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All user reviews for the Zoom PS-04

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 6 reviews )
 3 reviews50 %
 3 reviews50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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blind Boy08/06/2014

blind Boy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Complete and complex"

Zoom PS-04
I have since 2006 and this is my first recorder nu-me-ri-that. It had taken me a Fostex 8-track tape has ... analog is good, but the rendering on K7, as it blew in the 40 th roaring. With this PS04, no breath, except the instruments and microphones input range connected. The concept is great! a portable recording studio that fits in the hand, as schmilblick.
While the use and settings are done through menu and submenu, which can put off some but thanks to the manual we ended up in sortir.Il there is a built-in recording / mixing effects battery / mastering. The backup is done on smart media, but you need to buy a high capacity card (three in my case) as a multi-track take the place! the interface between the PC and the PS04 and crap! I drooled at the computer level ... But we finally made it, and without the help of the manual in which nothing is mentioned for this step (sic). The connectivity level, a headphone jack, a guitar input, microphone input (jack. ..).
With this device, I spent hours registering; catch and catch what I did with it! I even made a self-produced album, (which eventually turned into a model), but I'm not busy mixing, I merely provided the recorded tracks. So here we touch a key point. This device should be used only for models very correct way to permanently fix concrete ideas, and learn then why not to mix. For a more serious project, invest in heavier and more expensive equipment ... But to go on vacation, and attach the fruit of his inspiration, it's great!

TycoTyco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good product"

Zoom PS-04
I sold it for an 8-track, I got the Zoom super results ...!

Sometimes I regret it, despite its small size, it was very full ...

I did not use all its possibilities (Effects, BAR) one concerns the ability of the card 128 MB ... In the last shot, sometimes it buggait, and if no backup! ... Anyway, I loaded the mule! ...

A great product ...

Alyvest's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Handy"

Zoom PS-04
I use it for some months now.
I'm using it as a portable studio to compose.

Basically, I plug in my guitar, I put a simple rhythm of drums and I play it.

If I find a plan that pleases me, going off the record:
I record my plan, then I create a drum beat Me.
Then, I record a track low, then a song.

This small device has everything I want to have on hand: a simple rhythm box, but you can customize the amp simulations and effects. All this in a real 4-track.

Of course, simulations have basic editing drum patterns is sometimes laborious and tedious arrangement. But I do not know of another machine so small that can do all that!

I have tried many machines, but none had all of its functions, which are essential for me.

Too bad the camera is a bit fragile. For once it will be good for the break, he has no replacement.

Otherwise, value for money: excellent!
I remake that choice without hesitation.

cryptus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom PS-04
I bought the little PS04 APRS its release, there are now two or three years I believe. The nine who bought c'tait not really given something like 250.00 euros.

But I do not regret my purchase, my first multi effects c'tait and I greatly appreciated the wide selection of presets.

I put a lot of time to master the technique to program the drumkit, which must say is not ergonomic trs ... I also regret the fact that you could not change the tempo in the middle of a song, or I have not found how to do, but I have seen anything like this in the instructions . The leaflet is also essential to the craft matriser! This is a real concentration of technology, all those who have had the opportunity to use it with my t have sduites.

At least it served me a lot during those years and has accompanied me everywhere I went. Basically it is a mini studio that can take everywhere with you and able to do any little prs. I did a lot of DMOS with, you can cost a few examples at / crevettearoulettes, Today I serves as an interface to connect my guitar and my keyboard and my pc because I n 't have any external sound card.

on the other hand I think there is a strong compression of the sound when recording guitars and more saturated, it's a shame, if you want to type in the metal that does not give much, but there are ways to have fun . In addition, the right wheel lach rcemment me! I have not yet tried to reattach as a trs works well even when, but it's not top ...

The micro Intgr is also very practical.

Clearly if you can get good prices, I highly recommend it!

polo2bzh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom PS-04
There is a record, so I'll pass ... dtails

The device is super INTERESTED through its format and what it offers. The BAR intgre a section effects, mix, etc.. Trs is complex beginners (especially if like me it's your first studio numrique). It is the manual and practice!

Things to know: works with Smart Media card (Endangered!) And that provided one is 32MB, about 5 minutes of recording 4 tracks. It is impractical to have a computer and a 128MB card for every store and work with some flexibility. It should also prvoir the card reader if you do not. On OCCAZ ', count about 40 SM + 10 128 MO drive in addition to the purchase of the PS04.
[Software atlcharger on the website of Zoom: card manager for PS04 ( ) ]

Personally, I find the effects rev ... Zoom! Basically, I'm not a fan. But is working and you can get good sounds.

I love the possibility to take it anywhere and be able to work evenings in the professional dplacement Htel at home!

If not, AC adapter AD 0006 Zoom E not included, also works with 4 batteries LR6. The battery life is pretty good.

I bought it for on e-bay enchres US (converting USD / Euro as trs advantageous when buying) for just under $ 70 including shipping. At that price the case me parat trs trs INTERESTED qualitprix and report the best available. I would do well sr choice, especially as the range of products This category is not trsdvelopp and Zoom is often the best placed nine ds.

omartinvxc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom PS-04
I made the acquiqition this beautiful piece a few weeks ago and am very satisfied!
I love the convenience and nomadic. With the recorder you can work anywhere, as you can work on batteries. The autonomy of just a few hours, I expected a package of rechargeable batteries (4 AA) not to fall behind. Otherwise, my boss and korg adapters work perfectly, and thus avoids me to invest in one proposed by ZOOM.
What I like most is the fact plug the guitar and to compose several tracks easily. It is ideal for composing, taking ideas on the fly, and even compose more elaborate models.
There is a wide range of effects according to the inputs (guitar mic / line in a low voice) and everything is customizable.
Everything is well made and realistic. IT CAN BE USED I even play my instrument headphone and work. When there are people at home, it's more discreet.
There's something for everyone; distos sound barrier, crunch and clean sounds.
With my Start, it's done.
The microphone also surprised me by its quality.
Operation is easy, once one has incorporated the basic principles.
Most also comes from the bottom section battery. then again you can program the chord of your bass line which is really nice.
The passage of PC Card Manager (site of ZOOM), is also no problem.
I do it again the same choice again. I had (and still have) a tascam analog, which was not too bad, but not easy to use (requires K7).
It is a remarkable tool for mobile and very complete, I would definitely do it again this election!