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All user reviews for the Morpheus DropTune

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 5 reviews45 %
 2 reviews18 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Poor
heads on fire09/09/2011

heads on fire's review"Worth the buy."

Morpheus DropTune
Proprietary polyphonic pitch drop
Drop tune up to 3½ steps in
½-step decrements
Full Octave Drop and Octaver
Latching EFFECT ON/OFF switch
Momentary DOWN and TOGGLE/UP switches
Bright backlit DROP PITCH, OCTAVE, OCTAVER, TOGGLE and EFFECT indicators
Rear panel TRIM LEVEL control with front panel LED level display
IN, OUT and power supply jacks (power supply included)
Rear panel USB port for software updates
Patent Pending
Rugged cast-metal chassis
Two-year limited warranty


The DropTune pedal from Morpheus is very easy and intuitive to use. It is a life-saver on gigs in which multiple tunings are used, because one needed physically retune the guitar strings to a different pitch. One stomp on this and the whole tuning sounds lower! The display is easy to read and understand, and the effect "toggle" on off is a great feature!


This sounds good enough. It does not sound absolutely crystal-clear perfect, as in how the guitar would sound if physically in a different tuning. But it sounds close enough - no weird tracking errors like other pedals have, due to the polyphonic tracking. The tone just drops a bit of high end presence off when the pedal is engaged. Still would sound great, even in the studio, but when A/Bing with no other instruments playing, the tonal difference, though slight, is noticeable. I feel like my Strat still sounded Strat-like, and the Les Paul was still distinguishable as a Les Paul.


The fact that this pedal makes gigs so much easier is the best thing about it. Hauling a boatload of different guitars can be a hassle (and a liability), and retuning manually can get old for the audience. Also, the fact that guitars with a locking tremolo system can be "retuned" by this pedal instantly makes locking tremolo systems worth it again! This pedal is a great idea, and designed very well.

moosers's review

Morpheus DropTune
Morpheus’ DropTune is a unique pedal that allows you to drop the tuning of your guitar without actually re-tuning it! For those who like to drop tune every now and again, this could be a great tool to save time and not require you to have separate guitars on hand in dropped tunings. The pedal has the ability to drop down 3 and a half steps, which should be more than enough! For connections it’s got ¼” jacks for a guitar input, a line output, and a mini USB port. It requires power from a 12 volt power supply and isn’t rackmountable.


Using DropTune is actually very simple. It’s just got three foot switches – one for dropping down, one for going back up, and one for turning the pedal on or off. There is a little interface that will show you how many half steps down you are. That’s all there is to the pedal, so as you can tell, no manual is necessary.


I was honestly surprised to find that the tracking on Morpheus’ DropTune is actually not bad. Usually with a pedal like this you would expect that it might not sound as natural as doing a manual tuning, but it’s not the case here as this does the job quite well despite my initial skepticism. However, dropping down all the way does seem to track a bit poorer than just dropping a half step or two, but in honesty when are you going to need to drop that deep? If you do that regularly, I’d recommend doing it manually anyway…


While Morpheus’ DropTune pedal is a pretty cool one that serves a unique purpose, it’s probably not going to be necessary for most players. For those who do need to drop down a lot and also want to switch back with the push of a button, DropTune is a great tool for you. I wouldn’t say that it’s inexpensive, but most likely those interested in DropTune are going to be playing a lot, so in the end it could be worth it if you find yourself dropping down a lot. For me it’s just not necessary, but I did have some fun messing around with it!

CHET62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Morpheus DropTune
this pedal can go without touching the tuning mechanics half tone semitone up to a maximum 3 ton.


very easy to use no need for manual


I recommend using this pedal with guitars that are not semi-hollow because rendering is not great to use with guitars that hits hard with eg EMG or Seymour Duncan for a minimum rendering. Of course the sound is not the same as if we grant that guitar with mechanical, but it helps out a lot especially for amateur Pink Floyd


I use it for 2 years, she helps me a lot when I want a fat sound that I like least and simulator 12 strings overdrive is not super clean but it is friendly, and the bass simulator and very nice when you have a group that is no bass sound and really correct. I paid 200 euros for occasional use

pasmart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" GOOD PRODUCT"

Morpheus DropTune
change tuning by half tones


Very easy to use


potent effect


good product but you have to play a little hard on the amp, especially not hear the guitar acoustically, because it is very unsettling because the amplifier output is in the tone requested by the pedal, but the guitar is normally granted and it is unpleasant . just play a little hard and it all falls into place. So, in rehearsal or on stage is fine but at home, you will need a sound level a little support.

morrissey001's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I sold it on."

Morpheus DropTune
transposer effect


Simple config


I used it with my electric guitar and the effect was not at all what you expect from this pedal. I sold it on.


I used it one day. did not buy.

plm94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good pedal ^ ^"

Morpheus DropTune
Then the built-in effects are a Octaver and the ability to drop the guitar in several shades. Mine is being granted granted Mi I get my little tuning up the:
Mi normal tuning
D flat
If Bb
And finally the
Then comes the Octaver

It is a model that fits very well in my rack, my guitar through this pedal first.
At the rear of the pedal input and output jack guitar and a button to adjust the output level and icing on the cake power is supplied


The general configuration is really very simple, the manual is very clear that he has real nome démerder just the order after you ^ ^.


The sound quality is exellent, I play with a lot of distortion and I have not noticed gèbne in sound, this pedal is really very convincingly. The only downside if you bought this pedal is to play hard, because at low level was the detune his guitar on the amp the guitar has more empty it is heard it's not pretty at all.


It's really a very good pedal, it is very well integrated into my rack and she allowed me to play on a lot of groups playing music or a tone or a semitone in dessou. It is a very good Affiris I do not regret.

MikePetrucci's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very effective"

Morpheus DropTune
POLYPHONIC digital pitch shifter, it is important to clarify: this is the only one on the market that I know ...

A USB port lets you keep the firmware update as soon as Morpheus improves, they post on their site. A simple click on the executable file, and now your foot with improved software.

A jack in and jack out (with level control input): note that this is a TRUE BYPASS.

I do not put 5 stars for good reason: no MIDI connection, it would have been fichetrement practice!


Ultra simple to learn, the manual does not serve much use ...

The button "Up" turns into "Instant Off" when the effect is activated, it provides a lot of opportunity (imagine a piece tuned like a barbarian, and put a little effect in the solo you play in real time with the pitch of the note ...)

(I refer you on Youtube demo to get a clearer picture)


The sound quality is really good, you can not ask for more. The converters seem to me very good, and there is no vibration of some note or anything!

You are in E standard, 2 kicks later you're given a lower tone, as if you had another guitar in his hands, bluffing.

I said that I play on Ibanez RG Prestige mainly with TC Electronic G Major 2, Mesa Rectifier preamp and power amp Mesa 20:20.

The negative point (yeah, it takes one): latency. Attention, no worries for playing rhythm to pull larigot, you will not notice quedal. on the other hand, to very precise solos played in unison with another instrument, it can pose a slight problem. But I do not have realized that after a while, so it's a sign that it's not really obvious.

on the other hand, this latency problem if you have another pedal digital downstream (in my case an Acoustic Simulator), then the latency due to digital processing plus: you can hear it clearly. (But no worries with my digital multi effects TC Electronics, the quality of converters and firmware plays a major role)


It's a great pedal, which avoids going into debt to buy 8 different guitars just to give different ...

We play with my band Dream Theater is a must!

The downside of the slight lag will eventually be resolved with firmware improved by the flat cons of MIDI connection ... It was in the bone! It's really the only negative point (oh hey, I forgot ... its rather large size animal, not easy to squeeze in anywhere)

Appraisal: really trying, I'm satisfied and I can even say it changed my life! (At least, the guitarist)

EDIT: this pedal is to be achieved before any other effect! it takes a signal as pure as possible to treat it optimally, it is obvious, but I think it's not hard to remember.

chapfou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Morpheus DropTune
Digital pitch shifter to drop your tuning up to 7 semitones + Octaver.

A mini-USB port allows the firmware updater. Everything seems solid and well designed.


Breeze. Everything has been said.


This pedal has been tested on a Vigier Excalibur Indus and an H & K Attax 80. Level its all depends on what you want to do. I think this pedal is primarily intended for players of death and / or neo-metal. With a good distortion pedal is truly faithful and has done its job.

on the other hand, if you play a clean sound and that you are particularly picky about the color of your sound I suggest you go your way because droptune colors the sound: it gives an impression of some loss of presence and dynamics. It shall not be construed in a mix but if we play the same chord at the same height from the effect of the bypass means quite clearly a difference.

edit: I have identified defects worsen quite clearly on a tube amp (in this case a ENGL Fireball), including its saturated and I also found a small buzz that seems to come from the PSU . So I take off point for her because it loses quite clearly present. Damage.


So overall it's a great pedal but not miraculous. Be careful to use that you will do and what you expect (well, between us, we still rarely plays drop B when it is jazz or pop in English: p).

That said the quality / price is fair.

edit: A test on his equipment before buying. If you play with a guitar plugged into a nag of metal area you will not hear much difference. If you are fairly demanding level fidelity sound you may be disappointed. Myself playing mostly death, I admit I'm not sure sure to keep it even if it fills me having to pull up a viking on my Excalibur.

Teurastaja's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not so great that it actually ..."

Morpheus DropTune
See previous


Use could not be more simple, so far so good.
Two points off because when the effect is activated you can continue to go down in increments of semitones, but not install, you can not trace these levels when the effect is disabled.


This is where the pedal is disappointing.
Tested first on a Marshall Zakk Wylde mini stack and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, with a distal upstream EHX Metal Muff.
I first had a sort of chorus pronounced hyper ... not that great.
So I tried to drop a second tune, like ... Hmm.
I tried to adjust the Niveu entry, put the distortion after the drop tune, the chorus was less but still present there.
And even worse, this pedal is called polyphonic is not completely: when we play on the high strings, it intends the two sounds as if it had been a mix of dry / wet to 50% ...
on the other hand for strings, I descended to LA to play a small Korn and sent it well.


I may have fallen on a bad run or tried with the wrong stuff, who knows.
However it's still a bit expensive for what it is.

Shecter's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Morpheus DropTune
Warning !!
Not specify especially casseroles, latency.

If not worry too much the establishment or so mostly you will not make accounts, so go !!
this pedal is for you !!