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  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - "Just wonderful"


    I bought my A-80 nearly 2 years ago, works like a dream. The best electronic keys I've ever played on. The guy I bought it from had been using it in his studio (pro) for years. I'm using it mostly in my home-studio and about once a month on gigs. Tak…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - "Too good to let go"


    So, I have had an A-80, purchased new, since the 1990s and it never failed me. After buying a backup unit used in 2014, my original finally had its only failure to date -- a single key contact went "dead". My repair technician quickly had it fi…

  • Roland A-800PRO-R

    Roland A-800PRO-R - "Very good for a master keyboard"


    The Roland keyboard, the seriousness of the mechanism (I have never had contact problems, etc., and I've had plenty of pianos (W 30, XP 50, XP80, Fantom X) UTILIZATION The manual is normal, average compared to other, more complex, manuals. I'm no…

  • Roland A-88

    Roland A-88 - JoeW1's review


    Some of the features that motivated my choice were the 88 semi weighted keys with a very powerful touch and sensitivity response , the light and fancy design and the price. There is a midi type of connection. UTILIZATION The general configuratio…

  • Roland A-88

    Roland A-88 - BeyondR's review


    Roland A-88 is a midi controller, not very cheap cheap but very high quality and playful. Characteristics that motivated my choice was Premium 88-key Ivory Feel-G keyboard,and also the direct link mode. It has a midi connection that works really …

  • Roland A-800PRO-R

    Roland A-800PRO-R - BeyondR's review


    Roland A-800PRO is a USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller that it has a midi type of connection. Characteristics that motivated my choice were the 61 Keys, the fact that you can connect USB, MIDI In/Out, Hold and Expression pedals fast and easy, and the ke…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - "For pianists"


    88-key piano with MIDI control. The piano is weighted (unlike the A50) with polyphonic aftertouch. It has 4 split zones, 64 patches, 4 split points with channel, wheel, velocity, aftertouch, and program change assignation. UTILIZATION Technically s…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by bubblebe/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Everything has been already said. Compared with modern Midi master keyboards, it doesn't offer many controls for live performances. (only 4 faders). But its main advantages ar…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - Aurochs4's review


    There's not much to add about the features, I think :-) What motivated my purchase was the keyboard and operation (which isn't that easy at first) of the piano, it's truly a Rolls Royce. I haven't had any issues with MIDI management, everything works…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - novice nord's review


    This piano is for pianists, meaning people who want to have the same keyboard or the same sensation as on an acoustic piano. It has nothing to do with a synth. It weighs about 65lbs and it is very good as a stage piano, necessarily coupled with an ex…