Sound Radix 32 Lives
Sound Radix 32 Lives

32 Lives, Plug-in Wrapper from Sound Radix.

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laurent BERGMAN 09/12/2013

Sound Radix 32 Lives : laurent BERGMAN's user review

«  Very promising! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Easy installation. An internet connection is required to allow installation.
Easy configuration, run the program and select the plug-ins to convert.


The software works correctly under OSX 10.8, however, some crashes are regrettable but this application is still in beta. I put 10/10 for simplicity and transparency. Although to date, there remains a number of plug-ins that need to be supported. Sound Radix seems to be very active to make the most effective wrapper.


Very transparent, less restrictive than competing gateways (VSL example, I can talk to you in a studio). This application converts directly plug-ins x64 (see the plug-ins/components folder). Just as when a plug-in does not pass AU validation in Logic Pro X, just disable it and 32Lives x64 plug-in is deleted from the library of plug-ins.
The big advantage is that you can open sessions made in Logic 9 with plug-ins in 32-bit (or sessions logic9 made in 64 bit mode with the 32 bridge under OSX 10.6.8) and all settings (presets, etc ...) are not changed, it is the revolution!
Very good application in relation to the price (at the time of this writing, there a promo for $ 69 or € 52), excellent value for money. I would do this choice without hesitation.