Mooer Acoustikar
Mooer Acoustikar

Acoustikar, Other Guitar Effect from Mooer in the Micro series.

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Chaoslala 07/22/2013

Mooer Acoustikar : Chaoslala's user review

«  Not easy to use depending on the gear .. »

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Acoustic simulator with three modes.
I guess that is a copy of the Boss ac2
but I do not just compare.

Setting: Top Level Body ..

Almost sure it is analog,
it consumes 17 Ma.

If it was not mini size
I think I have abandoned
use it now I'm happy
after long search but
little displeasing ..


The settings are in a fairly simple way ..


Well it also depends on the config, I feel
it is difficult to keep the same volume and have
sound good .. Especially if it was not completely sound
super clean .. We must sacrifice a little volume.
the level thoroughly seems to cause bad saturations.
The top causes of breath and pushed it becomes kitsch
acute or I do not exceed the first quarter;
the Body beyond half also leads to saturation.
At the same time it has to be as little of my sound, not ultra
clean with a lot of bass.

Frankly I really struggled to do something ..
A try on his gear, and I get a lot of ..

In addition I was able to do something because I separate my
signal into two and then the remix .. When I tried to
into the path of the two signal it gave nothing at all ..
It as it is mixed and it adds to the other frequency
volume loss does not hear ..

Finally, it is still not bad, I guess it is close
the boss .. If I plugged in my acoustic amp I have
also problems of saturation of certain frequency ..
Under certain conditions it give some little things, must
almost use a second type eq pedal more or another channel amp more clean ... ...


one weeks ..
I tried digital acoustic simulator before.
It limits a little thinner or realistic but breath
faster and harder to manage, but less clean
realistic .. Finally I seek not a pure acoustic sound
but just to improve ..

Finally I am happy but distrust
used alone without the other pedal system or
it little disappointing .. a certain part of
pedalboard she gave that sounds rotten
artificial ..