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All user reviews for the Fostex FR2

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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9djr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super recorder"

Fostex FR2
Used since 2007, I worked with archaic dat tapes, microphones and preamps are of good quality, easy to use and intuitive. on the other hand autonomy deplorable batteries. Very good value remake that choice for a first record but we must move on because we are quite limited in portability still quite heavy and bulky compared to other recorders. One advantage is the aes ebu input and spdif. One drawback, it will cost € 800 to join the mini tc is increasingly included automatically dan new recording of this range.


jctroyes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
I use the FR2 for about 6 years. I had before the famous Tascam portable DAT. I changed to switch to 96Khz and also for ease of data transfer (of course). The Fostex FR2 is probably the best choice in terms of qualitée converter and preamp in this price range (1000 to 1500euros). I know it's a little war and those who we think a particular machine which is always better than others. But sincerely I initially wanted to take a Tascam but my vendor sent me the Fostex are tested at the time and I told him do a bank transfer in the day. The sound is rather warm with a beautiful delicacy of the upper part of the spectrum. I use the same studio as converter and yet I have a near Universal Audio 2192 and the EMR. The mic preamps sound really thick with the sound.

This in fact that I did not take Tascam is also because of their change of production line. It is far time high range Tascam DAT, analog console with automation and high-end digital consoles that do not have a manufacturing problem. Tascam for me to clearly lost in quality of manufacture is 6 years.
Continuous Fostex multitrack recorders to high-end speaker of very high end (I'm not talking about 05.02 PM ... my other models of True HI FI) ... Short-term production in the specification is probably more stringent.

More obviously the integrated speaker is a Fostex and frankly it is pretty amazing in any case he filled his role perfectly well and even linear between 100hz and 15Khz ... a real little monitoring to verify the phase (for mono) , to provide a different look than the headphones and listen to many.

The menu is simple efficiency may be missing a decoder MS found the model to 8000euros 6 tracks in any case at least one monitoring MS. Also in the Fostex is not pay for anything (if not video) sync (which is 800euros anyway) whereas in tascam is all in the same price (or even cheaper) for me and this n is not reassuring more for less ... It makes me not want to come back because Finnell ca pay too expensive options that are not used (I pral in my case).

So why I have the Fostex FR2 Prussian. One student made me listen to the small, the FR2 LE sound seems more cramped and digital options is sorely lacking. FR2 or nothing in any case certainly not a Marantz ... it is completely missed their product, yet it is a shame because there are good bases. but the battery is a freak of nature, a breath unlikely, autonomy and an unfortunate green display unreadable.
Only Nagra SoundDevice or who are really on top of a Fostex. Then for others it will be based on your needs and your usage.


voicetrack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
I use it for two months and it's a great recorder, good ergonomics and quality of the converter to the height of the studio equipment!

NIMH on internal autonomy is not very long but just in a lot of cases but I prefer it and have the sound quality! The other defect is that it is a cumbersome but can not super heavy.

The internal preamp is bad? Here are two excerpts that I do with old Sennheiser and more with a converter P48 to T12 which does not help her at:

So not a big sensitivity preamp though they were there can almost half of the race but no breath either and made a nice dynamics!

Although sour with a preamp or a mixer with a good range, it improves things, but it cost the price of FR2 at least ;-)

It seems fragile but it is only an appearance (except the display which can scratch a force).

I wanted a Sony PCM-D50 but in some cases, I fear that it hours is not easy to use (eg filming or sound recording, the FR2, the preamp has a separate level of level of converter input). Yes, I would do without hesitation that choice!

The headphone output is actually not unusual for a breath she can but it works anyway and with a mixer, it's not needed.

lyonelb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
I use it for a year and I am very satisfied. The firmware updates have resolved some minor problems.

The problem of autonomy is set in 2 ways: either by using NiMH batteries of 2700 mAh or 2800, or by using a portable power supply (12 V model) and a cable with the specific connector EIAJ 4.The Power FOSTEX home is sold very expensive (85 euros). You can find supplies to 16.90 euros (re volt model PE 4121 -87) that contain the taking EIAJ 4.

This is an excellent machine, very reliable, used by many professional radio and film.
Compared to his little sister FR2-LE has it and more digital I / O, the ability to record in mono in a single file, the possibility of a map Time Code.
Small hard drives are not recommended, the price of CFC 4 GB cards became available.

I stand by that choice and investment.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
I use it for a little over a month.
I bought the stuff in complment fixed my home studio because I was looking for the easy stuff to carry and sturdy quality to record a jazz band in live conditions. I do not destined for the video recordings of stuff but only for music. I hsit with the new Tascam but I finally opt for the Fostex Tascam because the converters would lower quality with a lack of gain and breath (I speak as I did in the conditional not compared.
For the use to which I intended, I am totally fills + + +
The fostex is light but is not junk, it is simple and intuitive but more importantly, the sound is really top: with 2 mic trs average quality (2 audiotechnica ATM33a pice 150 euros), j 'I recorded the sessions of the jazz group to which I belong (a piano, a bass, a drum, a sax, a trombone) with a super satisfying rsultat: well equilibrated large reserve of gain, not a pet of breath, good dynamics. In short, exactly what I was looking for. I am sure that by using a superior quality microphones and working out the investment, there really the possibility to do a good job trs.
Using a 2GB card and working in 24 bit / 48 kHz, two hours of what is really trs than enough for one session and the quality is l. For food, I go through the transformer Fostex (100 euros, it verges on big scam ...) because in a studio, there are always outlets ... I'm not really concerned with the problem of lack of battery life reported by some.
In conclusion, I recommend without reservation this magnto those who want to record or concert music in a portable configuration. You will have the QUALITY and the ease of use.
The only default is the price of the external power supply is shockingly lev. Otherwise, I pay 1000 euros in the Fostex coupon PA Music Pigalle (across from Home Studio) and for the price, it me "filquot; a super practical bag Fostex + + + + which I suggest you purchase. For the compact flash card, it is unnecessary to obligatopirement brands recommended by Fostex.

obasound's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
I've used the about 4 times in professional situation.
it works really well.
effectively with falling prices it's worth ..
enface recess now there is the tascam HDP2 for which the time code n is not optional but included dorrigine.
for those of autonomy is a term some soundman disconnect their keg of it that are on their sound and uses less ca!
external power supplies of some prennenet for the ghost ... personally I j a small box with 2 xlr xlr out in 2 and 4 batteries of 12 volts in pictures ... AC drive very long time ... attention the neumann are v 48 + / - 4 v while akg example is 9 to 52 v. ..
actually the ergonomics could be better
it is a bit bulky
but the preamps are still very good ... as well as the headphone amp ... except that if it exceeds 85% with a 600 ohm headphone heels ca ... evdement 7506 with a sony or other in 80 ohms it goes without prob.
there are more and read of choice but when you see the signal-noise preamps that is sometimes scary ...
It was interesting to record the birds that can modulate ptits BEYOND - breathless 18.
personelelment I head over to nagra ares bb but it's more expensive and not ride a 192 ca ..?
Good luck to all and good record
ps I also have a belt with 8 batteries size price leader D. .. but it is very heavy with the weight left it going and lasts ca extrememnt long!!
j did urban environments like this by placing the gear on the roof of a car to rest and after I walk with the batteries, shoulder strap is cool!
and no need for 23 euros ... bcp ca pollute too much in this acs it is better to buy rechargeable batteries and settle according to the fr 2 (page power supply to the battery type in that he knows that he will receive 8 * 1.2 * 1.5 8 and not otherwise it not work)

a yes for usb is apparently one of the usb?
by connecting the PC to my fr2 full card of 2 Giga takes ca 20 minutes
by removing the compact flash and the metant in the computer or card reader is ca 4 min max
that's very bad!
because it often marrive to clear my 2 gb card for the applause and resume recording of the concert on the same card.
4 GB card is still expensive

bbbbbbbbb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
I bought this product from the "microphone" Paris, 1200 TTC price much cheaper than Thomann.
At that price the price is the ratio TOP quality.
For now I can not find this problem with the product since 15 days.

earz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
- Use 3 weeks abroad in conditions such report ...

- From a features standpoint, the Fr2 done rather well what is asked without hesitation and regardless of the conditions. For the story and the soundtrack is really very good. No vibration constraints, the connection is complete and serious, all functions are directly accessiblent. And data transfer is done directly (I use a PCMCIA adapter to transfer directly to my FC in my laptop without using the USB)
Although binding, the use of batteries (LR6 ... 8 to 1:30 of autonomy) is justified because it can be found everywhere on the planet. Provide all the same two sets of rechargeable batteries!
Pre-rec function is really convenient.
Ergonomics General published my rather average: Can not cut a sample taken to eliminate unnecessary parts and the memory optimizer ... probably a security measure but it's a shame. Use of CUES (locators) on the fly would be a good idea if it really works: when importing the audio, all CUES end up at 00:00 ... a bug?? (Found on PC (SoundForge) and MAC (PEAK) with firmware V1.08)
Try it with a 2GB CompactFlash SMART, I had no problem. However I would not recommend the use of CompactFlash-based microdisk, it becomes catastrophic addition access times become very long when we want to be operational soon ... (That is ennervant) I had a lot of mistakes not to mention that I appeared to be an increase in noise such as "digital" in the use of this type of memory .... bizare ...
The A / D converters are very good and the sound is clear but the phantom power is activated when a breath and induced crachottements significant at low levels (I did some tests with Studio Project C4 and NEUMAN KM184 ...) and those who want to record low levels are likely to be disappointed on that. It would then prefer micro electret battery powered or static to circumvent this. Frankly the price of such equipment were expected better quality electronics ...
Same for the finish: to € 1500, no house transport, no transformer either, no part of the front flap configuration buttons and avoid such errors by switching 16 to 24 bits or enclenger cuts down ... the plastic does not seem very strong, the REC not least, fostex could make the effort on the transparent part of the display that despite my efforts to protect it has mocked very quickly (that was so simple to the thick glass rather than plastic bad ...). Same, the LCD and backlight are of a quality worthy of the devices in the late 80's ... that is abusing + value!

Finally I would say I would do probably buy the same unit as part of this apareil is reliable, on the other hand there is no concurrency in 24bit/192kHz memory card ..

I add that I have compared the sound of this unit with a SoundDevice. For me there is no picture, sound is much better on the FR2 yet sound device is much more expensive ...

badounet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fostex FR2
I use it for 2-3 weeks to make its taken outdoors.

Storage is on CompactFlash II or PCMCIA hard drive 5 GB

the most: his impeccable, clear and easy navigation menu, very good ergonomics (quick access to all parameters). Nothing is missing. Possibility of frequency to 88.2 and 176.4 kHz.

Cons: plasticky casing in a bad bill, it does not inspire confidence at all (it was the rec impresssion the button will be the trunk). No battery in favor of batteries (very restrictive).

Bought in a hurry, then compared with the Nagra Ares-BB Thereafter, I do not regret that choice ultimately not that I would do without hesitation.

Attention, it is stated in the doc that the link USB can not be done on MAC. This is not, and it works very well.