Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer

TS7 Tube Screamer, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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All user reviews for the Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 14 reviews )
 9 reviews64 %
 3 reviews21 %
 1 user review7 %
 1 user review7 %
Audience: Anyone

Jerald's review"Great Tube Screamer!"

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
Got this b/c I found out that they have the Orig JRC 4558 Op Amp Chip and have the orig TS-9 (80's models) circuit path/components! New TS-9 reissues DO NOT!! I think it sounds alittle flatter than my Biyang OD-8 (TS808 clone) but WAY tighter and I only use it for boosting my Hi Gain tones. Some complain the switch is cheap but the pedal is cheap and replaceable. Has a metal chasis too. I love mine!!

Fireguy8402's review"Not reliable, though decent tones."

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
The Ibanez TS-7 Tubescreamer is a basic overdrive pedal with a few extra touches. A metal pedal housing covers plastic jacks for the input and output. Three knobs are used for drive, tone, and level that are the “Tonelock” signature knobs. The user pushes the knob and it pops out, you dial in your setting and then push the button back into the pedal to lock the setting in place, which is a nice feature. This model also features a “Hot” switch that adds more saturation to the signal.


This pedal’s selling feature is that it gets the sound of TS-9 and then some while having the Tonelock set and lock knobs. This is great for someone who moves their pedals around a lot as it keeps your sounds locked in place and since the knobs move into the pedal housing they are less likely to get damaged if the pedal gets thrown around on the way to a gig. The plastic input and output jacks are useable but metal jacks that lock to the housing would make this pedal a lot sturdier. The platform used to engage the pedal is solid but the actual switching mechanism used is the weakest part of the pedal. After a few months of use this pedal starts missing when you go to engage it and it takes an extra stomp to get it on or off. After awhile this cheap switch just wears out and it takes more and more stomps to get it to turn on.


The sound quality of the pedal is actually pretty decent. It doesn’t do warm breakup excellent, but just ok. Using it as a boost for solos is adequate or as a round saturated lead tone with the “hot” switch engaged is this pedals best uses. I wouldn’t use this as a basic distortion for rhythm guitar because it is just too smooth and compressed. Trey from Phish is known for using a Tubescreamer into a Tubescreamer and that’s what the hot mode of this pedal sounds like. Compressed and saturated. The normal mode of this pedals sounds like your basic TS-9 Tubescreamer, just light overdrive with a bump in the mid section of the EQ.


Overall I would get this pedal if I needed a temporary light overdrive or heavy overdriven sound, but it’s not suited for a distortion sound. The pedal has a strong housing, but lacks strength in the input/output jacks and the bypass switch (which is sure to fail over time). The pedal has a decent sound, but due to the switching issues I would not purchase this pedal again. I would save up and get a nicer built and sounding pedal like the Fulltone OCD. If I were to choose another pedal in this price range I’d go for the Transparent Overdrive by Danelectro (better sounding and more versatile all together) or the Bad Monkey Overdrive by Digitech (very similar sounding with a much better build quality and two band EQ, but maybe a little less gain on tap).

ejendres's review"Great Tube Screamer"

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
The TS7 is a really cheap version of the Tubescreamer. It has the added feature of a 'hot' switch. The hot switch takes your normal Tubescreamer sound and adds a bunch more gain.

A cool feature of this Tubescreamer is the knobs push into the pedal case. You can pop them out, set them how you want them, and then push them back in. This makes it impossible to accidentally tweak your setting while gigging.

As far as I understand it this pedal is just a few component values off from the original TS808 circuit. Having owned both this pedal and a TS808 clone at the same time I can safely say there is little to no difference when the hot switch is disengaged.

This pedal is built like a tank, you'd have to try to break it.


Its setup like your classic tube screamer with an extra switch. It has tone, level, and gain. Its pretty much as simple as it gets.


I've only ever used this with guitar.

With the hot switch disengaged it works just like a tubescreamer should. Mild OD, great for slamming the front end of a barely broken up tube amp. Sounds gorgeous.

I believe it has a buffered bypass, but its still a very transparent pedal. When bypassed it doesn't color your tone.

The hot switch brings something new to the table. When its engaged this pedal has tons of gain. In my opinion more then you'll ever need with this type of pedal. The Tubescreamer circuit really shines when its boosting a tube amp, by itself its nothing special. The hot switch takes that nothing special tone and just gives it way more gain. The worst part is that is also jacks up the noise floor to the point that its essentially unusable due to noise.


The think I like least is the hot switch. Its a completely useless and unnecessary feature in my opinion.

That said, with the hot switch disengaged this pedal is pretty much a TS808. Which is a thing of beauty.

You can find these things used for less than thirty dollars. At that price there is no reason not to buy one. I sold mine because I built an exact clone of a TS808, and honestly I would have been just as happy if I had just stuck with the TS7.

WiR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really ok for this price!"

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
As mentioned in the other reviews: Overdrive Pedal Tonelok (knobs can be pushed to protect them during travel or to keep its settings).

A Tone
A Level
Drive A

AND a switch TS9-Hot. The resulting mod Hot (roughly) to act as if there were two TS9 chain. This is an extra gain with a different sound side TS9.


The manual is simple and gives 3 cool settings to start.

Pedal super easy to use.

And relatively robust.


The sound is quite correct.
Personally I do not use my home as an amplifier transistor which is a shame for a Tube Screamer which is supposed to scream tubes by pushing them to the end.

But even she is ideal transistor to boost an overdrive already see this used as the switch through OverDrive HOT.

The sound is similar to a TS9, the only difference is that the sound of the TS9 is a little more work, a little more "embroidered", a little more rounded on the edges while the sound of TS7 is more direct. But unlike his and the price difference between the two pedals, there is no photo I chose TS7.

Especially if you plan to use a Tube Screamer as boost the TS7 his job done as well as or even TS9 TS808. So do not be afraid of focus for this type of use

ONLY HIC tone of the knob on my pedal is not very accurate.
It has an impact on its course, but I saw it more accurate knobs on the sound, between 6 and 8 (10) we see that very little difference as when from 8 to 10 on immediately feel good in acute significant.

Apart from that this pedal is very good.
And frankly a very good sound (Tube Screamer type of course).


I have this pedal and I intend to keep it, it is ideal for boost, and most often it is the role of the most widely used for Tube Screamer (overdrive to boost use another pedal in the chain effect).

Independent in overdrive as she is doing very well, she is very "direct" and how HOT is very satisfactory although purists will tell you that its not worth such as pedal or pedal ... Hey! Do not forget that this pedal costs almost ("almost") nothing (for me I had used 30 euros battery included). So level price / quality ratio is nickel!

In fact it is the same work that the sisters except it is a little less typical, which is why some prefer it to the TS9.

The fact that her sister is so TS9 used by both renowned artists and any edge that the TS7 can not emerge from the shadows.

And much more! Because in this way the TS7 is a very affordable price while maintaining a quality worthy of a Tube Screamer!

A very good product that is certain!

dadav's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
everything has been said

Somewhat austere aspect which 9/10, but ... if the sound we will ......!!


Very easy and simple.
Unnecessary manual


It sounds fabulous.
I use it for the blues-rock 50's to 80's
and also for rockabilly. I use my TS9 limit for TS7 and cruncher rhythm and solos unsheathed. I prefer the light but punchy at the same time.
The sound is amazing with my Gibs LP and my Fender Blues Jr.


great sound for solos.
I play blues rock and she's better than the TS9.
The sound is more than adequate and provides a mild overdrive, but this. I shredde with ... it's a pleasure!.
Pedal underestimated, the better it is cheaper to buy.
I recommend it to all blueseux and rockers of the old school joint.

raffaello's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
Overdrive ultra known, everything has been said. 2 TS9 and Hot modes. Not true bypass. Attractive in theory because it copies the TS9.


The config is simple, 3 knobs shrink who looks a little fragile, they are afraid they will break or not apparent when pressed. Little switch to switch from one mode to another. It's easy as any overdrive.


We enter the heart of the matter. I bought this pedal after seeing many very positive reviews including one by Judge Fredd. I had a Green edition model so green as its big sisters (much prettier than the ugly gray Tonelok). But at its big disappointment! I sold it after 2 days. I find the overdrive not terrible compared to what I have, that is to say a Transparent Overdrive Danelectro. Well between the 2 not the shadow of a doubt, the Dano sounds very hot, it's beautiful, I always left switched either on clean or overdrive channel of my amp it is indispensable. In comparison, the TS7 is just bof. But mostly it is the worst baggy half my sound in my pedal chain, and whistle my muff was so horrible. Incompatible with my pedals, my sound food, its not terrible, finishing plastoc = no thank you.


Used two days, I keep my Danelectro without hesitation. The feature I liked most was perhaps because its green color for the rest there was nothing to save. For 45 euros in nine there are ways to find much better. Never again and never TS7 pedal without true bypass.

luda14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Indispensable!"

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
Analog tube screamer pedal


3 buttons (drive, tone, level), we find the setting that suits us easily by ear.
The manual offers 3 settings "standard" (hot distortion, boost ...).
Feature: the buttons can be blocked by simple pressure (useful for keeping a setting)
2 modes are available: "TS9" that uses the same circuit as the said pedal and "hot" which gives a further distortion.


We recover the sound of a TS that quickly becomes essential!
I use a Start with classic vibe and 2 are a pair!


I use it for 1 month.
I tried one before and TS9 TS7 because I preferred the more than 2 times cheaper without losing much quality.

wrigleyx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
Analog overdrive pedal so


very easy to use, we found a good setup quickly, celon what you search!
good, the volume pot on this model are not very precise and progressive but I personally do not care!
when I have the right settings, anyway after I touch no more!


Most importantly, the sound:

Here, I assure you that it sounds!
I just do without! to boost a solo, there is nothing better than a good Tube Screamer! and TS7 is more than enough in my opinion.

So there's a way "hot", well, there is a very big overdrive and I prefer the light mode (ha ha!) "TS9, which works perfectly!


I just have and I'm not about to play without this pedal!
it adds the fat in the notes to the SRV!
and she's very dynamic, you can review the positions of the selector and you will see that you concerver propore sonic characteristics of each.

thebaide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
It's an overdrive pedal (not distortion), completely analogique.il should be noted that the possde clbre rc4558d chip which is the Malaysian version of the JRC is supposed to reproduce 4558D.elle the famous Tube Screamer


Trs many think, the bug: three knobs that can get in and out of his pedals to mmoriser rglages. No need for manual, turn the knobs and it cost whatever it gives! The case is made of steel, against the switch by switch-trs is sensitive on mine (press the tip of the foot to the effect .... shame Inrush)


I use a Fender Lite Ash Telecaster, a TS 7 and TS 9 sent to a Peavey Bandit 112. I put the TS7 and TS9 with the three knobs in the center and looked the Difference: h is quite small though! say that the TS9 offers rglages sounds thinner and slightly less rough .... but the TS 7 is doing well trs.
as a booster of his clear tone drive a 0 in the center: a nice little vintage trs
as slight overdrive: her trsractif attacks, seems more size for single coil pickups: one pint quickly the warm sound of SRV or gilmour (well everything is relative)
Overdrive muscle: possible!, Not my rglage prfr but it is possible!

how HOT is enough anecdotal ... I never use it.


A good affordable pedals for the guitarist who wants to familiar to this kind of effect. Ca never replace a tube amp, but it can boost an amp transistor Manir convincing.

Shame about the faulty switch (apparently generic problem on these pedals)

N'drix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez TS7 Tube Screamer
Distortion pedal:

there is a choice between two styles one taken directly from the TS9 another hot fashion appeal and much more modern and bold.

there's a between it and an output jack, a listing Ventuel for power supply and trape for the battery.

the carcass is very beefy.


The use could not be easier and it uffit a few minutes to try plusiseurs really DIFFERENT sounds or adopt one that suits you mine, really very instinctive in emem time given the number of knob, nothing more Easy one button to drive the level of distortion, tonalite and level that manages the output level (effective enough) and a two-position selector for both modes of the pedal.
not need the manual ...


I begin with my section prfr the TS9 mode, high sympathetic vintage sound pretty good as it should be, (purple haze or whole lotta love etc ...)
for the mod hot it is also very efficient and allows quite pushed saturation much garish and can also serve boost.


I use it for 2 years and I love the TS 9 mode that really corresponds to what I play I tried a few models in the same price range with bosses and marshall but really this one which I I most enjoy.
The value for money is excelent level, 50 ca it's really a matter of the more uen pedal very robust.
I could make the election 1000 times if I have the ocasion.