Roland A-800PRO-R
Roland A-800PRO-R

A-800PRO-R, 61-Key MIDI Keyboard from Roland in the A series.

BeyondR 09/12/2012

Roland A-800PRO-R : BeyondR's user review


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Roland A-800PRO is a USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller that it has a midi type of connection.
Characteristics that motivated my choice were the 61 Keys, the fact that you can connect USB, MIDI In/Out, Hold and Expression pedals fast and easy, and the key features that are increased sensitivity to create a nice dynamic range.


The general configuration of the gear is quite clear and easy.
The manual provided by it quite okay, however I would search for some more info on the net for more knowledge regarding the keyboard, pads, and more other features.


What I really like about this product are the:

Velocity-sensitive 61 keys with channel aftertouch

45 assignable controls: knobs, sliders, buttons, transport and more

8 Dynamic Pads for building grooves and MIDI triggering

USB Bus Powered

It supports Windows Xp , Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X

Works almost with any DAW on Mac or PC

And I also like the low latency provided by this product and high expressivity features.

I must also mention the pads that are very good and expressive ,with the aftertouch, velocity controller data you can create greater grooves and patterns in your performance.

I gotta admit that the price is pretty high, it costs around 400$, having said that if you want a more complex and that has 61 keys you should try this product.
This product works great for musicians or for piano trained people that like to have available more octaves and keys to make their melodies more complex in terms of keys and chords progressions.

Quality and precision of the sounds is very good, I really feel like I'm playing a real piano, the way the keys feel, how the pads feel and sound, the response from my Daw, everything works consistent and on time.

I would buy this product if I would search for something that has all the features for a studio quality, pads, keys, aftetouch, sensivity, how latency and many other handy features.