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Mooer Other guitar effects user reviews

  • Mooer Pitch Box

    Mooer Pitch Box - " Avoid"


    Harmonizer + pitcher + filter, it must be analog UTILIZATION Easy to adjust (we choose the interval up or down), compact, practical SOUND QUALITY This is where the rub: pitcher on mode (this is why I bought it), the sound is just rotten: we l…

  • Mooer Slow Engine

    Mooer Slow Engine - " A little confusing but not bad."


    Slow Engine cut the attack of each note to produce a close an instrument played with a bow or an effect of "slowing" of his sound. The pedal has two controls attack and sensitivity. Everything is presented in a sturdy box and small which is impo…

  • Mooer Pitch Box

    Mooer Pitch Box - " while an"


    for more details see website and video ... digital pedal (128ma) (as any polyphonic Octavers and pitchshifter 3 modes: harmony = 50% of the dry signal and 50% of the octave (pitch) selected which mixes pitch shift = 100% wet = detune chorus …

  • Mooer Acoustikar

    Mooer Acoustikar - benderleben's review


    digital pedal I guess ... 3 modes, UTILIZATION very simple the body adds the top left chest that is a classic and it is a right folk but should never have been there in the background effect becomes dirty quickly saturating ... she eats a little …

  • Mooer LoFi Machine

    Mooer LoFi Machine - " a small bomb"


    bit crusher effect often found on logic and other audio software phone ringing in his 8bit video games through a harmonic saturation and very musical. digital, true bypass, 128ma consumption (greedy!) on Max 12V (9V) UTILIZATION simple but it m…

  • Mooer Acoustikar

    Mooer Acoustikar - " Not easy to use depending on the gear .."


    Acoustic simulator with three modes. I guess that is a copy of the Boss ac2 but I do not just compare. Setting: Top Level Body .. Almost sure it is analog, it consumes 17 Ma. If it was not mini size I think I have abandoned use it …