narrowly nonplus not flagrant. Here seven months that this guitar plays and has great potential, its very rich, powerful and versatile, it's a pleasure to play with, I do not regret my purchase. I can not wait to hear the sound it will take with age, while 20-year appointment in the same place!
If you are looking for a great classical guitar has less than 1000 euros I highly recommend this model.