Vox DA5
Vox DA5
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All user reviews for the Vox DA5

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 39 reviews )
 21 reviews54 %
 10 reviews26 %
 3 reviews8 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Beginners

Mythrandir1's review"Great value for its price!"

Vox DA5
I purchased this amp a little over 3 years ago as a beginner guitarist looking for as much diversity as possible when learning and practicing. My tastes in music vary and I wanted something highly versatile when it comes to sound and effects. I play blues, classic rock, hard rock, punk rock, some thrash metal and progressive metal as well, so I searched for a decently priced amp that could give me all the tones and special effects I needed, in one single box.

The DA5 has a wide range of play styles due to the ‘style’ controller which can cycle through 11 different styles.
The styles are comprised of Clean 1, 2 and 3, Blues 1 - these 4 are excellent in tonality and sound, as the name says, they’re quite clean and out of all the available solid state amps the Vox wins without a doubt in this category;
Blues 2, 3 and Crunch 1 which try to emulate a slightly overdriven tube amplifier;
Crunch 2 and Higain 1, my two personal favorites which offer a rich overdriven distortion type of sound, perfect for hard rock. grunge and punk for example;
Then we have Higain 2 which is acceptable for metal in general;
Higain 3 which I find too fuzzy and exaggerated and last but not least we have Drive which is a slightly more distorted version of Crunch.

Not only does this amp have a rich range in styles, it also provides you with 11 effects which you can also fine tune as much as you want. The effects are not so great, you can’t compare them to actual effect pedals, however Reverb and Delay are actually more than decent and personally, being a fan of Tool I used these extensively during practice. There are other effects such as Chorus and Phaser which I didn’t use much or at all. All of these effects also come in combination of two in case you want to use more than one effect at the same time.

The amp also has knobs for adjusting Gain, Tone and Master volume. They all work well and are useful, I just wish the tone knob would offer me individual control over low, mid and high frequencies but at this price that is something I won’t complain about.
You would think that’s all that this bundle of joy comes with, but there is more. In the back it comes featured with a power switch so you can select if your amp’s wattage at 0,5 W, 1,5 W and 5W. It also has a line in for a microphone if you want to sing along, it has an auxiliary line in if you want to connect the amp to your computer so you can record, or play music through it while you play along and you can also connect a headphones to it if you want to play at night without disturbing anyone.
I also need to mention you can use the amp on batteries for a few hours if you want to play outside.

I have tried both a Stratocaster and a Les Paul through this amp, one of them with a Seymour Duncan pickup and I arrived to the conclusion that the difference in sound due to the actual guitar is minimum or even totally unnoticeable. That being said, for a solid state amp this little box can give out quite some decent quality sounds. The clean channels remain clean even at maximum volumes, without sounding distorted, as for the high gain channels you do need to adjust them a bit until you find the sweet spot. Other amps of this level are better when it comes to distortion, but the Vox can’t be beaten when it comes to the clean channel. Add a distortion pedal like the DS1 or anything you want on top of the clean channel and you will have a wonderful range of sounds.

I’ve had this amp for 3 years now and I bought it used from someone who used it for another 2 years. That being said, I haven’t had 1 single problem with this amp…ever. Everything still works impeccably, not even a dent on the casing.

Overall impression

This little guy was everything I could’ve wanted at that time and even though it’s a solid state amp there is a lot of value for the money spent. It has all the styles and range of effects that you could need as a beginner; it is very reliable, decent sound in general though you might want to invest in a distortion pedal if you want better quality from it.
At today’s prices, however, you might want to save a little more money and buy a 5W tube amp instead. At that price it might not come with any effects and special gimmicks but nothing compares to the rich tone of a tube amp.


iamqman's review

Vox DA5
This is not a bad little amp by any means. This amp comes at the economic small and portable side of Vox's approach to simulation amps. This is not a typical Vox amp or the tone of a Vox amp even though you have a setting. This is going to be a sterile sounding solid state digital amp simulation. However, it is not going to sound too bad and even when you running the thing with dying batteries. This thing is battery operated.

VOX DA5 Classic at a glance:

* Classic Black w/Brown Diamond Grille
* The amplifier provides eleven distinctive sound styles that can be used in various musical genres.
* This portable amplifier is powered by six C batteries or the included AC adapter, enabling you to play anywhere.
* Inputs include an AUX IN jack, for connecting an external audio device (CD, MP3 player, etc.), and a MIC INPUT jack, so you can play guitar and sing along with recorded music.
* Eleven high-quality effects are built in and seven are multi effects that let you use two effects simultaneously, plus Noise Reduction.
* The power select switch lets you adjust the output power. This means that even when the master volume is turned up to the max to drive the power amp, you can lower the volume without losing any tone or feel.


VOX DA5 Classic Features:

* Number of Amp Types: 11
* Number of Effects: 11 plus Noise Reduction
* Power Amp Output: 5W RMS
* Speaker: VOX original 6.5"
* Signal Processing: 24-bit (A/D and D/A), 44.1 kHz sampling frequency
* Power Supply: Six C batteries or AC adapter
* Current Consumption: 390 mA
* Dimensions: 10.51" (W) x 7.05" (D) x 10.51" (H)
* Weight: 7.72 lbs.
* Included Accessories: AC adapter, carrying strap


This amp is not really and amp per se but a mini guitar playing speaker with amps sounds. You are not going to go up on stage with this thing or even record with it. You are going to tuck yourself away in your office or home and play without being disturbed.

I like this little unit with a Les Paul or humbucking style guitar. It has a high gain feature that sounds pretty fun to jam around with. You don't need any external effects since they have a bunch built into it. The only thing it is missing is a built in tuner. Then it would be an all in one portable office jamming machine.


This thing is ok and fun to mess around with. If you have spent any time with a real tube amp then this thing will not be that pleasurable for any great length of time. If you are closing your office or bedroom up and need a quite little 5 watt amp then this might be something you would go for.

At new they come in at around $140 and that isn't too bad of a price. I wish they had a tuner though then it would be great. It gets some fun tones and if you need something portable and don't care how it sounds for practicing then this might be right up your alley. I wouldn't recommend any engineer getting one of these things and if you are an engineer you probably already know that. So 14 year old kid this might be what you need.

mooseherman's review

Vox DA5
This is a small, portable digital amp with 5 watts. It's basically only good for practice. There is one guitar input and a mic input in the rear of the amp. There is some amp modeling, 2 clean amps, 3 blues, 2 "crunch" settings, 3 Hi Gain amp models and one labelled "drive". There is a gain knob, a tone knob, and a master volume. There are also effects, which include reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo, flanger, phaser, compression, auto-wah, and some combinations. There's two buttons and a knob for adjusting the effects.


The general setup is easy. It gets a little more difficult when you start working with effects. The manual explains how to use them but even then it is time consuming and sometimes annoying to really adjust the effects to your specifications. The most annoying thing about it is that there are two knobs that adjust everything, so you either have to remember what each knob does for each effect or refer back to your manual every time. This gets old quickly. The manual is pretty clear about explaining everything, but it shouldn't be necessary to refer to it all the time.


The amp is pretty good at simulating a diverse array of sounds. Don't expect pristine tone though. This amp really doesn't have too much too offer in terms of quality. You can get a rough idea of certain sounds from playing with Different amp settins, and the effects can be cool in limited amounts. Overall though, you'd never do anything beyond practice with this if you knew better. Recording and gigging are not an option with this. If you need to work on solos in your dorm room, this might be a great idea though. Considering this, I was a little more lenient with my grading.


I've been using it for two years. I didn't have much use for it after I moved out of my freshman dorm, once I had more room to practice and was able to use a bigger, better amp. I don't like the effects, as they tend to sound pretty terrible most of the time and are somewhat hard to use. I tried some other models, some by Marshall and Fender (the model numbers escape me now). Those definitely sounded better but did not have the same effects. This is the issue that is the deal-breaker. I think the price is pretty reasonable for this amp, considering I didn't pay too much for it, but you have to make sure you're actually going to get enough use out of it. Also, be aware that it breaks easily; my roommate didn't admit it, but he broke it accidentally somehow. I had to replace it and i realized later that it probably wasn't even worth. I'd say that unless you really don't have the little bit more cash necessary to buy a better practice amp, stay away.

ThyM31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Better and better ..."

Vox DA5
5W amp (true) or plug (supplied) or battery. Switch power of 0.5 W, 1 W and 5 W. Input Jack, no possibility of disconnecting the HP.
It sounds very good, actually really good. I stood for sound on guitars with Humbucker to bed on mixer because the color can be achieved with this little thing is great.
When traveling, it's prime, the ample power to meet the singer (it has a microphone input jack, but to avoid ...), even in switch 0.5 W!
A battery set takes a few hours (depends on the level), but it goes for an evening.
All transistor course, but blues and crunch cont top part. The clean is clean "basic" pass so ca seen use the rest Vox sounds so pretty for my taste.


One branch, it sounds. I have not seen a manual, but it doite exist not very useful though. For sound we Gain and Volume, and some pretty good effect.
Easier it is acoustic ...


Style Crunch or rather Blues. For lead, it would be just a little power for the clean is also a fair bit in power and a little cold, but at this price it's not theft.
The settings are very well can adjust the sound to the guitar, I tried with Deluxe Stratocaster HSS is average, but with a Telecaster with humbucker is better.
The sound is really the strength of this little amp that really does his job very well.


Not bad, bought early for the trip only, I also placed upstream of the sound system and the table (as a pedal) to the sound of the rhythm guitars for the price it's really good, sound setting is like an amp and suddenly it's as practical as a multi-effects pedal with his book for use.

mlptictac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA5
Amplifier transistor with simulation modeling.
Grafted a guitar, a microphone, a line input.


Very easy to use. The record is not necessarily required.
The parameterization of some effects is not very ergonomic (manipulation of a button + knob at the same time).


A wide variety of sounds thanks we get the amp sims and effects.


I used it for about 2 years, especially for the snooze because it is light to move.
Despite 5W displayed, I used live outside in a group with a battery and we heard!

I sold it because I bought bigger and more powerful (Roland Cube 80XL) and because a friend was looking for a small amp, but sometimes I miss (due to its power / weight ratio).

The only drawback was the outside and too fragile PSU for its weight. I had to DIY repair the outlet had broken.

Very good quality / price ratio

MrFlanger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA5
I will not repeat it. Everything is on the vox site!


Very simple to use amp is very basic.


The sound is really nice. But a simulation remains a simulation. Do not dream either.
The set is rather successful. Only simulation "hi gain" inadequate. For the rest it is very clean.


I use it for 5 years. A marvel. I was looking for a small amp to play and roam apartment. And it's really a joke. The kind of animal that takes the bbq buddies because it works on battery. Despite the limited power balance that already. The possibility of further reducing the power with a switch is really good. Especially for the old apartment above!
This is one of the few purchases I do not regret. Only lack a tuner, commesdur micro cube.
But overall simus + effects make it better (after it is matter of taste) must try.

lionel8301's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great amp for a small price!"

Vox DA5
Already said in previous reviews.


Configuration is very simple since the knobs selections of sounds and effects speak for themselves. I never read the manual, it's so intuitive.


For my part, it suits me perfectly for my style of music, the main say, since for pop / rock I am confused widely.
Sound clear through a blues sound, or very dirty "crunch" or good distortion with its drive for a small amp I think it's full to play indoors.
What I like most are the Hi preset gain (1,2 or 3). Contrary to what I read on other reviews, the amp is not there for anything about the "buzzzzz" without being an experienced luthier, simply have a very good guitar set (transition to a luthier for planimetry and various settings), or for me for several years by changing the bridge pickup on my Ibanez ART100BK since I put a Seymour Duncan Jeffbeck kind. Well even for an entry-level Ibanez and selecting the right preset on the vox, it sounds! Regarding the "buzzzzz" for sure with a scratch or XP Stagg not expect miracles ...
You have to think out set its tone knob on your guitar not it assaults the ears too, then do not exaggerate either on the amp.
Prefer to add a bit more gain than the master, the volume knob on your guitar once it is open, it is background.
I put a score of 8/10 because for everything acoustic guitar, I recognize that it's still a bit metallic.
Also some effects remain for me a little gadget.


I use it from time to time all these years and I'm still convinced. I hesitated with the micro cube Roland, a chance for me it was not in stock that day, because after seeing demos of micro cube and trying to store this little vox, I do not regret at all! The sound is much warmer.
What's great is the attenuation function in watts at the rear of the amp! 5 watts, 1.5 or 0.5. What keeps a perfect gain, taking fun playing (even with headphones).
Editions effects with TAP tempo and the BYPASS function are great and very well designed and very easy to use.
In short an amp that has the size of a "cube" of course, but for the price moves. Try for yourself, you will be surprised as much as me!

dimbagp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good amp for the study"

Vox DA5
Amp transistor has built-in effects


Yes really easy


I use a lot channel "drive" because I find that the saturation is very nice.


considering the price, I recommended it makes many services (to avoid turning a tube amp if you have 20 min to play ...)

gtrphil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good good"

Vox DA5
everything has already been said about its technical characteristics ...


easy to use, no need to read the manual is digital so everything is set to ring all the time (each setting of each effect and all combinations modulation / distortion)
the sound is good but digital (that's zzzzzz in the distortion and cling clear sound) and formatted regardless of the guitar after must see what is asked.
with micro roland cube is the only (or was in any case there's three to four years) that can be worn on the shoulder with the guitar on the other, and play ambulation.
To have done that with the two it is much better than the roland (more powerful, better sound, more autonomy), but a little heavier.
I play in a formation with snare souba, alto sax and it can go over it all to the guitar hero, even outdoors, which is exactly what we asked.
After this is a toy, not useful in other contexts serious ...
to play mobile but fixed the crate autonomous models are better, but not transportable playing.


bah it looks good to the digital home vox is rather homogeneous and balanced a little hp.


a small street band is good, good price quality ratio, never failed or pb few years, say that it is an alternative to a good acoustic banjo and it can make hendrix the same time, be having utility.

I do not know if I would recommend it for both indoor or so for a beginner or child, because it will not help to hear a guitar and make it sound, this is the amp that does everything.
impossible to give relief and a return attack strings.

steve29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" More product! Excellent damage ratio Q / P"

Vox DA5
Transistor with presets (light, crunch, blues etc) and effects (disabled) reverb types, chorus, delay etc ...
jack input
headphone jack and microphone to the rear


fairly simple configuration without reading the manual
Sound is obtained good I do not know.


tested with a telecaster and ibanez talman and also Lagrandcour
The amp is quite versatile and everyone can find the sound that pleases, I think
This is a template for beginners and slightly more in the amp kind transportatble.


My son now! :)
Least: the small HP 6 "I replace it with a 8" (20cm) by pushing the walls: ^)
even if it is not a bousse.
most: the opportunity when it's nice to stick the LR14 (I replace with LR20)
and play without limits or almost out! Very cool ... really!