Roland A-37
Roland A-37
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captain.cookie 10/24/2003

Roland A-37 : captain.cookie's user review


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Premire motivation: the weight!
Ultra light, it's important when you dplace often.
With a half-rack expander, was not a heavy package!

2 Motivation: the touch. A good compromise. Not too heavy, not soft.

2 MIDI, used to control a two half-rack for example. That's enough.

Enough for the two things:
Lack a modulation wheel. For the stick up, to monopolize a hand.
The transpose function is not super accessible.


Touch is a good compromise. It's all got to much sr.
But I prfre a thousand times that A37 + JV1010 XP80.
I come from Fatar SL880 and 01w/pro, and I mnage not the keys.

Here is the solid.

Sultra simple configuration. Saving patches (via LSB / MSB / CC) ultra simple. Just remember we stock o the patches!

With two MIDI, they thought 3 game modes to upper, lower and split. It's simple and effective.

Manuel OK.

Just a pity that the adapter is not supplied.
Also lacks a troisime entrepdale assignable.


I replaced my A37 01w/pro a 01 wr. For weight.

I thought taking a XP80 but the keyboard looks to me ultra fragile.
Ct budget is great value for Q / P. We can then paste a JV1010 or another expander, has opened a lot of possibilities.

I think the touch is important and all a matter of taste.
I am a fan of touch lightweight: Ensoniq (VFX, TS), K2000, ... anything that bounces.
For the keyboard from the bottom, I need the heavy / semi-heavy. L I Fatar SL880. But the A37 in its range is excellent.

Apart from the ridiculous display, the optional adapter, a modulation wheel is missing a entrepdale assignable function translates more readily available. The rest just my needs.