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Plug-in Wrappers user reviews

  • Fxpansion VST TO RTAS

    Fxpansion VST TO RTAS - moosers's review


    The FXpansion VST to RTAS plug-in wrapper was quick and easy to install without any problems whatsoever. I had no compatibility issues with my set up and it has always run smoothly and effectively for me. The whole process of using the FXpansion VST …

Translated user reviews
  • Sound Radix 32 Lives

    Sound Radix 32 Lives - " Very promising!"


    Easy installation. An internet connection is required to allow installation. Easy configuration, run the program and select the plug-ins to convert. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE The software works correctly under OSX 10.8, however, some crashes are …

  • J jBridge

    J jBridge - Pshaw's review


    Installing software without worry but the configuration is spoiled a bit ... It is certainly a problem of law administrator or something like that but I had jBridge my files one by one. That said we did that once! Few plugs / vsti are not compatibl…

  • Audacity VST Enabler

    Audacity VST Enabler - Lunlun's review


    It does not function on Windows ADQUATION / PERFORMANCE It does not function on Windows NOTICE GLOBAL It does not function on Windows …

  • Fxpansion VST TO RTAS

    Fxpansion VST TO RTAS - culbuto's review


    The installation is not yet a MODEL of its kind this stage (1.02) but FXPansion currently sells the plug-in as a "Pre-release". Software evolves rapidly. That should quickly s'amliorer Incompatibility: The software converts perfectly at least 95% o…

  • Spin Audio VST DX Wrapper Lite [Freeware]

    Spin Audio VST DX Wrapper Lite [Freeware] - Rantanplan's review


    This is a DirectX plug that converts VST format plug dx. Version limit, we can load only one plug at a time but in the case of destructive effects, it's perfect. Instalation without problem, there is an automatic installer (with the ability to un…

  • Fxpansion VST-DX

    Fxpansion VST-DX - Anonyme's review


    In a childlike simplicity ... You put the CD you follow the instructions and runs on its own. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I use Sonar 2.1, which finds itself as a great VST plug-ins in the Synthtiseurs DXi. Hyper stable and without problem. OVERALL…

  • Fxpansion VST-DX

    Fxpansion VST-DX - Wills01's review


    Nothing could be easier ... No manual is necessary. Technical support is excellent. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE P IV 1, 5 GHz / I use Sonar and I get all plug-ins that I want with this product. It fonctionnep arfaitement OVERALL OPINION for 1 yea…