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Other Drum & Percussion Accessories news

  • Digital DrumDial Drums Tuner

    Digital DrumDial Drums Tuner

    10/02/12 in DrumDial Digital DrumDial

    The DrumDial now exists in a digital version.

  • [NAMM] Video TruTuner TruTuner  @NAMM
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    [NAMM] Video TruTuner TruTuner @NAMM

    07/16/12 in TruTuner TruTuner

    Video TruTuner TruTuner @NAMM

  • Circular Science Resotune II

    Circular Science Resotune II

    02/19/12 in Circular Science Resotune II

    Circular Science's Resotune II is now shipping.

  • Mapex MyDentity Program

    Mapex MyDentity Program

    01/28/12 in Mapex MyDentity Program

    The Mapex Drum Company is offering a custom drum experience for customers on the U.S. market.

  • Video Overtone Labs Tune-Bot  @NAMM

    Video Overtone Labs Tune-Bot @NAMM

    01/20/12 in Overtone Labs Tune-Bot

    Video Overtone Labs Tune-Bot @NAMM

  • [Musikmesse] Pearl Throne Thumper

    [Musikmesse] Pearl Throne Thumper

    04/08/11 in Pearl Throne Thumper

    Pearl partnered with ButtKicker to develop a "low-end feel machine" that attaches directly under any throne.

  • [NAMM] Evans System Blue Marching Tenor Heads

    [NAMM] Evans System Blue Marching Tenor Heads

    01/12/11 in Evans System Blue Marching Tenor Heads

    Evans announces the new System Blue Marching Tenor Heads with Sound Shaping Technology.

  • [NAMM] Gibraltar Turning Point
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    [NAMM] Gibraltar Turning Point

    01/07/11 in Gibraltar Turning Point

    Turning Point hardware is designed to get rid of wing nuts by introducing a spring-loaded, tilting mechanism called a swing nut.

  • [NAMM] Cymbag Drumset Pre-Pack

    [NAMM] Cymbag Drumset Pre-Pack

    01/07/11 in Cymbag Drumset Pre-Pack

    The Drumset Pre-Pack from Cymbag includes one 20˝, one 16˝ and two 14˝ Cymbags in a reusable, recyclable cloth carrying case.

  • Los Cabos Practice Pads

    Los Cabos Practice Pads

    12/05/10 in Los Cabos Practice Pad

    Los Cabos Drumsticks have redesigned and expanded their line of practice pads.